Sparkling manicure
Sparkling manicure

A fashionable new manicure for the fall will be very creative and interesting, presenting both previously known manicure techniques and completely new nail techniques. 15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

The main trends in nail design 2020-2021 are represented by charming French and ombre manicure, new nail design techniques using “strokes” and “splashes”. Among the interesting novelties of manicure is offered manicure “liquid metal” and a spectacular color of coating.

Fashionable nails can be completely different for you – from a calm matte manicure with laconic or minimalist designs to a bright and memorable nail design with predatory patterns, decor with rhinestones and sparkles.

Fashionable manicure requires the selection of a suitable shade of gel polish in a warm palette of colors, pleasant light, cream and saturated shades are relevant in a fashionable nail decor. The magic of autumn on your nails!

What will be the original color scheme of manicure for the fall.15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

beige manicure 2020

Beige manicure

In the  manicure, you can meet a fashionable beige manicure with gold decor, matte beige on the nails and nail art. This color is one of the most versatile, and therefore in demand in fashionable nail design.

Grey manicure.15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

A beautiful gray shade on the nails will be another favorite, allowing you to emphasize the natural beauty of the handles with a fashionable nail design. Be sure to choose a matte gray, accentuating one finger with a marble pattern.


Grey manicure 2020

Wine manicure

An incomparable version of will be the wine color on the nails, which looks so spectacular and noble. You can perform a wine manicure for autumn in a matte design with a velvet effect, add foil and rhinestones, or create a magical gradient.

Wine manicure 2020


Brown manicure.15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

A beautiful brown shade is better than any other suitable as the end of autumn outfits. Fashionable brown will give depth to the nails, especially if you play with different textures – matt and gloss, add a crystal crumb as the decor of a fashionable manicure for with a brown gel polish.

Brown manicure 2020

Blue manicure.15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

The relevance of the blue color on the nails is gaining momentum, and the trend is a deep blue color in a matte-velvet design. Very effectively looks blue manicure with long nails and sparkling silver decor.

Blue manicure

Manicure in new styles and techniques

In addition to the trend color of autumn manicure 2020-2021, it is very important to choose a beautiful design of nails in a certain nail technique. This can be the usual french or new-fangled manicure in the technique of “liquid metal”, “gossamer” or any other that you prefer.

manicure with gold decor

Manicure with gold decor

Let’s start with a golden manicure, which will be so harmonious in this season on nails in any style. A nice Nude manicure or stylish black nail design will be chic with gold foil stripes, in the form of prints, golden rhinestones.

Nail design liquid metal

Design of nails with chic drops that resemble liquid rhinestones, and look amazing in a manicure for a celebration. The color of the droplet on the nail in the supermodel version of “liquid metal” will be determined by the color foil you use. The original will be the addition of fashionable nail design in the technique of “liquid metal” with black “brushstrokes”.

nail design liquid metal


Floral nail design

Floral and plant motifs are more welcome than ever in a fashionable manicure. You can decorate your nails with barely noticeable and delicate flowers, cute twigs and leaves, or create bright and large flower patterns for manicure design for the coming season.

Floral nail design


You will get a delicate and elegant design with the technique of minimalism. It involves creating mini drawings and using a very small amount of decor. The trend of minimalism on the nails will be a Nude style of coating and a little shimmer.

manicure minimalism

Design of marigolds with the coating

Fashionable nails with the coating will be in the top positions among the festive and elegant nail design. New products allow you to create various effects on your nails-from a variety of color options to a gradient with a stretch of color, with mirror or pearl effects.

coated nail design

Predatory nail art decor

The style of animalism on nails will be widely represented in fashionable nail designs. These can be delicate predatory patterns. Each version of nail art design with a predatory pattern is unique in its own way.

Nail design spider web

Nail design  spider web

One of the new styles of nail design has become the design of gossamer, which is performed using a special gel in different shades. This gel allows you to create magnificent geometric prints on your nails, as well as stylish drawings that resemble a spider’s web. Gossamer manicure will be chic in the color of Bordeaux, chocolate and Nude style.


French manicure

Among the novelties of manicure, you will find beautiful nails with a french design, which is certainly complemented by graphics and rhinestones, glitter or foil. Such a combined french manicure looks harmonious and charming.

French manicure

Black manicure with gold.15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

Mysterious and memorable-all that perfectly characterizes a fashionable manicure with a golden decor. To get a really chic manicure, use a matte top and gold foil, using the technique of “negative space”.

Black manicure with gold

Sparkling design.15 best nail designs to decorate your look.

A beautiful manicure will be supplemented with an original decor with sequins covering all the nails completely. This design is reproduced by a special coating, glitter, yuki flakes, sequins and other nail pigments.

Sparkling manicure

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