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Please help spread this appeal. Let your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances see it. This is important not only for the development of the project, but also for the people we can help.

Our vision

Our goal is to help a woman find a path to self-realization, support her endeavors, and make life brighter and fuller.

Our values

Valuable to us:

  • positive attitude to other people and to yourself;
  • reliable information;
  • freedom of self-expression and creativity.

Together with us, getting up-to-date information and uniting with other people, you will be able to express yourself to change the world. Strength in knowledge, strength in unity, strength in the freedom of creativity.

We adhere to the rule: “Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.” We listen to the people we intend to help. We act on what we hear, making feedback a part of every project. We learn from our actions and continually repeat this process – strengthening our impact with every cycle.

Our mission

We want to create an online and offline space in which women can get useful, relevant, friendly information. Because knowledge helps you choose the right path for yourself and achieve your goal faster.

We want to connect and introduce women to each other. Create a platform for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, experiences, as well as for useful and enjoyable acquaintances. Because in unity is strength, together it is easier to achieve success.

We want to give everyone in our community an opportunity to express themselves. Because everyone must be heard without exception.

Using the website, newsletters, social networks, YouTube and personal meetings.

Thank You!