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7 recipes for immune-boosting, healthy drinks with microgreens

Microgreens contain a record amount of chlorophyll, which saturates us with oxygen. That is why, by adding green seedlings with leaves to our diet, we feel a rise in strength and energy. 7 recipes for immune-boosting, healthy drinks with microgreens. (1)-“Given the current interest in edible plants, this study notably improved our knowledge on metabolic […]

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Healthy properties of broccoli seedlings and microgreens

Organic broccoli seeds are used to produce microgreens or broccoli seedlings. Elastic, crispy microgreens of broccoli have a mild aroma. It is the sprouts and the first leaves that are saturated with the maximum amount of health substances. Healthy properties of broccoli seedlings and microgreens. Healthy properties of broccoli sprouts Broccoli sprouts contain a lot […]

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Healthy breakfast #35: Delicious homemade recipes with broccoli

Broccoli cabbage in its composition contains a large amount of vegetable protein, fiber, amino acids, minerals and the most powerful vitamin – vitamin C. Of course, in addition to it, cabbage contains other vitamins: B1, B2, B5, B6, PP, E, K and provitamin A. Delicious homemade recipes with broccoli. Cabbage is recommended by nutritionists, including […]

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3 recipes with delicious and healthy microgreens

Microgreens are a natural product. The composition of microgreens, along with vitamins and minerals, already includes natural, digestive enzymes that help to assimilate healthy elements completely.3 recipes with delicious and healthy microgreens. Microgreens come in a variety of flavors – from spicy to nutty, lemon ? And the list of nutrients contained in these little […]

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Healthy Breakfast #34: hot sandwiches

Breakfast is the first and most important meal that allows you to recharge your energy before the working day. Therefore, a balanced breakfast is the key to a successful day! For breakfast, please your family with hot juicy and crispy sandwiches. hot sandwiches. 1.Hot onion sandwiches These simple sandwiches are delicious! A great option for […]

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