What do I wear at home to look cool and feel comfortable? We suggest how to choose the right home clothes. Making a home wardrobe should be as important a task as making an everyday wardrobe. After all, we should not be beautiful for others, but for our loved ones. 5 tips on how to choose home clothes.

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How to choose women’s home clothes. 5 tips on how to choose home clothes.

What is the best women’s clothing for home? We give practical advice on the choice.

Choose clothes that make you as comfortable as possible. Pajamas, shorts, or a dress should not tighten, press on the stomach, or irritate the skin.

There is no need to buy fancy dressing gowns or silk combinations. Your goal is to find a set of clothes made of high-quality fabric at an affordable price that will last you for years.

Don’t buy just one type of clothing for your home — choose several sets at once, such as pajamas, a suit, and an oversize t-shirt. You must have a choice, otherwise home clothes will quickly get bored. Besides, when you wash your clothes, you won’t have anything to wear around the house. A spare set of clothing is the optimal solution to the problem.

Choose different colors. Make a home kit according to your mood. Today is a happy day — wear bright pink or red pajamas. Sad and boring-wear a grey, black and dark blue t-shirt.

We choose home clothes for women from high-quality and easy-to-care fabrics. Things should not quickly crumple, deteriorate or be difficult to wash. Forget about finicky fabrics like silk or satin, rely on natural cotton or technological synthetic materials.

The best clothes for the house: 5 choices for women. 5 tips on how to choose home clothes.

Tracksuit. 5 tips on how to choose home clothes.

Tracksuits are a good option for cool winter evenings and home workouts. Casual t-shirts and sweatpants not only look comfortable, but also keep you warm.


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Pyjamas are the most popular type of home clothing for women. Choose a set of light materials, such as linen, cotton or fleece. Try on your pajamas and make sure that the fabric does not cling to your body, otherwise it will constantly gather and pull you down. Complete the set of pajamas with comfortable shoes-Slippers or loafers with fur.

Shorts and t-shirt

To look sexy even at home, choose a tiny t-shirt or t-shirt and short sports shorts made of soft fabric. This option is suitable for those who are constantly hot. If you suddenly get cold, put on fleece socks or change into tight pants for sports.

fitted t shirt


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T-shirt dress

Airy cotton shirt dresses are suitable for well-heated homes. The baggy and light silhouette is not felt at all on the body and allows air to pass well. They are even comfortable to sleep in the same way as in pajamas.


T-shirt dress

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T-shirt and leggings

If you have a favorite oversize t-shirt, combine it with comfortable leggings in one home kit. You can also pair leggings with blouses, loose shirts, or fleece hoodies. Focus on your feelings and choose the appropriate item of clothing.

For home outfits, choose comfortable trousers, such as leggings — they stretch perfectly and do not press on the stomach. And the rest of the sports wardrobe items are well combined with cozy home evenings.

One of the most convenient options for home entertainment is knitwear. It does not restrict movement and is pleasant to the body. Hoodies, sweatshirts, t — shirts, leggings, sports trousers, shorts-choose the most concise styles without unnecessary details and complex prints. These models look more stylish, noble and easier to combine.

Looking good at home is the norm. Making a home wardrobe should be as important as making a wardrobe for the street, because we should not be beautiful for others, but for ourselves and our loved ones. 5 tips on how to choose home clothes.

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