9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021

9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021

Textile bags in the new season are very popular. Because they are light, practical, and beautiful. They are perfect for any situation and go perfectly with different outfits. They are loved for their variety of shapes and colors, so it is not surprising that such a bag is sure to be found in the wardrobe of every woman. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2020
Textile bags

Features. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

It is no coincidence that textiles are one of the most favorite materials for designers of women’s clothing and accessories. Soft, pliable, light, and breathable-it gives you unlimited opportunities to implement the most vivid and creative design ideas.

The advantages of bags made of textiles can be attributed to several factors:

a wide range of models, shapes and colors
functionality (fabric bags are used as sports, casual, beach accessories)
ease of use (these bags are very roomy due to the large number of pockets and compartments)

9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2020.
Textile bags

low price. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

the ability to sew such an accessory yourself
practical and unpretentious in care (easy to wash, dries quickly, retains the original appearance for a long time).

Textile accessories are an ideal addition to the youth style. They are bright, stylish, fashionable, and roomy. Great for schoolgirls or students. They can be carried in your hand or over your shoulder. Miniature handbags are perfect for storing cosmetics, Bank cards or money. A classic-shaped bag in black or gray will elegantly complement a formal suit or sheath dress. A rectangular or oval textile bag is an ideal choice for carrying sportswear.

A small purse, made in a delicate, pleasant color and richly decorated, will gracefully complement a beautiful summer dress or light sundress. Textile accessories look great in a variety of colors. They are perfectly combined with other fabrics. Most often, they can be seen in the hot summer, but at other times of the year, these accessories are in demand and appropriate.



Textiles are a common name for materials that are characterized by their softness, strength, wear resistance, and excellent decorative properties. They are very affordable, it allows you to buy a variety of styles, colors and performance models for different outfits.

Consider the most common materials used in the manufacture of bags.

Flax is one of the most used materials in summer. Lightweight natural material is highly breathable. It does not cause an allergic reaction, is aesthetically attractive, and is perfectly suitable for various types of decor, including photo printing, embroidery, and applications. Linen bags are usually quite roomy, but compact. They can be quickly rolled up and hidden, they do not take up much space.

Textile bags linen
Textile bags linen

Denim (denim fabric) is a rough, hard material that holds its shape perfectly and is suitable for sewing models with complex designs. Denim bags are highly durable and very practical. Fashionable frame accessories, purses or reticules, shopping bags, evening clutches are sewn from denim. Most often, handbags are made in classic denim colors: blue, blue, ink, black, gray.

Textile bags denim
Textile bags denim

Canvas is a tough natural fabric made of hemp, flax or a mixture of it with cotton. It is characterized by high strength, wear resistance, breathability, resistance to moisture and temperature changes. Most often used for sewing beach, everyday, shopping bags, backpacks. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

Cotton is a natural, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material. Pleasant to the touch fabric, very soft, perfectly absorbs moisture, does not electrify. Perfect for casual summer and beach bags. The material is very practical, easy to wash, dries quickly, and is well ironed. It does not stretch out when washing, so the bags retain their shape perfectly. It looks great in different color combinations and is decorated.

Textile bags cotton
Textile bags cotton


Among the variety of textile handbags that are presented today, we can distinguish several very popular models.


Usually it is a square or rectangular bag of the most simple design, very roomy. There should be placed not only the necessary means for tanning or sun protection, but also a beach cover, bathing suit, and other accessories. For such bags, canvas is perfect, which practically does not pass water and sand. Bags are most often made in bright, rich colors and are decorated with large, catchy prints.


Stylish, fashionable, original replacement for shopping bags and plastic bags. Roomy bags are ideal for shopping. For convenience, some models are equipped with internal pockets for your wallet, phone, and useful small things. Most often, bags have a square, trapezoidal and rectangular shape, equipped with two convenient handles.



Practical, convenient and roomy accessory for active young people. The choice of sports, casual, youth backpacks today is almost limitless. Bright and dark, concise and glamorous, modest and flashy-find the right model for anyone will not be difficult.


textile backpack
textile backpack

Textile shoulder bags

A great option for everyday life. Hands free and everything you need is always at hand. These accessories are available in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes.


Bag-bag is another popular summer option. It usually has an irregular trapezoid or triangular shape and a handle-loop. Some models are tightened by lacing. Accessories are available in a wide range. Bright, colorful handbags are ideal for everyday life or going to the beach. More strict models of restrained colors are suitable for work or shopping.


Travel bag. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.


For cosmetics, hygiene supplies, and other hand Luggage, small bags made of cotton or linen are suitable. For the bulk of Luggage, it is better to use classic rectangular bags made of dense textiles. These bags are very practical, they do not take up a lot of space, rather small, but very roomy. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

Folding bags

The peculiarity of this accessory is that when folded, it takes up a minimum of space, but if necessary, it turns into a light, roomy summer purse. Often such models are made in bright, colorful colors and decorated with funny prints. Folded handbags look like elegant clutches, purses, mini-backpacks with the image of funny animals.

Color solutions

The color diversity of textile handbags has no borders. They are presented in monophonic versions, in a combination of several contrasting or similar shades of color, and are variegated, multi-colored. It all depends on the functional purpose of a particular model, its design, time of year, material, and fashion trends.

Decor.9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

Textiles are good not only for their practicality and low price. It is perfectly combined with different types of decor.

Embroidery with multicolored threads or beads is one of the most popular types of jewelry. The theme of embroidery can be very different: flowers, animal prints, marine themes, still lifes, fruits, berries, cartoon or fairy-tale characters, fantasy or ethnic motifs.

A very popular decoration of textile bags is the “patchwork” technique. Especially if the summer accessory is created with your own hands. The essence of decoration is to use different size, shape, color and print pieces of fabric. The finished product is very similar to a patchwork quilt, which is why the technique got its name.

Prints. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

Among the ornaments used, the most popular are flowers (buds and bouquets), animals and birds, butterflies, geometry, fantasy ornaments and abstraction. One of the trends of this season is prints that are repeated in clothing and accessories. This image always attracts attention.

Care. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.

Textile bags do not require special care. In order to find out how to clean or wash a bag, it is enough to determine the material from which it is sewn. Depending on this, the means for washing these fabrics are also selected. Textile bags can be washed or simply washed, depending on their shape and decor. Dirty places can be rubbed with an old toothbrush and warm soapy water. To avoid leaving streaks, it is recommended to dry the bag with a warm towel after washing. Do not dry the bag in open sunlight and store it in damp areas. Materials, especially natural, absorb moisture well, the bag will smell unpleasant.

What to wear?

To create a stylish and fashionable image, it is enough to follow several rules for combining a textile bag with other clothing:

the bag should match the color scheme with the main outfit or shoes;
the brighter the accessory, the more restrained the clothing color should be;
variegated, multi-colored bag is best combined with solid blouses, tops, dresses;
a bag made of thick, coarse material of a large size is best combined with casual clothing: jeans, t-shirts, shorts.
small purses of delicate colors are perfect for dresses, skirts and sundresses.
universal option for every day: jeans + t-shirt/top / t-shirt + textile bag. 9 beautiful textile bag ideas for 2021.