Carrot dessert with raisins

Carrot dessert with raisins

Carrot dessert is perfect for breakfast and dinner. Delicious and healthy sweetness. Carrot dishes are not only delicious, healthy, but also easy to digest. Therefore, carrots are always present even in children’s food. And dishes for adults using carrots are simply difficult to count: salads, soups, side dishes, treats, sauces, seasonings, marinades, flour products. Many […]

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Lemon cakes Wet streusel

Lemon cakes “Wet streusel”

Lemon cakes  streusel – an extraordinary miracle! The cakes are tender and slightly crumbly, with a transparent wet streusel, impregnated with the aroma of lemon and vanilla! Lemon pie, which I suggest you prepare today, is perfect for a large tea party with family or friends. Soft base, crispy streusel and sour filling make up

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