20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity

20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity

The secrets of beauty, youth and longevity fit into the concept of health. 20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity.

1. Psychological state

Learn to control thoughts, realizing that negative thoughts kill mood and health! Thoughts are the seeds from which the events of our life sprout.
Success, love, prosperity and luck are attracted to positive people like a magnet. In a word, you need to want to be a healthy centenarian.

2. Movement

The human body has limitless abilities. With the help of fitness, gymnastics, yoga, swimming, blood and lymph are pumped. A person independently removes emotional muscle blocks, pumps energy channels. And he gets a reward – a cheerful mood and good health after training, a toned body, a healthy complexion and attractiveness. Movement is life. And this is another elixir of youth!

3. We drink water. 20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity.

The secret of health: start the morning with two glasses of water and drink a glass of water every hour.

Do not drink water, your “friends in misfortune” are depression, insomnia, irritability and headache.


If you don’t drink water, you won’t lose weight. We begin to drink properly – the fat “glaciers” are melting.
And remember: tea, coffee, soup and other liquids are food!

4. Cleansing the body

Our body is constantly exposed to aggressive environmental influences, household chemicals, “frills” of the food and chemical industry, electromagnetic radiation and parasite aggression.
The truth of life is that the body needs help to get rid of toxins and toxins.

Symptoms of diseases are the body’s reaction to external and internal toxins. Health is a vital energy.

No strength, no energy, in the morning you feel like a crumpled candy wrapper, nothing pleases you, you can not lose weight in any way, flabby dry skin, dull hair, reduced or increased appetite, and the waist has disappeared? This is how the body tells about slagging. It is worth thinking about cleansing the body, antiparasitic and detox programs!

5. Proper nutrition. 20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity.

Every woman from time to time thinks about what you need to eat to be young and slim?



People did not notice how harmful products got into the diet: food stuffed with preservatives, food dyes, flavorings acidifies our body.

For health and longevity, it is important to exclude products from the diet: fast food, products with preservatives, flavorings, formaldehydes, trans fats, GMO products.

It is important to enrich the daily diet with alkaline, live products: vegetables, fruits, herbs. Go to the store armed with knowledge, study the black list of GMO products, read the compositions on the labels, follow the grocery market, buy healthy food or run a natural farm.

Conscious health is useful. By observing these simple secrets, you will preserve your health and youth for many years.

After 30 years, the appearance begins to change, and the signs of aging are becoming more and more pronounced. And this is not only a “women’s problem”! If you do not take measures, you can quickly “lose face”. What are we doing!?


1. Self-massage of the face. Facial massage exercises are available in open access networks. But first, it is still useful to take several individual classes with a cosmetologist.
2. Strengthen the neck muscles. For a qualitative improvement of appearance, neck exercises are just as important as exercises for the face. The neck holds the muscles of the face. Therefore, before working out the face every day, it makes sense to do a set of exercises for the neck.
3. Facefitness. Facefitness exercises are available in open access networks. But first, it is still useful to take a few classes with a cosmetologist.
4. Breathing through the nose.It will entail a change in the bite and a change in the shape of the face. To improve nasal breathing, remove from the diet foods that cause histamine swelling of the nasopharynx, nasal congestion and runny nose. Use the tape for the mouth during sleep. More often, be aware that you are breathing through your nose.

5. A technique that allows you to noticeably change the profile of your face. It consists in pressing the tongue to the upper palate and pressing on the base of the teeth. The effect can be seen instantly. Try it! But in order to achieve a stable result, you need to work on this familiar one for about a year, keeping your tongue near the upper palate for 24 hours.
6. Work out the posture. Yoga/pilates / dancing, daily stretching, stretching, swimming and other activities aimed at the spine. Be aware of the position of your back during the day and straighten up. Sit straight at the table, often work standing up.

fitness room
fitness room

7. Optimize the weight. Overweight and especially obesity leads to puffiness of the face. At the same time, too sharp weight loss can also negatively affect the appearance and visually age, as the face will begin to sag. Weight loss should be accompanied by massages.
8. Do not eat or drink before going to bed. This will lead to swelling, nasal congestion and associated breathing through the mouth may appear.
9. Do not support your face with your hands. This leads to the formation of wrinkles.

10. Align. Asymmetric bangs / parting on one side / haircuts, the habit of sleeping / carrying a bag on one shoulder make the face asymmetrical. Pay attention to such things.
11. Do not tilt your head down. Make sure that there are no neck creases and creases when you sit for a long time or spend time on the phone or at the computer.
12. Chew solid food. Hard foods, such as raw, hard vegetables, pump up the chewing muscles and strengthen the gums. All this is important for maintaining the shape of the face with age.

13.Acupuncture mat/nails. The face begins at the feet. Foot massage and actions on acupuncture points, promotes the movement of lymph, relieves tension.
14. Self-massage of the abdomen. Nauli technique. It helps to adjust the work of the gastrointestinal tract and the movement of lymph. Helps to eliminate puffiness.
15. Red light. To improve the complexion, reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation.


What else can affect the appearance? 20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity.

Thyroid hormones. For example, with hypothyroidism, when the thyroid gland produces insufficient thyroid hormones, there is often swelling/puffiness of the face. With hyperfunction /autoimmune conditions of the thyroid gland, the appearance also changes: enlarged goiter, bulging eyes, etc.

Other” violators ” of appearance. 20 steps to improve your appearance, rejuvenation and longevity.

Incorrect bite. At the same time, the face shape changes.

Impaired renal function. Water and salt are poorly excreted from the body, which leads to edema. Kidney edema appears in the morning: bags under the eyes and swollen eyelids.

Health problems. If there are failures in the body and the disease develops, this is reflected in the appearance. Rashes, puffiness, bruises, and so on. Pay attention to such changes in time and take measures.

Poor nutrition and lack of sleep. There are obvious reasons, but their contribution to our appearance should not be underestimated.

Your face is in your hands

Forget about bad habits
Forget about bad habits

We can improve our appearance on our own, just by starting to do this purposefully. To see the result, it makes sense to make as many items as possible from the list given above.

It takes no more than 30 minutes a day and costs nothing! But the correction of the bite and the correction of hormonal failures requires appropriate medical specialists and will cost a certain amount. It is also useful to periodically visit professional massages, workouts, chiropractors.