Mixtures of essential oils with anti-cellulite properties are often used for baths and massage. Despite its ability to significantly improve skin condition. If you want to seriously engage in the health of your body and skin-try combining oils with proper nutrition and training. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

Cellulite never starts suddenly, this condition develops over a long period of time. As a result, the fight against cellulite requires time, patience and perseverance. Essential oils with anti-cellulite properties can work wonders, provided they are used correctly. So, do not rush, do not overdo it with the amount of oil, listen to your body, beware of manifestations of allergies, they can always be avoided.

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit essential oil is usually included in anti-cellulite bath mixes with diuretic effect. It helps to remove toxins, improves blood circulation and promotes weight loss, especially when combined with topical creams containing caffeine. For massages, it is usually mixed with vegetable oils, such as olive. To enhance the anti-cellulite effect, it can be combined with coconut oil.

Important: Do not use it before going out in the sun, you may get sunburn. Due to the lack of data on the safety of using grapefruit oil in pregnant women, try to avoid it if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Essential oils that have a natural anti-cellulite effect

Citrus essential oils

Citrus oils-lime, Mandarin, orange and lemon are widely used in the fight against cellulite, as they are diuretics and improve circulation. They have a lymphatic drainage effect and are added to massage mixes for weight loss. With citrus oils, oregano, juniper, grapefruit and Basil oils are perfectly combined.

Important: When exposed to direct sunlight, citrus essential oils become phototoxic. Do not apply them before going outside.

Rosemary essential oil. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

Rosemary oil is used for massages. It cleanses the body, removes excess fluid, stimulates circulation and strengthens the lymphatic system. Works well in a mixture with grapefruit and cypress oils, oregano oil.

Important: Rosemary oil may not be safe for pregnant women and epilepsy patients. When applied to wounds and bruises it can cause severe bleeding.

Essential oils that have a natural anti-cellulite effect

Juniper essential oil

It has diuretic and purifying properties. It is often found in anti-cellulite massage mixes and bath oils. Massages with juniper oil are effective against sagging skin, stretch marks and cellulite. It goes well with fennel and grapefruit oil.

Important: Do not apply this oil to the skin if it is damaged.

Essential oil of Clary sage

Sage oil is a popular skin care product. It smoothes wrinkles, effectively fights acne and cellulite. It is a part of massage oils with anti-cellulite and fat-burning properties. It can be mixed with geranium, juniper, patchouli and various citrus oils.

Important: the safety of use in pregnant women has Not been confirmed.

The essential oil of fennel

Fennel essential oil is a diuretic and relieves the body of toxins. It is present in fat-burning massage mixes and anti-cellulite bath mixes. It can be combined with lemon, grapefruit and rosemary oils.

Important: Do not use this oil if you are pregnant or have epilepsy.

Cinnamon essential oil. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

Cinnamon oil stimulates the lymphatic system, increases blood circulation in the blood vessels, helps to remove toxins and, as a result, reduces the severity of cellulite. It is mainly used for massages in combination with base oils. In addition to this, you can brew cinnamon tea.

Important: cinnamon Oil can cause blood clots and interact with certain medications. Do not use it in the presence of diseases of the circulatory system.

Cinnamon essential oil

Cypress essential oil

The effectiveness of cypress oil in the fight against cellulite is due to its ability to strengthen weakened connective tissues and tone the skin. It goes well with lemon and juniper oil.

Important: Not suitable for children and pregnant women.

Patchouli essential oil. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

Patchouli oil helps to remove excess fluid from the body. Due to the fact that it is a natural antiseptic, it can be applied to damaged skin. The oil has a positive effect on problem skin and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It is often used in combination with sage.

Important: the Oil should not be used in children and pregnant women.

Essential oils that have a natural anti-cellulite effect

Celery seed essential oil

Celery oil reduces the severity of cellulite and cleanses the body, destroying toxins. This diuretic is widely used to prevent cellulite. Most often used in combination with grapefruit oil.

Important: Do not use celery oil before going outside and do not apply it to sensitive skin. It should be stored in a dark place, in a sealed container. Using old, oxidized oil can be dangerous for your health.

Oregano essential oil. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

Applying oregano oil will help remove toxins and improve blood circulation in problem areas. It can be used in combination with juniper, grapefruit, Basil and lemon oils.

Important: oregano Oil can thin the blood and interact with certain medications. It should be avoided by children and pregnant women.

Oregano essential oil

Cedar essential oil

Cedar oil helps fight excess weight, eliminates toxins, and reduces the appearance of cellulite. It is perfectly combined with cypress, juniper and grapefruit oils. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

Important: Pregnant women should refrain from using cedar oil.

Ways to use essential oils in the fight against cellulite

The following are popular methods of using essential oils that are used to get rid of cellulite.

Applying oil with a brush: Take a body brush, apply a few drops of essential oil and rub it into the skin in an upward direction. This will improve blood circulation. The ideal time for the procedure is before taking a shower.

Massage: Take a few drops of oil and rub them into the skin in a circular motion. Massage increases blood circulation and has a beneficial effect on the skin. This is a great way to exfoliate your skin before showering, open your pores and remove toxins.

Baths: taking a bath will allow the essential oil to penetrate deep into the epidermis. During washing, knead and pat the problem areas to help the oil break down fat deposits. While in the water, you can massage these areas using special oil mixtures.

In addition, essential oils can be added to tea and taken inside in its original form.
Essential oils that have a natural anti-cellulite effect

Tips for using essential oils. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.

There are a great many different essential oils with anti-cellulite properties, as well as their combinations. Before you start using essential oils, pay attention to the following recommendations:

Essential oils should not be used undiluted. Too much exposure will lead to skin irritation and other negative consequences. Always mix them with base oils such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, and sesame, almond, olive, and carrot oil.

You can make compositions only from base oils: take 2 teaspoons of almond oil, add to it 5 drops of jojoba oil and carrot oil and mix well.

Find out what oils you are allergic to and stop using them.
Some oils will appeal to your friends, but will be useless for you. Use trial and error to determine which oils are right for you.

Find the right combination of oils.

Consult your doctor before using essential oils. Some of them may not be combined with the medications you are taking. When choosing oils, assess possible health risks.
Make sure that the oil you use before going outside does not increase the chance of getting sunburn.. 12 essential oils with anti cellulite effect.


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