Women are active, purposeful and resourceful. This allowed to assume that the risk is not a real brake upon the enjoyment by women of their craft. The claim that women are not risk-averse and therefore less fit for business has little basis in reality. On the contrary, business balances the initial emotional state of a woman, contributing to the actualization of the most productive personal strategies. In general, we can say that women cope with risk situations in business almost without compromising their internal states. The ability to take risks depends on the individual qualities of a person, not on whether you are a man or a woman. In life, there are always many options to cope with a particular situation. Woman in business during extreme situations.

If you let your fear get the better of you, you become dependent on it forever, and you start running your business with caution. As soon as you start looking around, you lose your pace. I can’t say that I, as an ordinary woman, am not afraid. But in business, I try to minimize the feeling of fear. So far, I’ve been able to do it. Women are able to form adequate strategies in a situation of risk, differing, on the one hand, by conscious caution, on the other – the necessary level of risk and even adventurism, which helps to survive in a situation of business uncertainty.

Woman in business during extreme situations2

Less ambition and unwillingness to achieve victory at any cost allow a woman to act in a situation of risk no less effectively than a man. Recognizing the fact that women may find it more difficult to take meaningful risks, it can be argued that women’s intuition quickly teaches them to take profitable risks and frees them from “unsuccessful steps”. The constant need to take risks creates the necessary personal stability and makes a more mature person a woman businessman. Women with a reduced risk potential compensate for this by taking preventive measures to minimize the risk share or finding strong patrons. The high level of internal control that successful women demonstrate shows the amazing plasticity of the female psyche, which makes it possible to cope even with such instinctive experiences as experiencing a sense of fear. This is, in my opinion, an additional proof that women’s capabilities as a leader are high. Woman in business during extreme situations.

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