11 modern ideas for interior decoration with moss in eco style
11 modern ideas for interior decoration with moss in eco style

Living moss in the interior is becoming increasingly popular. The presence of live moss in the living room is a clear sign of eco-style. With the help of moss, you can profitably decorate the interior and at the same time refresh it. Such a “green assistant” replaces lianas and convolvulus, it can cover entire surfaces, including vertical ones. It really decorates the interior and will be a true godsend for all lovers of evergreen, who take care of their eyes and nerves, allowing them to relax while contemplating the greenery. 11 modern ideas for interior decoration with moss in eco style.

Modern landscaping of housing and its stylization can be easily combined, using beautiful moss in the interior. Moss requires minimal care, looks catchy and unusual. They are used for laying out paintings, decorating furniture and lamps. They can be placed vertically on the walls, emphasizing the creative design of the premises.

Plants have no roots: they are attached to the base with mini-roots or glued. This feature makes these elements easy to use. Mosses can be used to distinguish individual parts of the room, to conduct an original zoning of the area. They are allowed to be used in any part of the home, including bedrooms and halls. Properly selected plants and their correct location will provide an extraordinary look of the premises, a bright and eye-catching stylization of the design.

All accessories differ in the type of material used — live moss, artificial moss, canned moss can be used for decoration.

moss in the interior

How to care for live moss at home?

Such flora does not need fertilizers and additional lighting, except for natural light. Sometimes moss can be sprayed with water from a spray gun, if the air in the house is very dry. A bright indicator that the moss lacks natural moisture is the yellow color and dry tips.

Otherwise, there is no trouble with such living decorations. They should not be watered with water — the moss itself will “take” it out of the air. Porous plants survive in the wild. They are not afraid of sudden temperature changes and drafts. So the usual conditions of life will not need to be subordinated to the whimsical nature of such plants. Most likely, there will be no diseases or parasites in the moss. A slight smell from the moss will become invisible, if you do not get carried away with using excessively.

Stabilized moss-an innovation for eco-style

Such moss is only half “alive”. With the help of chemical means, its development is stopped at the highest point of its heyday. All the water is replaced with a liquid containing glycerin. Thanks to this, the moss does not grow, but freezes in this state for a long time. This allows you to provide products made of moss durability and reliability. Artificial moss is a reasonable alternative to natural moss.

Stabilization for moss is similar to freezing: all external properties are preserved even when painted with acrylic paints.

Stabilized moss can be made with your own hands: to do this, you need to study and use the stabilization technology. In a container, pour a mixture of water and glycerin in a ratio of 2:1. Put ordinary live moss in it, so that the water completely covers the villi. To ensure that the moss does not darken and turn black during the stabilization process, it is better to add special dyes to the water in advance. Close the lid and leave to soak for 1-2 weeks.

moss in the interior

Care for the stabilized moss consists in using a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer to clean the dust. The only disadvantage is that this moss is more fragile than natural. It should not be left in a room without heating, especially in the winter.

Application in the interior

There are no special restrictions on the use of stabilized greens. It is ideal for decorating walls, highlighting individual parts of rooms or zoning them. It is usually used to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. It can be used to style some types of furniture. Designers produce many ready-made decorations with moss: paintings, inscriptions, compositions.

For stylization, large panels will also be used, which are a long canvas decorated with greenery. The panels are suitable for fixing on the walls with self-tapping screws, liquid nails. They do not need additional use of moisture-insulating materials. After the installation of such panels, the surface behind them remains completely dry. Also, some designers use volumetric plants for direct fixation to the walls, shelves, and floor.

Methods of vertical gardening

To perform an unusual wall decoration with plants is quite simple, combining panels of different shades. They can be laid out in patterns or glued to the surfaces with strips. The most popular options for decorating rooms with green inserts include:

Full wall decoration

Panels with plants are attached close to each other, creating a solid canvas.

location between columns

The optimal solution for elongated rooms. They can be separated by columns or imitations of them. Green decorations between the dividers will look elegant.

Installation of strips

Vertical narrow panels with spore plants will help raise the ceiling or zoning the room.

Installation of panels (they can be replaced with inscriptions from plants in plastic frames).

Small panels of different colors of greenery, located in the center of the wall or in different parts of it, allow you to give the style dynamics.

moss in the interior

In the kitchen

Stylizing the kitchen with unusual greenery can be done in different ways. For example, use original materials to create paintings. They will perfectly complement the recreation area, make it more comfortable. The styling of the wet zone will look great: it can be half or a third laid out from the voluminous greenery. Place the moss in the upper part. A direct hit of artificial lighting on the green part will make it as attractive as possible. In addition, the garbage from the work area with this arrangement will not fall on the display.

The original solution will be the use of panels with mosses for zoning the working area and the eating area. To do this, the dividing strips should be fixed on the walls and on the ceiling. A pair of panels framing the kitchen set at the edges will also look stylish.

In the kitchen

In the living room

The spacious rooms are ideal for styling with moss and plants. The presence of many options for their decoration simplifies the selection of suitable options. The most popular stylistic solutions for landscaping halls include:

decoration of the wall opposite the sofa (around the TV, mini-wall);
decoration of the wall behind the sofa (for the original allocation of the recreation area);
decoration of the side walls (relative to the sofa to expand the seating area);
installation of stylized green partitions (for dividing the space of the room);
installation of small panels in a staggered order on 2-4 walls.

In the living room

The installation of stylized inscriptions will also help to highlight the room in an original way. They are frames with sides, between which the plants are located. These elements look original and make it easy to update and refresh any design.

In the bedroom

The bedroom will have an original look of green panels, framed by drywall projections on the top and bottom. Lighting in them will visually increase the depth of the created niches and make the space free. A profitable solution will be the installation of panels above the work area (desk or computer table). They will help to create a special comfort.

The location of the spore plants in front of the bed will provide a cozy rest. They can frame the TV or be mounted sporadically over the entire wall surface. The green frame of the headboard also looks unusual. It can be a thin frame or take up all the free space behind the furniture. A couple of paintings or family photos will also fit well into this design of the walls. You can also highlight the passage to the balcony and window openings with moss.


In the bathroom

Decorating the bathroom with voluminous greenery should be carried out with special attention. The stabilized plants should be located as far away from the shower area as possible. Otherwise, if water gets on the green panel, it will quickly deteriorate. It is better to place such a decoration on the opposite wall to the shower.

Care should be taken that the water from the washbasin does not fall on the surface of the moss. A very nice green frame will look around the mirror. With its help, you can emphasize the originality of the design of shelves, installed furniture for storing towels, cosmetics.

In the bathroom

Moss decor

To make the decoration of any room in the house cozy and original will help the use of paintings, inscriptions and other elements of three-dimensional greenery. For example, individual pieces of light panels can be used to create abstractions, stylized patterns on the walls. No less attractive is the decoration of furniture with the help of unusual plants.

Adding a “fluffy” layer to the armrests, headboards, and other parts of the frames contributes to the easy styling of the products. Quite often, designers use unusual spherical plants to decorate table and floor lamps. This cover will look very nice with small figurines on the windowsills. This way you can create a stylish panorama in front of the window. There are many applications for  moss: they can be used to update individual elements or used as a basis for creating new products.

Moss decor

Bright pictures

Conventionally, phytocarts are divided into two groups: a whole canvas or products with frames. According to the features of the design of phytocarts are classified as follows:

consisting of monophonic elements (laid out from plants of the same shade, attract a voluminous texture);
consisting of multi-colored elements (including spore plants in green, blue and other colors, can be an abstraction or a full-fledged picture);
products with other plants (supplemented with herbarium or other stabilized flowers, greens);
patterned products (in them, the greens are laid out at a certain distance from each other, creating three-dimensional ornaments);
stylized photos, portraits, paintings (similar to patterned products, but the image on them clearly conveys a complex pattern).

Bright phytocarts

Furniture with moss elements

The most popular option for styling with moss is the design of tables. For example, in the hall or bedroom, you can install a coffee table, the top of which is decorated with greenery. If desired, it can be covered with glass, preventing the ingress of dust or creating a raised surface. For writing and dining tables, it is acceptable to place a narrow strip of greenery in the part of the table top located close to the wall.

For stand-alone models, the option of placing a strip of stabilized plants directly in the center of the countertop is acceptable. Non-standard styling can be carried out for the plank of the sofa, located behind the back. We can also use this option for the design of armrests. The upper part of the headboard can also be decorated with stabilized greenery. A simple solution is to cover with moss several cells of a wooden rack installed in the hall, bedroom or hallway.

Furniture with moss elements

Moss compositions. 11 modern ideas for interior decoration with moss in eco style.

Unconventionally decorate the apartment and make its design fabulous will help the use of numerous compositions of stabilized plants. They can be placed in tall vases and vases, replacing the usual flower arrangements. Spore plants in large glass vases look stylish. They can also be replaced with similar glass products with a flat base and a dome cover.

Usually such compositions are supplemented with miniature figures of houses, animals or fairy-tale characters. Even large laboratory flasks can be used to implement such ideas. No less original look spore balls with wooden vessels: plates, trays. Stylized dishes made of twigs, deer horns, wood chips, decorated with green stabilized plants (formed from them by balls and cubes)look beautiful.

moss in the interior

Operation and maintenance. 11 modern ideas for interior decoration with moss in eco style.

Self-care for stabilized plants is quite simple. But it is worth considering that they are short-lived. For example, wall panels can last about 7 years, but paintings and compositions will retain their original appearance for no more than 5 years. There is no way to change these features.

To maintain a healthy state and appearance of plants, you do not need to water them, treat them from insects. But at very low humidity, they can start to dry out. In this case, it is recommended to install an air humidifier in the room or place a couple of containers with clean water near the spore greenery. The plants are completely antistatic, so you do not have to clean them from dust.

moss in the interior

Conclusion. 11 modern ideas for interior decoration with moss in eco style.

Bright and unusual stylization of housing with the help of stabilized mosses allows you to bring a special comfort to any design. The use of three-dimensional greenery helps to distinguish separate areas of bedrooms, halls, and to visually divide the area. To decorate the premises, you can use wall panels, paintings, portraits and inscriptions from spore plants. If desired, you can choose products that use only green or multi-colored elements.

And you can give preference to combined products: with other types of plants and flowers. You can also freeze the spore greens yourself. But this will require proper mixing of the composition for soaking the plants. Only exact following of simple recommendations will allow to create non-standard compositions and to carry out house decoration without special expenses. Stylish and bright products will delight the owners for many years to come.

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