7 ways to create a cozy and soulful garden for happiness

7 ways to create a cozy and soulful garden for happiness

A modern garden is a place of spiritual relaxation. So why not make it more cozy?7 ways to create a cozy and soulful garden for happiness.

1. The fragrance of happiness and fragrance in your garden

And what is a garden without intoxicating aromas?

The smell of happiness in the garden is, of course, the aroma of a blooming garden in spring and summer, the smell of fallen leaves, ripe pears, and apples in autumn, and a refreshing coniferous aroma in winter.

How to ensure that the garden not only blooms luxuriantly but also smelled great? Create zones of continuous flowering in the garden.

Try to create a fragrant flower garden in your garden, and then you can always enjoy the fragrance of flowers.

flowers. Photo from pixabay

It is good to place fragrant plants in the vicinity of recreation areas, under the windows of the house, along the paths, at the entrance to the garden, and near the gazebo or pond. Try to take into account the timing of their flowering, then each plant will give you its own, incomparable aroma.

When choosing plants for the garden, consider their appearance and aroma. But most importantly: your flower garden should not cause you or your loved ones any unpleasant sensations, whether it is an allergy to pollen or a headache from too strong a fragrance.

When selecting plants, pay attention not only to the flowering time, appearance, and care features but also to the aroma of the flowers. For example, none of us will confuse the scent of roses with anything else. But not all varieties can boast of a fragrant smell, so you should give preference to the most fragrant varieties.

roses. Photo from pixabay

Of course, it is difficult to reliably describe odors: everyone perceives them in their own way. In addition, the fragrance of the flowers depends on the weather, the time of day, and the opening phase of the bud. The most striking smell is possessed by half-blown roses in the first half of the day, in sunny (but not hot) and windless weather.

The range of rose scents is striking in its diversity. Some scents we do not cease to admire (the buds can exude aromas of lemon, vanilla, banana, cinnamon, melon, etc.), and from others we always turn up our nose (a very sharp smell, similar to turpentine, exudes rose thesis). But still, most roses have a pleasant aroma.

In addition, a great idea for a garden that exudes a magical aroma is to plant spicy herbs along with decorative crops. And beautiful, and fragrant, and always at hand a fragrant sprig for culinary experiments. There are ornamental plants, there are aromatic ones, and there are medicinal ones. But there are spicy herbs that combine all these qualities: they are suitable for flower beds, are able to fill the garden with fabulous smells, and are also part of flower tea.

2. The warmth of comfort

The concepts of comfort and warmth are inseparable! Especially the soul longs for them in cold, rainy weather. There’s no time for the garden you don’t want to go outside at all. But this problem can be solved if you set a goal to enjoy every minute of unity with nature. How to add heat to your dacha? Of course, make a fire!

Secondly, insulate the terrace: glass it and take out the bio-fireplace. And you will enjoy the view of the garden in any weather! A huge advantage of a bio-fireplace, in comparison with conventional fire sources, is its mobility.

bio-fireplace. Photo from pixabay

Such a device can be taken out to a convenient place in the garden and then returned to the room again. The bio-fireplace will be indispensable where it is impossible to spread a traditional fire, for example, on the terrace, balcony, or in the garden. The mysterious flickering fire in the bio-fireplace is an unusual decoration for evening gatherings in the fresh air.

3. The magic of decorative elements. 7 ways to create a cozy and soulful garden for happiness.

Cute decor elements can create a great mood for the whole day. If you want a walk in the garden to always help relieve stress and bring a smile, decorate your garden not only with flowers but also with charming decorative items.

On the trees, you can hang candlesticks, unusual flower pots, and beautiful birdhouses for birds. Pots with flowers can be hung not only on the cornice or the crossbar of the gazebo. On the fence, they look no less impressive. For lovers of natural motifs, I want to offer these ideas: plants look good among stones, in stumps and driftwood. Very natural and simple.

garden decor
garden decor. Photo from pixabay

Do not forget about the picturesque garden path. The path can perform an exclusively practical function and lead to farm buildings. Also add a twist to the landscape design and wind along the flower garden, ending at the gazebo or artificial pond.

To make it really nice to walk along the path. It should be not only visually attractive but also fragrant.

Plant fragrant flowers along the path. Or you can go the other way – create a border along the path of fragrant herbs. Just imagine how nice it will be to take a deep breath on such a track!

garden decor
garden decor. Photo from pixabay

Think about the color of the material of the path so that it favorably sets off the plants bordering it. Do not plant flowers and herbs randomly. Ideally, all plants should be in harmony with each other.

4. Multifunctional trees in the garden. 7 ways to create a cozy and soulful garden for happiness.

The purpose of the trees is always different. Fruit trees serve as a source of shade and fresh fruit, and hives and birdhouses can be hung on their trunks. Old trees can be used for heating homes and small crafts. Today, it remains relevant for everyone who dreams of creating a paradise in their garden.

5. The charm of nature in our garden

We just have to surround ourselves with wildlife-otherwise, what’s the point of a country house? Try to make your garden attractive for bees, butterflies, and helper birds. To do this, you can arrange on-site drinking bowls for insects and birds. In winter, replenish the supplies in the bird feeders.

Any gardener knows that bees are his main helpers. Without these small hardworking insects, it is impossible to get a good harvest – without pollination, most plants do not bear fruit at all!

The charm of nature in our garden
The charm of nature in our garden. Photo from pixabay

The easiest way to please the bees is to plant the flowers they like next to the fruit and vegetable plants that need pollination. Flower beds with honeybees should preferably be located in sunny, open places. Warming up in the sun, they will fill the garden with their fragrance, inviting the bees “to the table”.

Another good idea is to plant a mixture of wildflowers instead of the traditional grass lawn that will adorn the garden.

6. A secluded corner in the garden

Be sure to make sure that in your garden there is a cozy place where you can sit comfortably with a book or a cup of tea.

Set up benches or sofas on the patio or near an archway covered with climbing plants. Throw a couple of soft pillows on them, and cover yourself with a warm blanket. Agree, you do not want to leave such a cozy corner at all! It will be a favorite place for the whole family.

What could be more pleasant than having a cup of coffee in the early morning, sitting at home, and admiring the blooming summer garden? Do not regret to ennoble your patio with a small coffee table. For convenience, you can screw the wheels to it.

home. Photo from pixabay

7. A pleasant style for yourself

Happy people don’t have to be on trend to feel like they belong in this world. However, if you approach the process creatively and at the same time think through the smallest details, you can get a truly fabulous corner that will inspire you and everyone who visits it.

Decorative plants in the hands of the master help to create a garden that will delight all year round and hide the shortcomings of the landscape of the site. The main thing is to think through everything to the smallest detail and approach the process with inspiration.

process with inspiration
the process with inspiration. Photo from pixabay

A modern garden is a feeling of naturalness and non-man-made nature. It should give the impression that the landscape design was invented and brought to life by nature itself. As if the person here is only a guest and not the creator.  Sometimes beauty is hidden in ordinary and unpretentious things.





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