5 techniques in eco-style design-alone with nature
5 techniques in eco-style design-alone with nature

If you decide to add a little natural warmth and comfort to your home – you can’t do without natural materials and natural components. Together, they create eco-style – a relatively new, but very popular direction in design. 5 techniques in eco-style design-alone with nature.

Eco-style techniques

When communicating with nature, everyone has their own associations. Therefore, to form a “green corner” in the house, various techniques and techniques are used. First of all, we are talking about zoning of space, rational planning, blurred borders and smooth transition from one zone to another. The interior of the eco-style reflects the philosophy of its creator, aimed at unity with nature and a healthy lifestyle. A number of components are used for this purpose.

1. Natural materials. 5 techniques in eco-style design-alone with nature.

All finishing materials, furniture, decorative elements and accessories must be natural: wood, bamboo, ceramics, textiles, linen, stone, etc. Boards, stone, terracotta tiles, cork flooring and other similar materials are laid on the floor. Wooden panels, cork sheets, finishing stone and white plaster are used for the walls. In General, wood is a favorite for this style and accompanies almost any experiments with design.

Natural materials

2. More space and air

Natural style never looks bulky. The more open space it has, the better. The furniture is simple (mostly made of wood), clothes are in niches, on shelves and in the wardrobe. The role of seats is played by chairs made of bamboo and rattan, tables and stools are made of solid pieces of wood. Massive countertops are made of natural stone.

More space and air

Another sign of eco – style is wide panoramic windows, through which maximum light penetrates. Sometimes they are supplemented with a winter garden.

3. Shades for relaxation

The color palette is natural and calm, made in muted tones. Usually it is played out by choosing the motifs of some time of the year for the design. The soothing breath of autumn brings yellow and purple colors to the interior. Happy spring brings greenery and bright colors. Some people like mediterranean motifs-terracotta, sun-bleached interior details and colorful “spots” of exotic plants and flowers. The combination of white and dark wood, as well as white ceramics and greenish glass looks very impressive.

Shades for relaxation

4. Important details in the decor

To create an atmosphere of home comfort, select the simplest textiles: linen, matting, cotton and coarse wool. These materials are used to sew tablecloths, curtains and upholstery for furniture. A touch of naturalism is also added by vases made of clay, wood and glass, aquariums, chests and carefully dried tree branches. Using all this, it is important not to overload the interior with details and details.

Important details in the decor

5. Unity of nature and smart home. 5 techniques in eco-style design-alone with nature.

Do not assume that by choosing an eco-style in the interior, you should “go back to the caves” and get rid of any equipment in the house. A subtle synthesis of technology and art created by nature itself is also one of the distinctive features of the ecological style. You can use, for example, vertical gardening and automatic drip irrigation. The smart home system also always has a place in an apartment designed in the style of eco-design.

Unity of nature and smart home

Natural interior style is a fairly popular and widespread solution that allows you to organize your home space in accordance with the ideal ideas of design. There is a place for everything: natural materials, bright colors and high technologies. It is this mix and freedom of action that made eco-style so famous and in demand.

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