7 small changes in the house that will make it more comfortable

7 small changes in the house that will make it more comfortable

What makes an apartment cozy and comfortable? Comfortable furniture, proper layout, beautiful wallpaper? No doubt, but this is not the whole list. There are many other details that shape the perception of space and give the house the desired warmth. We will tell you what tricks will help to make housing better without large investments. 7 small changes in the house that will make it more comfortable.

#1. Add blankets and decorative pillows


Be sure to use textiles to make the interior more cozy and personalized.

For example, the sofa in the living room and the bed in the bedroom can be covered with beautiful blankets. Do not limit yourself to one instance – use several models made of different materials. Remember that different textures located in the neighborhood make the interior more interesting.

For example, an excellent combination is obtained from velour and cotton, linen, and wool blankets. And you do not need to straighten them – the effect of carelessness is now incredibly relevant.

Add blankets and decorative pillows
Add blankets and decorative pillows pixabay

The same applies to decorative pillows, which must be present in the bedroom and in the living room. Combine them according to style, size, color, and material. On the bed, a symmetrical composition of four pillows will look great, and in the living room, you can use more-a copies on the sofa, and a couple more on the chairs. Make sure that the color of some pillows matches other interior elements, such as curtains, books on a shelf, and flowers in a vase. This is necessary to create a harmonious space.

#2. Change the mattress, blanket, and pillows. 7 small changes in the house that will make it more comfortable.

You can not say that the apartment is comfortable if you do not get enough sleep. Therefore, when arranging a house, first of all, you should think about a comfortable sleeping place. This question is even more important than the design of the rooms because it is the components of the bed that directly affect the state of our health. So it’s time to think about getting new sleeping accessories.

Pay attention to classic orthopedic mattresses and pillows – they are never superfluous in matters of healthy sleep. You can give preference to innovative bedding that adapts to its owner. For example, there are high mattresses made of several layers and an independent spring block that adapts to your body and supports it point-by-point. As for blankets, there are also interesting functional novelties among them.

How do you like this option: the blanket is divided into two segments, due to which can simultaneously cool the legs and warm the upper part of the body. A very effective solution, given that many people constantly cover only the top, and leave their feet without a blanket, in order to achieve the most comfortable temperature.

Change the mattress, blanket, pillows
Change the mattress, blanket, pillows pixabay

Among the pillows, there are also instances that can change depending on your requirements. Which ones do you prefer? Thin and hard or thick and soft? Some pillow designers allow you to adjust the stiffness and thickness of the product yourself, adding height and softness. Very convenient, given that preferences can change periodically.

#3. Change the mattress, blanket, and pillows

It is possible to update the interior without financial investments, and it is very easy to do so. It is enough to organize a reshuffle, which will be very relevant when you want to change so much. To start, draw a plan of the room and select the areas that you can swap. It is clear that in the kitchen it is unlikely to be possible to do something global but in the living room-dining room.

Change the mattress, blanket, pillows
Change the mattress, blanket, pillows pixabay

When decorating a room, use the rules of rhythm, symmetry, and dynamics, and most importantly do not be afraid to remove furniture from the walls, especially if the layout of the room allows it. The arrangement of interior items not around the perimeter always looks more interesting and modern. For example, if the table and chairs were always near the window, try moving them to the center of the room. First, you will be able to refresh the design, and second, make the dining area more functional – it will accommodate more people.

#4. Add colors. 7 small changes in the house that will make it more comfortable.

It is very easy to create the right mood. It is enough to choose the right color for the design. And it’s not so much the effect of specific shades on a person but the process of selecting accessories and creating new combinations, which brings great pleasure.

Add colors
Add colors pixabay

You can change the interior with textiles and decor. Designers advise getting a certain set of things for each season. Let this list include curtains, pillowcases for decorative pillows, blankets, posters, and vases. And then you will need to decide only on thematic shades: for example, autumn is always associated with a warm color scheme (yellow, orange, brown, olive), winter is a time of cold tones, as well as a red and gold palette associated with New Year’s traditions, spring needs pastel colors (soft blue, mint, lavender), and summer is a time of bright juicy colors.

#5. Get Houseplants

Get Houseplants
Get Houseplants pixabay

And if you already have several pots of flowers, then just add them to the collection. Greenery is able to make even the most gloomy interior comfortable and cozy in the blink of an eye, so do not ignore it. Plants are present in all interiors, even the most strict and minimalist, the main thing is to correctly fit them into the interior.

The rules for choosing a flower and pot are extremely simple: the larger the room, the larger the plant should be. But in this case, you will first need to determine the place for the planters, and then choose the plant based on the available conditions, in particular, the quality of lighting and temperature. Buy some beautiful wicker baskets instead of the classic pots – they are perfect for outdoor instances.

Tip: When choosing plants, pay attention to seasonal offers. For example, in winter on New Year’s Eve, the poinsettia is gaining popularity – a Christmas shrub with red leaves, which is ideal for decorating a coffee, work, or dining table.

#6. Perform a Decor Revision

Perform a Decor Revision
Perform a Decor Revision pixabay

The first thing to think about is books. Despite the fact that they are not decorated in the classical sense of the word, many are used to arrange them in such a way that they decorate the room. Look at the shelf, go through the available books, and then group them by size: the largest works should be placed horizontally, and with the help of medium-sized publications, mark the vertical. An interesting trend is the spread of book pages forward. The main advantage of this trend is that due to the monotonous color and texture of the pages, you can balance the interior.

The audit should also be carried out among the paintings and posters. As we have already said, they can be changed every season to visually update the interior. Think about the subject matter: retro paintings, movie and theater posters, and advertisements from past centuries look very impressive. Vintage in the interior is not superfluous.

#7. Decide on a fragrance for your home. 7 small changes in the house that will make it more comfortable.

Decide on a fragrance for your home
Decide on a fragrance for your home pixabay

Winter is a great time to choose a fragrance for your home. The feeling of change encourages experimentation, so finding the most comfortable smell is not difficult. Gingerbread, cinnamon, salted caramel, tangerine-there are a huge number of options for every taste. We recommend that you start learning about scents from candles, as they are not as intense as, for example, sprays.