Knitted bags 2021 stylish accessory of the season
Knitted bags 2021-stylish accessory of the season

Knitted summer bags look great. These accessories will perfectly complement the beach bow and are indispensable in a resort setting. Knitted bags are original and versatile. What colors were used, how shades were combined, what type of yarn was used, the style of the product will differ. Pay attention to the size, shape of the bag, length and type of handles, the presence of an amazing decor. Knitted bags 2021-stylish accessory of the season.

Women can master a simple knitting technique and create an interesting accessory option. The original thing, knitted with needles, can be decorated with absolutely any decorative elements. In any case, with such accessories, you can create a truly exclusive image.

Summer knitted bags 2021

Features of accessories for summer.Knitted bags 2021 stylish accessory of the season.

It is especially noteworthy that bright colors and Flirty design are preferred for summer fashion. Round or ellipse-like small models of knitted bags are quite versatile. Bright crimson or lemon color due to the delicate delicate yarn will look sophisticated. It will be conspicuous, but it will be appropriate. Those who do not like flashy accessories may prefer more neutral colors. A good option is beige, sky blue, olive or pale pink. The most universal color is white.

Beach bag

The most popular model is a knitted beach bag over the shoulder. Large roomy accessories of this plan can really be used to create beach bows. These beautiful and stylish products will be a perfect container for beach paraphernalia. Medium-sized models, as well as miniature versions that look more like clutches, are suitable to complement everyday bows. In this case, the handles can be quite long or shortened.

Attention to the decor. Knitted bags 2021 stylish accessory of the season.

A knitted bag for summer is an ideal base for creative experiments. Various patterns can be formed on the textile fabric. This can be embroidery with threads that create a three-dimensional ornament. 2021 is the time of popularity of ethnic motifs and romantic retro patterns.

The absolute trend of summer is Floristics. Knitted handbags are most often decorated with various flowers and plant symbols. This can be a modest embroidery. If you do not have time to make different patterns yourself, you can buy ready-made embroidery on an adhesive basis in the store. They are simply applied to the product and ironed with an iron. The application is ready.

From large satin ribbons, you can make a large flower or even form a whole bouquet. This bag will have to be carried very carefully, because the decor can quickly lose its beautiful appearance.

Floristics knitted bags

Features of winter accessories

A knitted or wool bag with various types of knitting will be appropriate in winter ensembles. Moreover, they can look even more organic than white beach bags in the format of summer fashion. The main condition is that the product must be of high quality and made of “warm” materials. For example, high-quality wool, quite dense and even a little rough, will give accessories a special Shine and charm. For the “autumn-winter” season, it is better to choose medium-sized products that hold their shape well. A knitted clutch bag with a rigid frame looks amazing. Knitted bags 2021 stylish accessory of the season.

winter bags

Fur and yarn-a cozy Duo

Another important point is that handbags for the winter season can be generously decorated with fur. Options for how to give the finished item an exclusive look, an incredibly large number. Fur can be sewn with a solid cloth on the entire front of the bag, draw interesting fur stripes along the contours of the seams, only the bottom or only the top of the product. Given how popular animalistic motifs are now, fur with an imitation of some bright animal color will become a luxurious decoration for any purse. Those who do not like massive products (and fur will give massiveness to any accessory), can decorate a purse with a fluffy keychain. In addition to fur, leather applications are relevant. The fringe sewn on the bottom of such a bag looks good. Will also be appropriate to look to the decoration of the traditionally winter warm materials.

Important detail

Bags made of thick yarn are quite rigid and dense in their structure. Thin openwork threads are suitable for creating light handbags that will differ in special softness and elasticity. In some cases, the products look more like small openwork bags than full-fledged handbags, which makes such accessories incredibly effective and stylish.

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