How to avoid gaining weight during self-isolation

How to avoid gaining weight during self-isolation

Home mode has recently become the norm of our life, but for many, self-isolation began even earlier, and they have already felt its results for themselves. The prospect of losing shape and gaining weight is quite real for forced stay-at-home people. The reasons are obvious — there is a decrease in physical activity, and the immediate proximity of the refrigerator, and banal boredom. How to adapt to new conditions and learn to eat in a balanced way. How to avoid gaining weight during self-isolation.

Let’s look at the situation with optimism: we have to stay at home, but this time gives us a chance to calmly and without stress put the food scheme under control, while there are no distractions-trips to visit, delays at work, meals in a hurry and on the run, which have always served us as an excuse.

Otherwise, overeating becomes unavoidable simply because our entire life today is spent in dangerous proximity to the kitchen, that is, an uninterrupted source of spontaneous snacks. And this is a very dangerous thing. Remove seeds, nuts, and dried fruits. All this potentially useful, but high-calorie food imperceptibly adds to us kilograms if the level of activity decreases. It is clear that we are triggered by instinct-endlessly sending something into our mouth, we feel protected, and thus relieve stress. But try to put the computer away from food sources, the refrigerator or the buffet, and make a promise not to keep any food on the desktop. Then on the way to the kitchen, you will not only have time to take a couple of extra steps, but also think: “Am I really hungry? Or is it just an opportunity to change the image in front of your eyes?»

The other extreme — to make your working day on the remote almost abnormal, sit at the computer for twelve hours, and get meals by night raids into the kitchen. Do not give up your usual daily routine, try to eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the same time. For example, how your office routine was set up. Your body is already used to it and will thank you. Do not postpone the main meal later than three hours of the day, after our metabolism is not so active and does not have time to spend the calories received on something useful, and not put it in reserve.

And if you have never had enough time for Breakfast – finally teach yourself to have a full Breakfast, because it is the morning meal that triggers our metabolism. Love Breakfast at least because you can afford to eat more in the morning than in the evening. If you don’t like life without coffee, then allow yourself a Cup of coffee between nine and eleven o’clock in the afternoon — so it doesn’t disrupt the natural rhythms of sleep and wakefulness. But you should not abuse it — coffee dehydrates, and if you do not have an ideal climate control in your apartment, and this constantly pulls you to sleep, then you should not drink coffee, but ordinary water.

There is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be distracted from work by eating. Only you should really be distracted, not typing with one hand on the keyboard, but watching the news on the screen with one eye. News is now coming in more and more disturbing, and anxiety and stress are a direct way to look at the screen. Arrange yourself two full-fledged snacks a day — a second Breakfast and an afternoon snack. A regime in which we eat five times a day every three hours is the most beneficial for our body. If you are not used to switching to this routine, then just spread out your lunch and dinner.

Turn each meal into a small ritual — get out beautiful dishes, decorate the dish, lay a napkin. No wonder they say that we eat with our eyes: grabbing a couple of cutlets from the pan, you will not even have time to understand what exactly and how much you have eaten.