We live non-stop in multitasking mode. Every year we set goals for the next year, write lists and make wish cards. But much of what we’re made, and remains only on paper – is a perpetual motion of planing. It turns out that somewhere along the way there are obstacles that we can not cope with on our own. How to be productive and achieve your goals.

Many people are interested in the topic of achieving goals. Is it possible to make your way to the goals conscious, filled with ease, a resource. Where each step gives strength for the next. When all goals are aligned, all areas of life move evenly towards a single future. Find another path to goals where there is no struggle and burnout.

You must have a resource

A rocket without fuel can’t go into space, and you can’t move through life without energy. No matter how much the resource is replenished, it is still not enough. Periodically, there comes a time when you are at zero. But there is a source of energy from which you can draw a resource constantly. This is your family, the system in which you were born. But how to take energy, you say, if the system does not have it? If the parents were not resourceful or there were no parents in principle. I will answer: you imagined it. Since childhood, you look at the world, yourself, parents, society, and partners through a glass pane, and each of us has a different color of glass. Someone sees the world in pink, and someone looks cautiously through black.

You must have a resource

For us there is a trail of unfinished feelings. People are better at remembering unfinished actions and will secretly strive to complete them even after many years. So it is with feelings. They hang in the background in the unconscious and make their way to the end. Therefore, people sometimes experience inadequate feelings in seemingly ordinary situations.

The basic stage is to complete them. When people live these feelings, they feel like they are overflowing with a resource on the physical level.

Unlocks a huge layer of energy, which was spent on maintaining the unlived. Then the path to wholeness is freed, and it becomes possible to establish a connection with oneself.

Determine the development vector

This is the direction of all spheres of life, which includes your values, needs, desires, tasks, system function, karmic material. When you consciously form it, you do not drain the energy to solve the question of what to do in life. No longer suffer defeats from unsuccessful attempts to find yourself, do not master many specialties.

We all have our own system function. This is an activity that we enjoy.

Determine the development vector

This is what Aristotle said more than 2,000 years ago: we are what we do all the time. We still implement this function in our lives today, we just don’t realize it. And, therefore, we do not implement it in the best way. When you go through life unconsciously, you have problems, merge forces in the wrong place, waste resources in vain. Then your life is controlled by the processes of the unconscious, such as trauma, internal conflicts, scenarios, dynamics.

Determine the true goals and set the tasks correctly. How to be productive and achieve your goals.

We noticed that the achievement of some goals pleases, and others – not. When you think about the first ones, you get goosebumps with anticipation. You want to achieve them faster, do it first, and put the rest off for later. You’re ready to cut back on sleep, skip lunch. Your goal attracts you. This is one of the signs of a true goal. It remains to set the task correctly and start moving. And here, as a rule, we rest. Then we can not start, we postpone, we are distracted by other things. Then we can’t formulate the problem correctly.

How to be productive and achieve your goals?

In management, the correct task statement is one of the most important steps. You need to determine the point B with accuracy.

You can also recommend checking the goals. Sometimes we can be flexible in our intermediate goals, but we always adhere to the development vector. We know exactly what our global goal is.

Develop a strategy and take appropriate actions. How to be productive and achieve your goals.

In corporations, actions are coordinated by multiple departments. And if the team goes in the wrong direction, then it is necessarily directed to the right route. But in our life there are no such departments, there is only ourselves.

Usually, when moving towards a goal, we make impulsive actions. We do not set ourselves deadlines, we break down at the last moment, we do not see the main thing among the common ones. We do not approach the goal with a cold head and make movements that do not give the desired result.

Develop a strategy and take appropriate actions

Remember the 80/20 Pareto rule? So, only 20% of your actions deliver 80% of the result. When developing a strategy, we focus on these 20. We focus on the important things and predict the result. Then the confidence in their actions will increase.

Remove obstacles from the path. How to be productive and achieve your goals.

As soon as we set a goal and start moving towards it, obstacles arise in front of us. Among them are those that block movement on an unconscious level. These are our fears, doubts, impostor syndrome, symptoms, defensive reactions of the psyche to changes. This includes past experience, complexes that suddenly pop up, beliefs, and attitudes.

In my practice, there was a case when the client did not see external obstacles, but at the same time did not move towards the goal. He was restrained by the memory of an event that had taken place several years ago. And as long as he did not separate the situations from one another, he could not take a step towards the goal.

How to be productive and achieve your goals?

Obstacles are important to notice and work through as you go. You can prepare for a jump for half your life and never make it. It is important to work at the level of the soul and reinforce it with physical action, and not sit still.

It is easy to live-to go your own way, to be in touch with yourself, when your hand is the master in affairs, when experience does not pull you back and does not turn you on the line of life to the past. Then you can go and enjoy life, follow your true goals, in the best vector of development. Not to fight with anything, but to accept and transform. And with the help of strategy, goal setting and motivation, you can easily achieve the most ambitious goals in your life.

Especially if the goal of life is happiness.

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