All people by nature strive for self-realization. But have you ever thought about the fact that there are different types of self-realization, and one of them suits you best? Check out the types described below and try to understand which or which of them are most in tune with your character. We will also look at the difficulties specific to each type and the winning strategies that are worth trying. 6 main types of self-realization: which one is yours?

A small hint: to understand your type, turn to intuition, ask yourself which of the descriptions from 1 to 6 most accurately corresponds to your images, thoughts, feelings or words. After that, ask yourself the question “ ” What type of qualities would I like to develop in myself?”

1. The type of self-realization “Touch of success”. 6 main types of self-realization: which one is yours?

6 main types of self-realization: which one is yours?

We all know such people – almost all of their initiatives seem to be successful. Maybe even you yourself belong to this type. Whether it is a well-thought-out plan, for example, the construction of an eco-hotel or restaurant. For example, a playful improvisation in a recording studio that becomes a hit, these people seem to have a unique talent for turning lead into gold. They are also often contagiously energetic, confident, and have a brilliant imagination.

Safety precautions:

Personalities belonging to the “Touch of Success ” type of self-realization can become too diffuse, trying to embrace the immensity, and exhaust their strength. People love working with them, so they should be more selective about what they agree to.

The Council:

Be respectful of your strong creative impulses and thirst for endeavors, allow yourself to be an enthusiast! Remember that even modest goals or projects can be worthy of your attention and bring success.

2. The type of self-realization “Flow”.


People of this type are perfectly capable of surrendering to the will of fate and letting the universe guide them – and this is an important step in any process. People of this type, even before they formulate their intentions, look closely at coincidences and signs of fate.They try to understand their soul and feel what opportunities are most important or available at the moment. Flexibility and lack of attachment to results are powerful implementation tools that are excellently owned by the “Flow ” People.

Safety precautions:

Individuals of this type can be characterized by excessive relaxation a little inner fire will not hurt anyone! And remember that just because a path seems too long or difficult doesn’t mean it’s not right for you. Following the flow does not mean getting everything easily.

The Council:

Be attentive to the signs of fate or coincidences that occur in your life. Someone insistently suggests you go on a blind date with his cousin? Do you get recommended again and again for some unknown reason by a certain type of healer, or do you constantly come across references to some book that is not even a bestseller? Don’t ignore the hints of the universe.

3. The type of self-realization “Enterprising”. 6 main types of self-realization: which one is yours?

6 main types of self-realization: which one is yours?

On your marks, get set, go! People of this type immediately take action and understand that the adoption of consistent strategic measures is crucial in any case. How do they manage so many achievements? The secret is simple: Enterprising individuals are either disciplined, or life’s trials have taught them to be heroes or saviors to themselves.

These people are always busy and know how to get things done. They are hardworking, their energy seems boundless, they quickly recover from falls and defeats and always take responsibility for their mistakes.

Safety precautions:

Enterprising individuals often need to work with acceptance and remember that in addition to partnering with other people and collaborating in a team. They should also be a partner to themselves and be in harmony with their soul. Completing any task is never just up to you.

The Council:

Go ahead, but first make sure that your plans are sound and well thought out. This will help you realize yourself in accordance with your entrepreneurial nature and prevent burnout.

4. The type of self-realization “Cooperating”.

The type of self-realization “Cooperating”.

Some people have an innate talent for finding common ground with others and working as a team. Skilful use of the talents, resources and connections of others allows them to perform their plans faster, as well as achieve higher results. Collaborating with people and building teams is an art, and this type of person is just made for it.

Safety precautions:

While working in a group can be more successful, it is also quite complex and requires clear and trusting relationships, and often compromises. If you choose this type of self-realization and create a team, make sure that each of the participants feels their own value.

The Council:

Choose a field of activity in which you can realize yourself by collaborating with other people.

5. The type of self-realization is “Intuitive”.

self-realization is “Intuitive”

Have you ever tried to study and improve your intuition? It is possible that you have one or more of the four channels of intuition open (auditory, visual, sensory, or intuitive knowledge). People with an intuitive type of self-realization trust their sixth sense and can easily and quickly access it. What opportunities are now open to you, and what is the best way to achieve this goal? If your type is Intuitive, you probably already know the answer to this question.

Safety precautions:

It may be useful for you to ask other people’s opinions about your intuitive guesses. You can get advice from an expert in the field in which you want to realize yourself, or the point of view of an equally intuitive friend or colleague. Remember that using intuition is not the same as giving up conscious planning logic, reason, and experience are also very important.

The Council:

You can learn more about using intuition in everyday life, and try out various techniques for developing intuition.

6. The type of self-realization “Waiting”.

of self-realization Waiting

There are people who, like a mother hen, “hatch” their life’s work, they understand that sometimes it takes time to implement plans. Their strength lies in patience, and they know that often the best goes to those who know how to wait.

The universe is unpredictable-it happens that something enters your life when you are not ready for it yet, but it happens that the desired events make you wait longer than you would like. It is to this type of person that you should seek advice when waiting seems like nonsense or punishment. They know how to make the most of this period.

Safety precautions:

Make sure that you don’t delay active actions too long after your intention has matured. There will always be something that needs to be improved or corrected, but it may happen that due to procrastination, your energy will fade, and you will not have the strength to implement plans. Give up perfectionism.

The Council:

To raise your “offspring” as a chick means to enjoy the process. Live in the present and find pleasure at every stage of realization. This is not only more pleasant, but also leads to higher results.

Practical recommendations

1. First of all, you need to correctly and realistically assess your own talents and abilities. To do this, psychologists recommend taking a piece of paper, creating a calm, relaxing environment and writing down the qualities and hobbies that need to be worked on.

2. Honestly and impartially write down all the traits of your character, regardless of how much they are valued by society.

3. List all the activities in which you would like to realize yourself. Think about your dreams, what you wanted to do as a child. As psychologists note, children’s dreams reflect the true personality of a person. Next to each activity, write down the necessary character traits that will help you achieve success. After all, only in the activity of self-realization of the individual.

4. Compare the lists and this way you will see which activity suits you best. At first glance, this method is only suitable for teenagers who have not decided on a profession. However, according to statistics, most adults are not satisfied with their work and would like to change the type of activity. Such dissatisfaction is dictated, first of all, by the inability to correctly identify their talents and set life priorities.

5. Many people mistakenly believe that you can realize yourself only in professional activities. However, this is a common misconception. It is necessary to abstract from traditional views and evaluate yourself comprehensively. It is quite possible that a person will be able to prove himself during a holiday or while engaged in a favorite hobby. The main thing is that the process is enjoyable – this is the main sign that the strategy of self-realization is chosen correctly and is successful.


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