11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood

11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood

Stress surrounds a person. People face them daily, sometimes without even noticing the nervous tension. It increases when you are standing in traffic, in a queue at the checkout of a store, because of the disobedience and whims of children. Sometimes even a small problem becomes a cause of emotional explosion. 11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood.
Regular overexertion and anxiety leads to nervous and physical exhaustion, which is manifested by various diseases. To avoid health problems, you need to be able to properly get rid of stress. It turns out that you can deal with it in the most unusual ways.

1. Rearrange things. 11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood.

If you want to deal with stress, rearrange things. This can be vases, books, cosmetics, stationery. By keeping busy and directing your energy and thoughts in a different direction, you can distract yourself from problems and relax on a psychoemotional level.

2. Music improves your mood

Music improves your mood
Music improves your mood

To get rid of stress, you can listen to familiar tracks that you would like to move to. This will allow you to throw out negative energy. To avoid discomfort, it is best to dance alone.

Well, if the dance is energetic. You need to do intensive swings with your arms and legs, include the lower back, sacral spine, neck and shoulders in the movement. By relaxing the muscles, you can cope with the discomfort.

It is proved that physical activity causes the body to produce happiness hormones-endorphins. Rhythmic body movements help you tune in to a positive mood.

You need to dance as often as possible and for as long as possible. The optimal time is 50 minutes per day. You can sign up for dance lessons and move along with other students to rhythmic music, mentally transferring to hot Latin countries. The negative will be pushed out of your head to incendiary rhythms. A grateful brain will respond with increased stress tolerance.

3. Massage earlobes. 11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood.

Self-massage of the ear lobes you can perform in almost any situation. To get the most out of the procedure, you need to relax, close your eyes and take a comfortable position.

The movements of the fingers should be smooth, even, without jerks. It is necessary to walk along the entire surface of the ear, gently pulling the lobes down. After performing the massage, you need to spend a few minutes in silence and solitude. This will allow you to replenish your energy reserves.

4. Exercise

You can’t just fight stress. It is recommended to focus on its prevention. Perfectly tempers the psyche of the sport. Performing physical exercises, yoga and Boxing classes increase the stress tolerance of any person. In parallel, the muscles are strengthened, self-confidence appears.


If it is not possible to regularly attend training, then you can perform the bar. This exercise has a versatile effect on the human body. The bar allows you to strengthen all muscle groups, tighten the stomach and buttocks. Regular exercise helps to reduce anxiety and increase concentration.

5. Relaxation

This technique is aimed at relaxing all parts of the body. It is recommended to relax sitting or lying down. You can perform the technique at home or in the gym with a trainer. Increases stress resistance aromatherapy. During relaxation, you can fill the room with the aromas of orange, eucalyptus, lavender, sandalwood or rose. You can choose your own smell experimentally.


6. Meditation

This is a popular method of getting rid of stress that many people are familiar with. Meditation allows you to increase your concentration, get rid of unnecessary thoughts, and focus on positive ideas.


This technique involves transferring your own ” I ” to another space. It is good to use this technique after relaxing and performing breathing exercises. You can imagine yourself on the sea, mentally drawing beautiful landscapes.

8. Cleaning of the premises

Having cleaned up your apartment or workplace, you can cope with negative emotions. There is no need to polish the floors to shine, or sort out the mezzanine. It is enough just to disassemble the drawer in the desk, or arrange the books in the closet.

The order surrounding a person helps to improve mood. Moreover, during cleaning, he is forced to actively move.

9. Changing the situation in the room

I will outline a few simple but effective tips for dealing with psychoemotional stress:

Buy a beautiful vase of flowers and place it in a prominent place. Alternatively, flowers can be replaced with vegetables or fruit. They will delight the eye, stimulate the appetite and improve the mood.

Updating photos in the house. You can hang a poster of your favorite actor on the wall. Purchase of decorative elements. This can be vases, paintings, figurines, candles, sofa pillows, napkins.

Performing general cleaning in the house. Getting rid of unnecessary things helps to fight stress well. Rearranging the house. It doesn’t have to be global. You can change the curtains, move the floor lamp.

10. Water in the fight against stress. 11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood.

hormones of joy are produced in the body during bathing. Water heals not only the body, but also the soul. It washes away the stress, taking it along with the dust and sweat. If possible, you need to sign up for aqua aerobics courses, you can visit the pool, swim in the river. It is important to relax in the water, and not to be in tension.

Just 10 minutes for water treatments to cope with stress. ablution is necessary from the head, allowing the water to carry away all the negativity. Scented shower gels soothe the Skin and relax the nervous system. You can light candles with the smell of cinnamon or vanilla while you are in the bath.

11. Drawing. 11 ways to relieve stress and improve your mood.

Drawing calms the nervous system
Drawing calms the nervous system pixabay

Drawing calms the nervous system. During this lesson, you can gather your thoughts, think about upcoming tasks, and find ways to solve problems. While drawing, the areas of the brain that are responsible for imagination and abstract thinking are activated. This helps to combat stress.

If you can’t draw a complete picture, you can use anti-stress coloring pages. They are available in many stores. These coloring pages are popular among adults and children, as they are very relaxing. You can even draw at work, during your lunch break.

The technique of free drawing. You need to perform involuntary movements with the brush for a few minutes. If the nervous tension is too strong, it is allowed to perform strokes. In general, you need to listen to your feelings and act as your consciousness suggests. After you finish drawing, you need to compare the resulting images and evaluate what they resemble. If an image pops up, you can finish drawing it by completing the image. If desired, the drawing is colored.

Smile as often as possible. Just look in the mirror and smile at your reflection for 5 minutes a day. The body regards this as a state of happiness and makes its own efforts to deal with stress.