Lemon cakes Wet streusel

Lemon cakes “Wet streusel”

Lemon cakes  streusel – an extraordinary miracle! The cakes are tender and slightly crumbly, with a transparent wet streusel, impregnated with the aroma of lemon and vanilla! Lemon pie, which I suggest you prepare today, is perfect for a large tea party with family or friends. Soft base, crispy streusel and sour filling make up …

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Whoopi Pie Cake

Whoopi Pie Cake

Delicate chocolate Whoopi pie with cream filling is just a delight! It is prepared very easily and quickly enoughs. Very tasty, tender, just melting in your mouth Whoopi pie chocolate cakes. This is a very popular American dessert consisting of two soft biscuits and a delicate cream layer. These cakes are prepared very quickly and …

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