A healthy and well-groomed appearance is what every woman strives for. I want to introduce you to the tips on the topic of healthy hair. 18 simple tips on how to care for your hair.

1. Hair is thin and vulnerable in structure, it often breaks and splits. They especially need systematic and thoughtful care. So don’t expect a quick effect. And love your hair, it’s important.
2. Go to a good doctor, take tests and check your basic indicators. For example, with anemia or low iron levels in the blood, in addition to pale ears and weakness, you get dry and brittle hair.
3. Eat more protein. Hair is 65% protein, so we need to eat enough fish, cottage cheese and nuts.
4. Be careful with vitamins. You can drink a tablespoon of flaxseed oil every morning, it is the richest source of omega-3 acids. It has a peculiar taste, so you can take this oil in capsules.
5. Run away from stress or go for walks. Some people are helped by relaxation and meditation techniques. If these methods of dealing with stress are closer to you, do it.


6. You need to sleep, and that’s it! One of the most effective tips: from tomorrow, get up at 6 am, regardless of what time you managed to go to bed yesterday. Live until the evening and go to bed no later than 21.00. Tune in to this mode and try not to change it, especially on weekends and holidays.

7.We need charging just like our phones. Do exercises in the morning, disperse the blood. Some, instead of charging, leave the house half an hour earlier and cheerfully walk one or two metro stations.
8. In any city you can find parks, squares and embankments. Plan your route so that there is time to walk and take a deep breath.
9.Treat your hair like a jewel. It is advised not to comb your hair after washing. When they are slightly dry, they should be carefully untangled with your fingers. This is quite enough.
10. Choose sulfate-free shampoos. You need to get used to them, but with prolonged use you will feel the difference.
11. Find the right master and once every 1-2 months, trim the tips a little. Rest assured, this will not prevent your hair from growing long.
12. Wash your hair less often, and they will stop getting dirty so quickly. 1-2 times a week is quite enough. This way you will injure them less and avoid dryness.


13. Before washing, lubricate your hair with any oil (burdock, castor, peach seed, sea buckthorn, almond, coconut or olive oil). This will protect the more vulnerable tips from the effects of shampoo. 18 simple tips on how to care for your hair.

14. After washing, apply your favorite mask to slightly damp hair. Find out what exactly works on your hair. Someone prefers professional cosmetics, and someone is perfectly helped by masks from the refrigerator – there are no universal recipes here. Try it, buy mini-formats of masks and balms, and you will find “your” product. And after a couple of months, look for a new one, because hair tends to get used to.
15. In summer, before walking or going to the beach, apply a sunscreen spray to your hair.
16. Coconut oil is a very effective remedy for strengthening hair. It can be heated in a water bath or in a microwave and applied to the length, avoiding the roots. On top – a food wrap and a turban made of a towel. Keep it as long as time allows you.
17. Always apply indelible serums to the ends of the hair, but it is better to cut off the badly damaged tips, preferably on the growing moon.
18. A mask of egg and cognac with burdock oil and a spoonful of honey works perfectly. Keep under a towel for at least an hour and a half.


Choose your own ways of taking care of yourself and follow them every day. Carefully analyze your lifestyle and strengthen your positions where it is necessary.

Eat fresh simple dishes, move and breathe fresh air, relax and go to bed before midnight.

A couple of months will pass, and you will be surprised at how healthy and shiny your hair is. The bonus will be burning eyes, a slender figure and a smile on her lips.

After all, when life is put in order, why not smile? 18 simple tips on how to care for your hair.

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