About serotonin, which is necessary for us to feel great

About Serotonin, which is necessary for us to feel great

Serotonin is extremely necessary for us to feel great both mentally and physically. About Serotonin which is necessary for us to feel great.

If the serotonin level is normal, then you will feel calm, and also-a surge of enthusiasm, a desire to live and create. Serotonin also reduces appetite, and thus contributes to the normalization of weight: and that is why most people in stressful situations begin to eat more, and not only sweet and flour, but in general everything that comes into view. The jamming of problems is a well-known fact.

In order for serotonin to work as it should, and at the same time you would be peaceful and happy, you need a number of substances, as well as their correct interaction. Exactly:The primary material for the production of serotonin is tryptophan (an essential amino acid that we can only get from food).

Next, with the help of vitamins B6 and B9 (folic acid), we get serotonin from tryptophan. At the same time, if a person has a lack of vitamin B3 (niacin), then all tryptophan goes to its production, leading to a deficiency of serotonin.

It is important to note here: it is the growth of insulin that provides tryptophan “access” to brain cells. And it is the growth of insulin that gives a reaction along the chain: activation of insulin — activation of serotonin.

(1) – “As these examples show, serotonin is much more than a neurotransmitter essential for the modulation of mood. It regulates a wide range of physiologic and pathophysiologic processes in most human organs. This explains why serotonergic drugs modulate phenomena ranging from ejaculatory latency to hemostatic function in addition to their more commonly appreciated effects on mood and cognition.”

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Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that sends signals to our nervous system and affects: our appetite, mood, sleep quality, memory, learning ability, sexual desire.

Tryptophan usually accumulates in the body, but to activate serotonin, we need simple fast carbohydrates! That is, if you are sad, then a chicken breast rich in tryptophan will not save you. You need a surge of insulin to activate serotonin! And that’s why you are drawn to sweet and flour!

Step 1: Include a sufficient amount of tryptophan products in the diet. About Serotonin which is necessary for us to feel great.

Here is a list of products that are most rich in them (in descending order by 3.53 oz of product): animal by-products, pumpkin seeds, hard cheese, soybeans, flaxseeds,
sesame and sesame paste (tahini), sunflower seeds (peeled), pistachios, chicken, tuna, mussels, liver, especially beef and pork, eggs, chia seeds.

It is important to note here: although there are plant sources in the list, but imagine that you will need to eat 3.53 oz of this product to get enough tryptophan (or better 7.0 oz per day!) And what is the probability that you will eat 7.0 oz of flaxseed or sesame seeds? Can you handle it?

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Step 2: Provide yourself with foods rich in vitamin B3!
The main sources of tryptophan (in descending order by vitamin content per 3.53oz of product): peanuts, liver (especially beef and pork), tuna, rabbit, salmon fish, chicken, turkey, dried tomatoes, mackerel, other fish, beef and pork, mushrooms, brown rice, sesame, millet.

Step 3: Provide yourself with a sufficient amount of folic acid (vitamin B9)

Here are its main sources (in descending order by vitamin content per 3.53 oz of product): liver, especially chicken and beef, quinoa, cod liver, soybeans, kale, broccoli, beans, spinach, chickpeas, parsley root, flaxseed, sesame, cauliflower, sunflower seeds, peeled, asparagus, salads.

Now, to activate all this, we need to add the final touch to our diverse menu, namely, to provoke a surge of insulin. And no, it’s not harmful if you do it wisely. By the way, your insulin increases every time you eat. Even if it’s a chicken breast or a steak. The problems begin when the insulin grows too fast.

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Step 4: Add healthy fast carbohydrates to the diet. About Serotonin which is necessary for us to feel great.

These include the following dishes and food products:

porridge with the addition of vegetable or butter fruits,

especially bananas dried fruits are better with nuts,

so that insulin does not grow too fast baked root vegetables with vegetable oil, including potatoes, beets,  carrots — the whole secret,

as always, is in the amount smoothies with the use of fruits in a combination of 50/50 correct smoothies without milk with berries and fruits.

The next time your hand reaches for a candy, it’s better to eat a banana or porridge. I assure you! The effect on the psyche will be the same, only without remorse.
Products rich in serotonin itself: walnuts, pineapples, bananas, papaya, dark chocolate, plums, tomatoes, hazelnuts (hazelnuts), dates — still do not get carried away: 5 pieces are more than enough, avocado, grapefruit, watermelon, almonds.

Keep stocks of these healthy foods at home, which will help you cope with a depressive mood without negative consequences. But, of course, the measure will not interfere with anything.

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