23 life hacks for kitchen: useful tricks for everyday life

23 life hacks for kitchen: useful tricks for everyday life

The article contains the most useful tricks for everyday life: 23 life hacks for the home and kitchen will help with cleaning and cooking. Well-forgotten and new ideas will save you time, effort and money. Very often, there is not enough time for important little things, for example, how to properly pack or store food. It is about such life hacks for the kitchen today and will be discussed. 23 life hacks for kitchen useful tricks for everyday life.

Kitchen Life Hacks

How to prepare delicious soups for the future and make the cutlets the same? And to enhance the flavor of spices in one minute, keep the fried meat juicy and do without the purchased cupcake molds? The answers are in the article. Plus 7 more tricks on how to cook easily and bring comfort to the kitchen with the help of inexpensive tools.
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Frozen soup or broth. Prepare a large pot in your spare time, leave for 2 days, and freeze the rest. You will be able to diversify the menu any day at the expense of a delicious first. Over time, you can stock up on 2-3 dishes. Be sure to leave a free space in the container or jar with the soup: the frozen liquid increases in volume. And don’t forget to sign the name of the dish and the date of preparation.

We use a slot in the cutting board. It is convenient to pour sliced vegetables, fruits and herbs through it. Nothing falls by.

To prevent the cutting board from sliding on the table. Put a wet towel or cloth under it. That’s what the pros do. Very convenient.4. Enhance the taste and aroma of spices. Hold for 1-2 minutes in a preheated frying pan before adding to the dish.

Keep the greens fresh. Cover the container with paper towels, which will absorb excess moisture. So the greens will last longer.

Freeze greens in ice molds. Cut the seasonings and put them in molds. Fill it with water. Use it for making soups and other dishes. Very convenient: fresh herbs are always at hand.

life hacks for kitchen
life hacks for kitchen



Freeze the remaining wine in ice molds. It is convenient to add to dishes, sauces. And no need to open a new bottle.Dry the remaining greens. In the microwave for 2 minutes. Put it in a jar and add it to the dishes. Economical, delicious, healthy.

Preparation of meat for chops. So that the meat does not stain everything around, before chipping, put the portion pieces in a bag. Or cover with plastic wrap.

How to cook meat juicy, flavorful and with a dark crust. Before cooking, soak in brine with spices for 4-12 hours. Depending on the type of meat.

How to preserve the juice in fried meat. Let the steak sit for 5-7 minutes after cooking, and then cut. So the juice will not leak out.

We prepare the meat with a crispy crust. To get this, dry it before frying with paper towels.Do you want to get perfectly smooth and identical cutlets? Use a glass tumbler for molding.

Glossy sauce like a chef’s. At the end of cooking, add a piece of cold butter. Don’t let it boil. Remove from the heat as soon as it melts.

Soften the frozen butter quickly. A small piece is easy to defrost in a few minutes under a hot glass: heat the mug under a stream of hot water or in the microwave and cover with oil.

If you need to defrost a large piece or pack, then grate the product on a grater, or warm it on a steam bath. A great option when you need to add to the dough or make a cream.

How to replace butter with vegetable oil for cupcakes. Suitable for any without a sharp taste and smell: refined sunflower, olive, corn. Approximate proportions: 5.29 oz of butter is replaced with ½ cup of vegetable, and 7.05 oz, ¾ cup.

We bake in a gas oven without a burnt bottom and a raw top. The bottom burns, but the top is not baked? Just turn on and preheat the oven for 5-15 minutes before you put the pastry on. So that the pastry does not stick to the mold. Brush the mold with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour before spreading the dough. Baked goods do not burn and are easily removed. It will also become easier to launder.

Kitchen Life Hacks
Kitchen Life Hacks

Cut the cake into neat pieces. To prevent the knife from sticking to the dessert, hold it under hot water and wipe it dry before slicing.

Slicing soft cake and cheese with a thread. Suitable for dental, silk or any other. The main thing is strong.

Order in the kitchen: 7 tricks for housewives. 23 life hacks for kitchen: useful tricks for everyday life.

Containers for sorting and storage. Jars for spices, confectionery powders, trays for the freezer and refrigerator greatly simplify the life of the hostess. The products are stacked compactly and beautifully. And everything is at hand.

Stationery clips. They are convenient to close the started bags with cereals, sugar, spices. Plus, the clips will help to fix the bag on the trash can, so that it does not slide off.

We cover the trash can with several bags at once. Any convenient amount. And you do not need to lay a new one every time. Plus, if one of the pacts leaks, the bucket will remain clean, because there is another one at the bottom.

Lemon juice-natural and pure. It will clean the stove, tile, and with the addition of salt-the cutting board. You can rub it directly with half a citrus.

The stove and tile are cleaned as follows: rub with lemon or pour the juice and leave for 10 minutes. After rinsing.

How not to wash dishes. When there is no time, laziness or no water. The method is suitable for warm and cold dishes. Before applying the food, put a food bag on the plate. Then we throw it away, and the plate remains clean.

We will wash the faucet with toothpaste. Rub the faucet, leave it for a while, wash it off. The faucet is sparkling.

Convenient stand for your smartphone in the kitchen. Get yourself one of these. You can cook under the video with recipes. And even watch TV shows in between.

Kitchen Life Hacks
Kitchen Life Hacks

Perhaps these tips will be useful for you.