A flower garden is one of the most important components of a beautiful landscape design. It will be especially impressive if you plant roses there. The Queen of flowers never tires of surprising you with her variety: it can be noble, fun, playful, tender, refined and create the appropriate mood throughout the garden or in some part of it. Using roses in the landscape design of the garden is always relevant and profitable. 5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden.

Today, roses are represented by almost countless varieties of all sizes and colors, and any of them can be used in rose gardens. Landscape design does not aim to showcase the entire range of these luxurious flowers in one garden. Roses in the landscape design of the garden are selected so that they make an aesthetic composition and achieve maximum beauty.

5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden

Choosing a rose garden instead of the usual flower garden has many advantages:

Roses are always beautiful, and their beauty, unlike other flowers, is liked by everyone.
Simple care that does not take much time.
A rich assortment that allows you to create magnificent and unique compositions.

How to decorate a plot with roses-the main options

Roses garden or any area near your home can be decorated in many ways – make them a hedge, plant them in the yard, in the front garden or Central rose garden, arrange them with an arch or gazebo, make a picturesque composition with a pond or waterfall, plant them near the walls of the house or near the fence. Each of these options is implemented with the help of special varieties of roses that have the desired properties-short, curly and other varieties.

In fact, there are no restrictions, everything depends on the imagination of the designer and the wishes of the owner. However, when designing the landscape of a single site, it is better to adhere to the rules adopted in it in order to get the desired result.

How to decorate a plot with roses-the main options

5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden.

How to arrange a rose garden correctly

Just put rose bushes in one or another place of the flower garden is not enough. First, everything must be designed, thought through, and planned in detail. The area of the desired rose garden, the type of soil, and the availability of light are evaluated. For a flower bed with roses, choose a bright place, near which plants that can limit their nutrition do not grow (this can be large trees and shrubs growing too close).

For ease of care, and when necessary – and winter protection, roses are planted in groups, so the next step is to choose their dimensions and geometry (it is very rarely difficult).

IMPORTANT! Mix roses of different types within the same group is not necessary, as they are too different, both in care and other features.

5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden

5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden.

What grows well together with roses. 5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden.

Roses in landscape design are well combined with many plants that can provide them with the most advantageous background and ensure continuity of flowering (most often in early spring).

IMPORTANT! Especially winning roses will look against the background of white and cream flowers, as well as any shades of blue-blue, silver-purple range of flowering plants or their foliage.

Evergreen conifers of almost all known breeds, both short and tall. This combination has long been considered a classic, looks elegant and magnificent.

Decorative bushes with attractive fruits or flowers.
A variety of flowers that bloom in the warm season. The main thing for this background is to avoid bright colors.
Shrubs whose leaf color is different from green or variegated.

IMPORTANT! In close proximity to roses, you can only plant those plants that grow in close conditions with them, and also do not smell too strongly when the Queen of flowers blooms. Ideally, they should bloom at a different time with it.

All these and many other rules and nuances are well known to experts – it is better to entrust them with the design of roses in landscape design.

How to decorate a plot with roses-the main options

A few tips for care. 5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden.

Successful combinations of various plants with roses in the created live compositions not only show all their advantages, but also increase their life expectancy. However, minimal but competent care is still necessary. As practice shows, this is the key to a long life and beauty of any rose garden.


5 beautiful rose ideas for the garden

The main requirements for care are few

Sufficient illumination-roses love the sun.
Sufficient watering – roses can not dry out, but they should not be filled in.
Regular feeding – it is enough to add nutrients to the soil roses twice a year, around the beginning of april and in mid-July.
Regular pruning of dried branches (in spring) and wilted flowers during flowering.
If necessary, shelter for the winter, if your roses are not frost-resistant varieties.

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