Celebrating the New Year in a country house opens up great opportunities for both the owners and their guests. But before you make a list of invitees and come up with a menu, you need to take care of the New Year’s decor at home. 9 ideas for Christmas home decoration.

To make the holiday unforgettable and give only positive emotions, you can make several creative installations that will create a festive mood in the house.

1. Install the Christmas tree

It is quite possible to replace the Christmas tree with an unconventional option – Christmas trees made of the most unexpected materials.

Paint the boxes green and glue them together, giving the shape of a triangle – well, what’s not a Christmas tree?

Do you have a camera tripod? Hang beads on it, add a few toys – and now you have an unprecedented beauty (well, if not beauty, then originality for sure) Christmas tree.

Install the Christmas tree

A Christmas tree can also be made of natural material: connect sticks of different lengths to each other, place toys on them – that’s the main New Year’s symbol ready for you.

Well, the simplest option, when there is nothing in the house but an old Christmas tree garland, is simply to fix it on the wall, giving it the shape of a Christmas tree. You light a garland – and immediately a festive atmosphere reigns in the house.

2. Decorate objects with sequins

A scattering of emotions, street fireworks, bright colors of table dishes and a fountain of wishes. Therefore, it is customary to encrust with sequins (glitter), varnish and phosphorescent paint any objects in the house. In this form, they turn into elegant jewelry. All you need is to apply a varnish or a thin layer of glue to the surface and carefully scatter the sequins.

3. Make snowmen in the house. 9 ideas for Christmas home decoration.

Make snowmen in the house

Snowmen are one of the main symbols of winter and New Year. But what to do if there is no snow on the street, and the New Year’s mood does not come with it. There is only one way out: to build “home” snowmen from improvised materials. They can be drawn, cut and glued from paper. Even an ordinary refrigerator can be turned into a snowman if desired.

4. New Year’s flickering lampshade

It’s easy to hang a shiny lampshade instead of a boring chandelier or ceiling lamp. To begin with, you will need a round lamp in the form of a Chinese paper lantern. Sparkles in the form of spray and glue are also needed.

New Year’s flickering lampshade

It will need to be evenly applied to the surface of the ball. Then you should spray the sequins on the ball until they are fixed and cover its surface evenly. Sequins can be applied in several layers. After that, it remains to fix the flashlight and turn on the light. The room will be filled with a soft unusual glow.

5. Decorations made of paper or fabric. 9 ideas for Christmas home decoration.

Decorations made of paper or fabric

Paper is a simple and pliable material from which you can come up with a lot of jewelry. Ordinary colored paper can be an excellent alternative to garlands and banal New Year’s snowflakes. To create multi-colored “rain” and colorful compositions, both glossy and matte paper is suitable.

And crafts made of fabric are more durable, products made of it look more cozy and elegant. Today, you can pick up ready-made solutions in stores, but it’s better to call your imagination to the rescue and do something with your own hands.

6. Artificial snow in the house

Many people love winter for the illusion of splendor, which is given by abundant snowdrifts. But not every New Year’s Eve is accompanied by heavy snowfall. And without the “white veil”, the holiday can also be considered a failure.

Artificial snow in the house

But in winter, you can enjoy the delights of winter without even leaving the house, if you decorate it accordingly. Cotton wool serves as an excellent imitation of snow, foam is used a little less often.

7. Fill the house with aromas. 9 ideas for Christmas home decoration.

You can preen the house not only with the help of various homemade or purchased stylish things, but also creating a special atmosphere. Contributes to the excellent conduct of pre-holiday events and parties, as a well-chosen fragrance.

Fill the house with aromas

The smell of fresh spruce and tangerines is just the most obvious combination. The most successful combinations are also considered to be oranges + cinnamon + cloves + allspice + anise; lime + thyme + mint + vanilla extract; lemon + rosemary + vanilla; pine or cedar twigs (or other fragrant twigs) + bay leaf + nutmeg, etc.

8. Make a symbol of the coming year

It is with the mascot of the year that it is customary to celebrate holidays. A handmade soft toy is sure to bring good luck and give a lot of pleasant moments.

Make a symbol of the coming year

Toys can be made in different sizes from threads, cardboard and scraps of fabric. You can, of course, just buy a soft toy, but it won’t be so interesting.

9. Dress up the house from the outside. 9 ideas for Christmas home decoration.

New Year’s Eve mood must be shared. We are talking not only about the guests invited to the house, but also about random passers-by.

Dress up the house from the outside

After all, it’s so nice to see a house decorated with illumination lights and decorated with fresh coniferous wreaths! Usually, LED garlands are used to illuminate the house, which can shimmer in different shades and at the same time consume a minimum of energy. Merry Christmas!

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