Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home

Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home

If you decide to add some natural warmth and comfort to your home, you cannot do without natural materials and components. Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home.

The eco-style interior is chosen by people who want to be closer to nature, live in harmony with the outside world, tired of the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Eco-style design is most often found in modern private homes, but it is also in demand in urban apartments, where owners want to create a compact analogue of a cozy country cottage.

A thoughtful and balanced choice is a responsible attitude towards your health and your loved ones. Each of us can contribute to the overall environmental situation — not only in our home, but also on the planet.

The best in eco-style. Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home.

At the same time, the concept of space can be developed in such a way as to express not the abstract idea of human integration into nature, but to reflect the features of a specific climatic zone with its characteristic content.

Complete fusion with nature is manifested both in the choice of a coloristic solution that includes natural shades, and in materials dominated by wood and stone, as well as in simple shapes, concise layout and maximum spaciousness.

Absolute harmony — all the details of the environment should be organically combined with each other, creating a comfortable, comfortable and visually and tactilely pleasant space.

Eco-style in the interior is expressed in the presence of positive energy of natural materials and calm colors, which create a favorable environment.

design. Photos from pixabay

The main feature of eco—style is the natural shades that are found in nature. Natural shades of foliage, wood, sand, and the sea surface not only create stylish interiors, but also have a calming effect on the human psyche.

Eco-style in design implies a small amount of furniture, but necessarily light and natural. It is better to forget about synthetic materials such as plastic. Hand-made wicker furniture is particularly popular. The inner content of eco-style is reduced to harmony and lightness. It is characterized by an abundance of air, natural light and a minimum of furniture and decor.

The functions of decor in an eco-style can be performed by compositions of live and dried flowers, paintings and photos in frames made of natural wood, indoor plants.

The color scheme of the eco-style. Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home.

The eco-style in the interior has its own color palette, each shade of which has a natural origin:

green is like the color of living plants, forests. Calms the nervous system, gives rest to the eyes;
brown from dark to light shades is associated with wood and earth. This is the color of solidity, bringing a special comfort to the room;
The gray resembles a natural stone. Neutral color has a beneficial effect on the human psyche, calms and relaxes;
blue is the color of the sky and the sea. It brings a sense of freedom and air to the interior;
yellow, sandy — shades of sun and sand. They bring warmth and joy to the room;
white is a neutral tone, symbolizing purity.

Depending on the selected combinations of the presented shades, various natural paintings can be recreated in the room: a gloomy deciduous forest, a hot desert, a seashore, a rocky shore. When creating an eco-interior, you can choose the natural landscape you like and choose the colors represented in it for the room. This will be the simplest and most competent way to create a harmonious eco-design.

More live plants. Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home.

Living greenery — plants in environmentally friendly projects play the role of a connecting element between a person and the outside world, therefore their presence in the environment is fully justified. At the same time, the format of green “components” can be any: from large sizes in floor pots to author’s ceiling phytoboxes.

plants. Photos from pixabay

The first thing that catches your eye in an eco—terrier is live plants. It will be a palm tree in a tub, a phytosten, a mini-vegetable garden on the windowsill, a cactus on the bedside table, a greenhouse on the balcony or all together, it’s up to you.

The general idea will be supplemented:

Aquarium – will help you tune in to rest and peace;
The fireplace will warm you on a cold evening, fill the house with comfort and warmth. Instead of natural, it is allowed to install an artificial one, and a bundle of firewood by the fireplace will help add authenticity to the interior; Ornamental trees in pots – lianas, ficuses, ferns or bonsai.

The relevance of hand-made decor. Eco-style for a great mood and well-being in your home.

Fresh flowers
hand-made decor. Photos from pixabay

Not only the warmth of wood creates comfort in the house, accessories made with your own hands are on the same list. Natural harmony is in the unity of the energy of nature and your individuality.

If you are not satisfied with the results of your own creativity, you can contact the craftsmen who will create accessories, taking into account all your personal wishes.

(1) – “Clear and abundant evidence demonstrates that interaction with nature affects not only well-being but health throughout life. The evidence suggests that people, who as children strongly interact with ecosystems and environment, live longer with a better quality of life. This “therapy” tends to make them more active, connected to people and society, engaged with natural places and eat healthier foods. These interactions, even as an adult, often result in lower blood C-reactive proteins and cortisol levels. As a result, children and adults who interact with nature and natural settings tend to be members of groups and volunteer more, have higher self-esteem and better mood, keep learning, and continue regularly to engage with nature and be more resilient to stress. Conversely, people, who, particularly as children, tended to stay indoors (and thus not receive this “therapy”), appear to be more inactive or sedentary, disconnected from society, eat energy-dense and unhealthy foods, and have higher levels of blood c-reactive proteins and cortisol.”

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