Simple tips for organizing an office at home

Simple tips for organizing an office at home

Nothing superfluous, a little personal: how to simply and effectively organize a workplace at home.Simple tips for organizing an office at home.

Perhaps, nothing has changed recently only in the lives of freelancers and those who initially worked remotely. But how can an office worker who has been quarantined and has never worked from home switch to a new regime? Let’s try to understand the basic principles of workplace organization, which will help you maintain the usual working rhythm without losses and unnecessary shocks to the psyche.


It is better not to organize a workplace in the kitchen: there you will be distracted by the refrigerator. It is advisable to be located separately from the household so that you are not interrupted by the workflow.

If a person lives with you who, like you, also needs to work from home, then it is even useful to place jobs nearby: the main thing is not to talk a lot and focus on your tasks.

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It is better to place the desktop next to the window: this will give additional natural light. During breaks, you can look at the street, it calms you down.

A mandatory attribute is a table lamp. If necessary, you can install additional lighting: wall and floor lamps.

An ideal place to work. Simple tips for organizing an office at home.

When the ideal place for work is found, it remains to prepare it, or to be more precise, to get out. Cleanliness is the key to success, disorder will only demotivate and distract you.

Organize what you need for your work on the table, and give up everything superfluous. The very process of organizing something chaotic, especially if you are used to working in the office, will also calm your nerves.


It is never superfluous. To feel a moral uplift and awaken in yourself the desire to “move mountains”, and surround yourself with things that inspire you. It can be some favorite little things, a pleasant-looking statuette, or a photo frame.

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Plants on the desktop promote positive thinking and just please the eye. If you don’t like fresh flowers, use artificial ones.

But the main thing is to remember about harmony: you do not need to clutter up the desktop, stop at several items.


Motivational posters and a list of upcoming tasks with a deadline are perfect for creating a working mood. Schedules, calendars, and schedules will help you plan your workflow correctly.


Many people outside the office face an unexpected problem: the lack of the usual background noise. You may not realize this, but if you work in rooms according to the open office standard, then you may miss snatches of conversations and the buzz of technology. Turn on the radio softly to create the desired atmosphere.

Your favorite music does not relate to the method of organizing the workplace directly, but for many, it is an excellent addition that can charge you with positive emotions and set you up for a productive mood.

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Self-organization. Simple tips for organizing an office at home.

If you are used to a clear daily routine, try using the “tomato method”; the name of this technique comes from the form of a kitchen timer. The method itself was proposed by Francesco Cirillo in the eighties and includes five simple steps.

1. Decide what exactly you need to do.
2. Set a timer for 25 minutes; if there is no kitchen timer, set an alarm on your mobile phone.
3. Fully immerse yourself in your work, without being distracted by anything: the timer will tell you when to stop.
4. Take a five-minute break.
5. After every fourth-timer trigger, take longer breaks (15-30 minutes).

In addition to this technique, we recommend following the usual schedule. Finish things around the same time when you normally end the working day. Take a break for lunch at the same time that you are used to in the office. So you will be able to maintain the usual working mode without losses.

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Very often, the dining table in the kitchen becomes a working one. In this case, it is worth creating a workplace for yourself on the loggia, balcony, or terrace. Use a wooden table top on brackets, it can be placed in a narrow part of the loggia or along the window, extending the window sill. On the walls, you can make open shelves for books and documents.

Going out on the loggia in the morning with a cup of coffee or sitting reading a book in a cozy armchair is always great. An additional place to relax in your home will never hurt. The main thing is to equip your space the way you like.