5 ideas using natural shades and handmade decor in eco-design

5 ideas using natural shades and handmade decor in eco-design

There are many opinions on how to create a house in which you want to live. But there is nothing more natural for a person than the maximum reproduction of the natural environment through the shades of wildlife and natural materials. 5 ideas using natural shades and handmade decor in eco-design.

The design of a room can also be influenced by memories associated with certain places. It can be the colors of the sea, the clear sky and the sandy beach, or the forest, the flowering meadows. Recreate this atmosphere at home and pleasant memories will delight you, as if you will again plunge into happy feelings and visit your favorite places.

#1. Nature of the house

Numerous studies clearly prove that the best remedy for stress, depression, and fatigue is walking in nature. That is why both natural shades and living vegetation in the interior are a sure way to create a place where you can relax and gain strength.

#2. Color Selection. 5 ideas using natural shades and handmade decor in eco-design.

It is considered that the most suitable for interior decoration is neutral pastel colors. But go out into the forest, into the field, into the mountains, and you will understand that nature is not neutral! It is rich in color.

Greenery is what gives us a sense of peace, tranquility, and unity with nature. In this case, it is quite possible to use a dosed dense saturated color. Such a wall in the bedroom gives rise to the feeling that the bed is arranged right in the forest or jungle.

Brown – the color of the ground, giving a sense of security, and solid support under your feet. Of course, the best place for this color is on the floor.

Yellow is the color of the sun, symbolizing energy and faith in the triumph of life. Sunlight is difficult to convey in the interior, so it is most appropriate to use yellow ” strokes”, details as if the reflections of the sun generously sharing its warmth with people fall on objects and surfaces.

Blue is the color of the deep sea, the most soothing and harmonious. But it belongs to the cold spectrum and can be used dosed at home.

Orange is the most cheerful color that inspires optimism. It is a shade of many different colors-from a simple marigold to a proud lily. And the best role for this shade in the interior is to create accents.

handmade decor in eco-design
handmade decor in eco-design. Photo from pixabay

White – in its purest form, we see white in nature, perhaps, only when snow falls. But he and his close relatives-cream, light gray-are needed in our homes. These shades symbolize the air. They give a sense of freedom and lightness, they set off all the other tones, emphasizing them.

Interesting color combinations, the beauty of lines, the harmony of textures-all this can inspire you to be creative when creating an interior where it will be comfortable, pleasant, and calm.
Let’s start with the color variety that changes with the seasons. Choose the palette that is most suitable for your future design or add details that can be changed according to the current season.
#3. Natural furniture. 5 ideas using natural shades and handmade decor in eco-design.

Just as when people are in the forest, they embrace the trunks of trees, drawing strength from them, so at home, furniture made of natural materials is a foundation on which to lean, through which you can ground yourself. Don’t want to harm nature by using natural wood?

A person in the process of his life activity somehow causes damage to the environment. Pay attention to the furniture made of bamboo-this is an extremely fast-growing plant. That the use of bamboo for construction or furniture production has almost no effect on it.

handmade decor in eco-design
handmade decor in eco-design. Photo from pixabay

#4. Handmade work

The best home decor is the one that is made with your own hands. Not only because it is unique, but because your soul lives in it. And even if you yourself do not know how to create interior things, choose what is made by the hands of people. Wicker rugs, macrame panels-it doesn’t matter what it is. The main thing is that such things are filled with human warmth.
#5. Green Garden

No matter how much green you put into the interior, it will never replace the living green. A home for a comfortable life is one where people and plants live.

Your home should be your personal haven with the things around it that make it a home that you feel comfortable living in.

handmade decor in eco-design
handmade decor in eco-design. Photo from pixabay

In nature, there are many shades of color. When choosing a color scheme for a future project, textiles, or even the color of curtains, pay attention to the combination of colors outside the window.

Even the usual green color has a lot of shades, the leaves of one tree can differ from each other. Smooth transitions from light to dark shade or from one color to another can be successfully applied in the interior of the house.

Natural colors are not only the colors of plants, but also insects, animals, and birds. How simple a bird’s feather seems. But take a closer look at how many species of birds, colors, and how an ordinary feather is unevenly colored along its entire length. What about moths and butterflies? There are species of butterflies that are bright and pale. Transfer the patterns and lines to the interior items and get an interesting design project.

Sunset, seascape, fog in the mountains, or snowy slopes can be an inspiration for decorating. Observe nature, and it will become the best adviser in the interior design of your home!