7 available ways to strengthen the immune system

7 available ways to strengthen the immune system

How to strengthen the immune system without medication? Something you didn’t know or might have forgotten. 7 available ways to strengthen the immune system.

1. Full sleep

Full sleep
Full sleep pixabay

Oddly enough, poor rest is a direct path to weakening the immune system and disrupting the normal functioning of the body. Moreover, constant lack of sleep can provoke not only a bad mood and increased fatigue with irritability, but also real diseases – from frequent colds to hypertension.

No matter how busy a particular period of your life is, try to devote at least 7 hours to sleep (the indicator is individual, someone needs a little more time, someone needs a little less, you will easily understand this). And the most” valuable “time for sleep is considered to be before midnight – this is bad news for “owls” who prefer to fit in at one or two in the morning. And it is better to go to bed and Wake up regularly at the same time – so the body will be calmer and more comfortable.

Can’t get to sleep on time, and in the morning you can’t get up when the alarm goes off? Do not transfer serious physical activity to the evening, take a walk before going to bed, ventilate the room, take a warm bath, and do not stay up to the last at the brightly glowing screens of your favorite gadgets or TV.

2. Hardening. 7 available ways to strengthen the immune system.

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Another way to increase immunity is hardening. And again – this is not a one-time extreme dousing with ice water. In general, hardening – is the impact on the body of various natural factors-is designed to stimulate all the same adaptive abilities of the body. That is, literally so that you do not” fall apart”, leaving your comfort zone, if you get your feet wet, get caught in a cold rain, or spend several hours in the cold or in the open sun.

However, it is very important to know the measure-hardening should be gradual, otherwise, it can lead to the opposite consequences and harm the body. You can and should start small, and it is when a person is completely healthy. You may be surprised, but long walks in the air in any weather.

As well as wiping and pouring cool water, even sleeping with the window open, contrast showers in the morning, sunbathing, walking barefoot, and going to the bath-these are all the initial stages of hardening.

In the process of proper hardening, the body’s work is improved, the immune system is strengthened, and the activity of all organs and their systems is improved. And this is manifested by an increase in working capacity, a decrease in morbidity (especially seasonal), and an improvement in health.

3. Remember that movement is life

Remember that movement is life
Remember that movement is life pixabay

Physical inactivity is a real scourge of the modern city man. And the result is not only an obvious reduction in muscle strength and excess weight. But also a decrease in vascular tone, slowing down metabolism, diseases of the joints and spine, respiratory and digestive disorders, and problems with the nervous system.

If you want to be healthy, move! And we are not talking about mandatory visits to the gym. Even a banal daily hour-long walk in the fresh air will help keep your body in good shape-especially for the muscles, cardiovascular system, and immune system. Do morning exercises, dance, or spin a hoop during your lunch break. Instead of watching the series again on the weekend, go to the pool or ride a bike with friends. All these actions will eventually develop into a strengthening of the immune system.

By the way, you can fall asleep in the evening after a pleasant physical activity much easier and faster than spending the whole day sitting at the computer-check for yourself!

4. Forget about bad habits

The most obvious advice is not to abuse Smoking and alcohol, being voiced on any occasion concerning health and well-being.

Forget about bad habits
Forget about bad habits pixabay

In short and simplified terms, alcohol and nicotine really poison the body. And the immune system, instead of focusing on disease-causing threats from the outside, you have to throw all its strength at cleaning the body from the inside. And this is even in a healthy state, and if you are already ill, the condition will only get worse.

And this is not to mention the fact that these bad habits themselves can cause a number of serious diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. Who claims that the tobacco epidemic is still one of the most significant threats to public health that has ever occurred in the world.

What kind of immunity are we talking about here, if you are ready to destroy your body independently and systematically? In general, choose as always you.

5. Balanced diet. 7 available ways to strengthen the immune system.

Balanced diet
Balanced diet pixabay

It is important to understand that a balanced diet should become the norm of life and provide the body with all the macro – and microelements it needs to function properly.

Avoid fast food and industrial pastries, sweet carbonated drinks, and semi-finished products to the maximum; lean on vegetables and fruits, lean poultry, fish and meat, and healthy cereals. Of course, you need to eat as many different foods as possible and not abuse the heat treatment, the amount of fat, salt, sugar, or artificial flavors.

A lot of completely familiar, and therefore undervalued products will provide your immune system with no less support. Tomato juice, fermented milk products, local vegetables, seasonal berries and fruits, oatmeal and lentils, eggs, nuts, green tea, dried fruits, legumes, spices, unrefined vegetable oil, grain bread-all these things are delicious and healthy.

6. Don’t self medicate

7 available ways to strengthen the immune system
7 available ways to strengthen the immune system pixabay.

If you get sick, contact the doctors, and then strictly follow the advice of specialists-be treated correctly!

And one of the most common problems in this sense is the illiterate use of antibiotics, which, in a good way, should only be prescribed by a doctor. Yes, antibiotics are designed to kill harmful bacteria or stop them from multiplying, allowing natural defense mechanisms to eliminate them.

But these aggressive drugs kill not only pathogens but also the beneficial microflora of the gastrointestinal tract. And many people, in addition to everything else, develop severe allergies to these drugs. And the consequences of their uncontrolled use can sometimes be almost more serious than the ailments that you were going to cure with antibiotics.

7. Cause for joy. 7 available ways to strengthen the immune system.

Cause for joy
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And most importantly-look for a reason to be happy every day. It is clear that this is not always easy to do in everyday life, but it is proven that constant stress is a powerful blow to our immunity. Strong emotional or mental stress harms the body no less than seemingly more obvious factors.

In fact, the preservation of immunity (and hence health) is a complex and continuous process. There are a lot of little things that are important in this case, so please do not neglect them.