A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest

A day for yourself. You work hard — learn to have a good rest!

We don’t usually think of rest as something important. Here’s the job-it’s important, it’s money. And the rest is not going anywhere, and in general. This is a fundamentally wrong approach. A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest.

The time of selfless workaholism has passed, that it is simply unproductive. If the work is stressful, requiring a lot of mental concentration, then you need a full rest — our performance directly depends on it.

At the end of the week, it is highly desirable to disconnect from the race and really relax. It is best if you manage to shift the focus inside yourself, and not waste time on small household chores. When else will you have a whole day to yourself? And it’s not going anywhere.

What’s the point?

First of all, agree with yourself that this will be a day of useful pleasures. I will do only what gives me pleasure, but with a mandatory view of the benefits for the soul and body. That is, cakes and purchases are excluded.

Take a pen and paper and write down the free flow of thoughts on this topic (we are talking about the technique of freeriting — the so-called “morning pages”).

The following responses were received:

Enjoy your solitude. Immerse yourself in your thoughts and put them in order.

Do something for the soul. Something that is not a priority, and there is always not enough time for it.

Take care of your body and recharge your batteries for the new week. Give up the Internet and gadgets. So it will be a Day for you – a day of silence and purification.

Principles of the day for yourself:

  • Contact with yourself
  • No to the Internet and gadgets
  • No bad habits and addictions
  • Better quality water
  • More fresh fruits, berries, and raw vegetables
  • At least one green cocktail
  • Healthy sleep
  • Getting rid of toxins

1. Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is the foundation of feeling good throughout the day. If you don’t get enough sleep, then a perfect day is out of the question. Just take control of this issue.

a sense of comfort
a sense of comfort

2. Informational detoxification. A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest.

We live in a powerful stream of information noise that surrounds us from all sides. Think about how much information you consume through social media, billboards, car radio, TV news, and so on. Just an avalanche of words!

Most of this knowledge is not necessary for us — it just entertains us at this particular moment, satisfies our curiosity. But some of the information remains and grows in consciousness, gradually becoming what directly creates our reality — our beliefs.

Imagine how much propaganda, explicit and implicit, you miss. Marketers around the world are fighting for your attention every day! So, attention is the most valuable thing? All right.

What we focus on gets the maximum development.

Focus your attention on yourself. Repeat this process at least a day, and new horizons will open up before you. We are used to consuming information without filtering it too much, and yet information noise is as tedious and unbalanced as traffic jams or a crush on the subway. Behind this noise, it is almost impossible to hear the inner voice that tells us who we are, what we really want and what is important to us.

When we don’t know who we really are, others decide for us.

Mindless consumption of information is as bad a habit as smoking and overeating. And you can drop it if you want to.

Start by disconnecting from the outside world and connecting with yourself one day a week. Connect to yourself, check the course, and adjust it if necessary.

Promise yourself that on this day you will not approach the computer, and will use the phone only for calls. The day before, find all the necessary information: the schedule, movie posters. Minimize outgoing calls and ask your loved ones not to bother you with small things. It’s best to just turn off your work phone. This will allow you to create the right background for your reboot — external silence. Let’s talk about inner silence later.

3. Contact with yourself. A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest.

By disconnecting from the external flow of information, we turn our attention inward. What’s down there? It is very important to get in touch with your inner center and be aware of yourself here and now. Think about your emotional background. What is it?

Meditation will help you capture your thoughts, track your states, and most importantly, separate yourself from them. Regular meditation practice reduces stress levels, increases concentration, creativity, and learning ability.

Before you meditate, ask yourself the following questions:

What’s on my mind today?

How do I feel in my body today?

What would I like today?

Sit in a comfortable position with a straight back, make a few deep entrances and turn on the music. Or sit still.

The main level of meditation is concentration on the breath. Just focus on inhaling and exhaling. Don’t try to breathe deeply on purpose. Watch as the in-breath turns into an out-breath. You can also focus on the sounds around you or the sensations in your body.

Don’t run away from pain and muscle discomfort. Try to exhale the pain that has arisen, mentally filling this place with warmth and directing a ray of attention there. Such work reduces the internal blocks and eventually dissolves them completely.

And more. The point of meditation is not to extinguish thoughts — it is impossible in principle. Thoughts will come, it is a natural process. The point is to track them down, fix them, and let them go. Thoughts are like waves in the ocean of your mind. Watch them from the bottom of this ocean. A storm may be raging on the surface, but everything is calm below.

4. Live food. A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest.


The key today will be lightness and energy. We will work for them. Therefore, it is ideal to spend the Day for yourself on a live diet-raw food. This type of food maximizes energy and helps the body eliminate toxins.

Prepare smoothies, salads from small components. You can just eat fruits and berries. Drink as much quality drinking water as possible without ice. It is best if you have access to spring water. In extreme cases, you can infuse tap filtered water on shungite or quartz.

If you do not want to eat raw food all day or are not ready, try to hold out for up to 16 hours, and then combine baked or stewed vegetables, buckwheat, quinoa. If this is too much for you, just exclude the following products:

Coffee, alcohol

Synthetic products, fast food, sauces and any food in packages and cans

Any industrial beverages other than water

Any products of animal origin (including dairy products)

Gluten-free bread and cereals

Industrial sweets

If you can’t live without meat or coffee, exclude it anyway. You’ll see what else you can do. Besides, it’s only for one day.

The order of actions per day for yourself. A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest.

When you wake up (preferably no later than 8 o’clock), stretch sweetly and do a few warm-up movements right in bed. Don’t allow yourself to lie down for too long, as your resolve to get up will melt away by the minute.


everyday actions consciously
everyday actions consciously

Make yourself a morning wake-up tonic:

Finely chop the ginger root and pour boiling water over it for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, chop a handful of fresh parsley. After 5 minutes, add a tablespoon of lemon juice, a pinch of cayenne pepper and parsley to the ginger.

Take small sips of the tonic and enjoy what a wonderful day awaits you. Morning meditation for 15 minutes.You can do your exercises, but the contrast shower should be left in any case, as nothing will replace it.

After that, drink another glass or two of water, maybe with lemon. In total, you should drink at least 2 glasses of water before lunch. This will help to create a water depot in the body, thanks to which the skin of the face and body will not be dehydrated.

Light breakfast. Best of all-a charging cocktail. And let your first morning cocktail be exactly green. For example, this simple recipe: a large handful of any greens, celery stalk, apple, cucumber, orange, ginger root and water. You can also make your own version using the guide to making the perfect cocktail.

Walking or outdoor sports. Dress comfortably and go to the park, or even better – to the forest. When you leave the house, take a few deep, conscious breaths. Feel the taste and temperature of the air. If it’s sunny outside, spend at least 15 minutes in direct sunlight. Recharge with the energy of the sun, and you will want to eat less harmful things. And try to move actively. You can run or jump on the trampoline, if it is available to you. Take a deep breath and smile — you have such a wonderful day ahead of you!


a sense of comfort
a sense of comfort

When you get home, make yourself another cocktail or a light vegetable salad. You can just eat fruit. If in the morning it is better to prepare a smoothie with sour fruits and herbs (this alkalizes the body), then for the second breakfast something more dense is perfect: a cocktail with banana, peaches, mango or grapes.

It’s time to start taking care of your face. Clean your face in the usual way. These are natural organic products. You can use the Japanese method and clean the skin with facial oil. Apply the product carefully so as not to stretch the pores, and then rinse with mineral water.

Now it’s time to make a ginger bath infusion that opens the pores and effectively removes slags. Take 5 tablespoons of fresh grated ginger root, pour a liter of water, bring to a boil and let it brew for 15 minutes.

Immerse yourself in the bath, taking with you a pre-prepared book and a cup of tea. It is better if it is a paper book, since gadgets are excluded for today. You can visualize how the water washes away fatigue and accumulated muscle blocks, dissolves all the negativity, gets rid of other people’s energy. Spend as much time in the bath as you want. Remember that you are not in a hurry.

After relaxing in the bath, we will speed up the detoxification a little more. To do this, wipe dry and pass over the body with a dry brush with natural bristles. This brush can be purchased at any household chemicals store. It is better if it is of medium hardness. Massage the body from the bottom up, starting from the feet and gradually moving to the hands. All movements should be directed from the heart. Don’t be afraid to rub your skin until it turns red! This massage stimulates blood circulation and, most importantly, lymph flow, while eliminating cellulite. The skin will be smooth and toned!

And now let’s do the face. Apply the nourishing mask to the cleansed and steamed skin of the face in the bath. You can take a ready-made one or make it yourself. Such a recipe:

Take 1 tablespoon of cream (thicker), liquid honey and cucumber juice. Apply liberally to the face, and after 15 minutes, remove with a warm, moist cotton swab. Finally, you can wipe your face with the remaining cucumber juice.

Now apply plenty of body oil to your skin, wrap yourself in a soft robe and make yourself comfortable. It’s time to dream. Take a pen, paper and create your image of the Perfect woman.

Write down who you want to be? What do you want to look like? How do you want to be dressed? What and who surrounds you?Describe your ideal woman.

For lunch, prepare a small salad or a simple soup, such as broccoli. Salads with raw beets, cabbage and herbs, seasoned with lemon juice, are best for detoxification. And try to do without salt and oil!

The remaining time until the evening can be devoted to what you want more. Think in advance about what your wish can be fulfilled today.

Think about a hobby that was abandoned long ago due to lack of time. Today you finally have that time. Or just sit in a chair in your favorite robe-with a book and tea.

Have a light dinner. If you’ve been on a raw food diet all day, it’s stupid to end it now. Make yourself a large fresh salad or a cold gazpacho soup. You can eat nuts and dried fruits (but not together) or drink a glass of herbal tea with honey and ginger. If you want something hot, the ideal choice is boiled buckwheat with finely chopped cucumber and herbs, millet or quinoa. Or it can be steamed vegetables or in the oven.

Before going to bed, you can take a short walk and enjoy the sunset, if the season allows. Thank yourself from the bottom of your heart for this day, thank nature for the beauty that surrounds you, and for the living, nutritious food that you have filled your body with today. Think about how much good you will do for yourself tomorrow. With these thoughts, go to bed. Your morning will definitely be good! A day for yourself You work hard — learn to have a good rest.