Natural cosmetics: 15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles

15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles

Aloe for facial wrinkles is highly effective. This plant has been known for thousands of years and is included in many cosmetics and home recipes. It is used in the form of masks, tonics, creams and in its pure form. 15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles.

Aloe from wrinkles use room, in ampoules and gel-aloe. Which one you will use is up to You. All of them contain more than 200 bioactive substances and components that are essential for skin health and beauty.

What else is useful for aloe from wrinkles?

Acts as an antioxidant
Removes free radicals
Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin
Slows down the aging process
Provides better nutrition
Gives a soft and velvety skin
Narrows the pores
Regulates sebum production
Brightens and evens out the color

Its action especially helps the skin that is prone to greasiness and problem skin. For other types, it is no less effective. But for oily and problematic skin, it will help to moisturize and provide the necessary components without side effects in the form of inflammation, pimples and clogged pores.

Aloe masks for wrinkles. 15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles.

Masks from aloe from wrinkles are made on the basis of oils, decoctions, clay and other bases. To get a stable effect, they are made regularly.

2-3 times a week for intensive exposure
1-for prevention

It is important to use other means as well. Creams, tonics, or milk. Do not forget about regular cleansing and hydration. To effectively fight wrinkles at any stage, a comprehensive approach is necessary. Choose the funds for your type.

Aloe masks for wrinkles
Aloe masks for wrinkles

Mask with aloe from wrinkles for all types


Of aloe juice from wrinkles-l., vitamins A and E – 5 drops, grape seed oil-tsp.

All mix in a sterile jar with a lid. Shake before use. Apply a cotton pad to the entire face or selected areas. After 15-20 minutes, we soak it with a dry cloth. Grape seed is suitable for all skin types due to its light texture. Active ingredients are easily absorbed. A and E are necessary for regeneration and smoothing. They increase elasticity.

For oily and problematic skin. 15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles.

The miracle plant is very effective against pimples and inflammation.
Narrowing the pores and cleansing an additional plus from aloe.


The pulp of aloe and cucumber, oatmeal.

Mix everything in approximately equal proportions. Apply to the desired area of the face for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with running water. You can also do a scrub. Adding flakes instead of flour. The latter can be ground in a coffee grinder to the desired size.

15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles
15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles



Clay 2 tablespoons, aloe juice 1 tablespoon, lemon juice 1/2 tablespoon, vitamins A, E-8 drops.

Take the clay and mix with the juice of aloe and lemon juice. Add a little boiled or mineral water. The consistency is needed like sour cream. With added vitamins. Mix until smooth and apply to the cleansed face for 15-20 minutes.

Tonic with aloe

For the care of oily dermis, tonics are suitable. They moisturize, purify and refresh.


Mineral water-1 / 2 Cup, aloe and lemon juice-1 tablespoon each.

Tonic can be stored up to a month in the refrigerator. To do this, use a sterile jar or bottle with a lid.
Wipe your face with it before going to bed and in the morning.

For dry, fading and dehydrated skin

More hydration is needed. Therefore, we use oils and other components that give more moisture.


Yolk, sour cream, aloe gel.

All take in equal proportions and apply for 15-20 minutes. The yolk has a huge amount of trace elements. Sour cream provides collagen and vitamin B. All together it turns into a nutritious cocktail.



Ampoule of aloe, almond oil, fish oil, vitamins A and E.

Just take a teaspoon. Apply to cleansed skin. You can apply directly to the disk for 15 minutes. Then we blot it with a dry cloth. Aloe from wrinkles is well supplemented with oil. So the tool does not tighten and gives the necessary moisture.

15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles
15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles



Butter Shea  – 1 tablespoon, aloe gel-1 teaspoon, vitamin E-10 drops, geranium ether-5 drops.

Butter is melted in a water bath. Allow to cool, but not harden. Add the rest of it. mix and let cool. Beat with a mixer, stick or fork. We use it as a cream. Before going to bed or under makeup. Moisturizes and nourishes, enhances regeneration. Evens out irregularities, relieves inflammation.

Honey, sour cream and aloe mask

Take liquid honey. If it has thickened, put the jar with it in warm water. Just need 2 teaspoons. Spread over the face for 15-20 minutes. Then wash off with running water.

Masks with aloe from wrinkles for normal. 15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles.

With normal skin, aloe from wrinkles helps in its pure form. To do this, just wipe your face with an aloe leaf or gel.
Gel-aloe, sandalwood.

extract the pulp or take an ampoule. Add 5 drops to a portion of sandalwood ether. It stimulates the metabolism and allows the product to penetrate deeper into the layers of the epidermis. The mixture is stored in the refrigerator for several weeks. Suitable for daily use.
Rosehip oil, aloe gel, fish oil.

Rosehip is a source of vitamins a and E. Fish oil is omega-3. These elements will make wrinkles smooth out and restore elasticity.


Clay, sweet almond oil, anti-wrinkle aloe.

Pink clay has a valuable mineral complex and is suitable for this type of dermis. Dilute it and add a teaspoon of the remaining ingredients. Hold for 15-20 minutes and rinse with water.

Masks with aloe from wrinkles for normal
Masks with aloe from wrinkles for normal

Aloe from wrinkles around the eyes

Aloe from wrinkles around the eyes is effective in its pure form. To do this

Apply its juice,
Wipe the leaves cut lengthwise or
Apply cotton pads soaked in it.

You can also add any base oils: olive, almond, castor, argan, avocado, macadamia and rosehip. Vitamins A and E will complement their action. Esters-improve penetration into the deep layers of the skin. Aloe from wrinkles around the eyes shows high effectiveness in the following mask


Shea butter, fish oil, vitamins A and E, agave juice, geranium ether.

Apply the mixture for 15 minutes. Remove with a dry cloth. We do a course of 8 procedures. Then be sure to take a break for 2 weeks.
How to use aloe leaves from wrinkles with maximum effect

To get the maximum effect of aloe from wrinkles, it is recommended to activate the leaves. We tear off a few lower leaves of a 3-4-year-old plant. Wrap it in paper and put it in the refrigerator for 10-14 days. Then we take out and remove the pulp. In the cold and dark, additional elements are activated in the plant. They will have a greater effect.

Precautionary measures. 15 recipes with aloe for any type of skin from wrinkles.

Natural remedies can cause allergic reactions and irritations. To avoid this, do a sensitivity test before use. Drop the selected product on the crook of the elbow and evaluate the reaction within 15-20 minutes. If nothing shows up, you can use it. But this does not guarantee the absence of unpleasant symptoms later. Therefore, pay attention to your skin reactions and do not use it for allergic reactions, itching and redness. It is recommended to consult a specialist before use.