5 habits that will help you look attractive at any age

5 habits that will help you look attractive at any age

Any age is beautiful – it happens once and never happens again. Genetics and circumstances undoubtedly affect our beauty, but much more important in this matter are daily actions that help maintain health and inner state. 5 habits that will help you look attractive at any age.

You can look young, energetic, positive, kind, happy at any age-if you feel that way inside. Accept yourself, your natural beauty – the most precious thing that you can give yourself.

Beauty is the sum of three factors:

The first term is the base level (what you have genetically built in), and this is about half of your resources;
The second term is the circumstances in which you are located;
And the third component is your actions.

What is more important – the circumstances or our actions?

The place where we live, what surrounds us, undoubtedly affects our youth and beauty. In this matter, daily actions are important, which form about 40% of our beauty, help to maintain health, improve the appearance and internal state.

What actions can you perform daily to be beautiful?

Healthy lifestyle:

Nutrition directly affects the condition of the skin and hair. Unfortunately, we can not get all the useful trace elements from food, so you need to add food supplements to the diet.

Healthy lifestyle
Healthy lifestyle

Regular detox.
Sleep. Its quality and quantity undoubtedly affects how we look, how we feel, and our energy level.
Movement is not only a sport, but also any activity: dancing, walking, and just a quick cleaning to the music so that the blood circulates and delivers oxygen to our organs.

Internal attitude. 5 habits that will help you look attractive at any age.

A pessimistic view, helplessness, disbelief in tomorrow-affects what we project into the new day. You can learn to be optimistic! There is a set of techniques and exercises that help in this.

The simplest of them is a smile. The more often we smile, the better we feel. Smile at the world and the world will smile at you. Every morning, when you look in the mirror – smile to yourself, even if you do not want to and there is no reason. Do not dwell on negative thoughts, especially in the evening, before going to bed.


A common phrase, but answer yourself honestly, how much do you love yourself? If you love, then you will take time every day to take care of yourself. This time gives you awareness: you eat high-quality food, know how to set boundaries, shut out negativity and senseless waste of time.


Life is about finding a balance between your inner needs and the outside world and your social roles. The awareness of self-worth helps us to come to this balance and look good at all times.

Understanding yourself and accepting yourself in its entirety

Accept all your qualities, weaknesses, peculiarities, do not scold yourself, do not engage in self-eating, do not try to remake yourself. We are all unique. Do not wake up at 6 am if you live by the circadian rhythms of the “owl”. You can try to do this – conduct an experiment and listen to yourself. And only then decide whether you need such changes.

Knowing yourself is worth any investment! This can be working with a coach, introspection, self-exploration through books. Knowledge gives you peace of mind and balance, you stop denying yourself and from this state you can already improve and develop.

Positive emotions and small joys of life

In adult life, we are constantly looking for ourselves, busy with self-realization, children, and career. We forget that in life there is play, childishness and small joys – our emotional nutrition of the hormones of happiness: endorphins, serotonins, dopamines and oxytocin.

Most of the small joys are free or not very expensive, for example-to run barefoot on the grass or sand, to meet the dawn, to spend the sunset, to go to a beautiful place, to be in silence with yourself. Also listen to music, dance, play with an animal, a child, watch a movie with your husband. Everyone has their own ideas.

Positive emotions and small joys of life
Positive emotions and small joys of life

Create your own personal list of joys. If you feel that you do not have enough happiness hormones ( you should get them every day!). Start planning them, set reminders.

Do not include food, alcohol, and other not-so-useful things in the list of joys.

Life will not become boring if you plan for joy. On the contrary, when we plan for joy, it gives us the opportunity to feel free from anxiety, self-eating and dissatisfaction with ourselves.

Do not be afraid if not everything will work out at once. Knowing is already half the way, because now it remains only to direct your efforts in the right direction.