What aromatic oils will help us feel the holiday

What aromatic oils will help us feel the holiday?

On a good winter day, the New Year is approaching, and with it – chores around the house, deadlines, annual reports, and fuss. But with the help of essential oils, people managed to maintain their presence of mind and cheerfulness, meet the holiday full of energy, and create warmth and comfort in the house. What aromatic oils will help us feel the holiday?

Methods of using essential oil

And You can use the oil in any way you like:
1. Add a few drops to any base oil and apply to the body. The effect will increase if you additionally do a massage.

2. Inhale the aroma of the oil directly from the bottle. Or apply a drop of essential oil to the palm of your hand, rub it and take a few deep breaths.

3. Indoors, using an aroma lamp or an aroma diffuser is a more modern way of aromatizing a room, since it distributes oil more finely, does not heat it, and saturates the air with it.

4. Wear the oil on yourself in an aroma medallion or an aroma bottle.

5. Apply oils to bioactive points of the body or pulsation points.
6. Take a bath with essential oil. Do not add it in its pure form – only dissolve it in a fatty carrier – milk, an organic shower product.

Citrus oils
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Types of aromatic oils. What aromatic oils will help us feel the holiday?

But conditionally allocate:
Stimulating – improve concentration, memory, and the ability to solve analytical or creative tasks. These are verbena, cypress, lemongrass, lemon balm, sage, nutmeg, juniper, palmarosa, bergamot, ginger, and cinnamon.
Adaptogenic – increases immunity and protection from aggression, gives strength. Grapefruit, ginger, leuzea, tangerine, neroli, rose, petit grain.
Relieving fatigue and tension: valerian, oregano, jasmine, lavender, frankincense, myrrh, chamomile, pine, and sandalwood.

Oils for a festive mood

Everyone has their own flavor of happiness, as well as the concept of happiness. Remember the happy moments of childhood and adult life. What do you associate with home and comfort? And the feeling of celebration? With the aroma of cinnamon or vanilla, or maybe roses that were given to you on occasion. Essential oils of plants will help to revive pleasant memories. If bright and joyful events have sunk into the pool of routine, focus on the properties of essential oil:

Orange helps to distract from negativity and tension, and to look at things from a different angle. A real optimist, he revives, helps to regain faith in his strength, and forgets about the winter weather.
Grapefruit and ginger oils are indispensable if you need an adaptogen and an aphrodisiac in one bottle. Grapefruit eliminates dissatisfaction with itself, balances, and turns the darkest morning into a successful day.
Ginger improves the ability to memorize and work with a lot of information. It restores the taste for life, strength, and self-confidence, eliminates apathy, and awakens sensuality and activity.
Carnation eliminates the effects of nervous and physical overstrain and protects against aggressors and energy vampires.
Geranium cures depression and nervous exhaustion and quickly restore balance after conflicts and difficult communication.

The resinous aroma of spruce eliminates nervousness and a feeling of rejection.

Spicy essential oils
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Jasmine, lavender, and marjoram help to reduce the level of anxiety and panic — it also helps you to recover from failures and achieve what you want.

Cypress restores emotional balance and hormonal balance helps to concentrate and accompanies longevity.
Cinnamon is a warming and cozy aphrodisiac that creates an atmosphere of warmth and trust. Restores vitality, gives ideas, helps in creativity, and fine-tunes metabolic and digestive processes.

Mandarin is associated with holidays and holidays for a reason. It relieves fatigue and awakens spiritual creativity and nobility. Transforms gray everyday life into a fairy tale.

Melissa saves from nervousness and increases the productivity of intellectual activity.

How to define “your” oil. What aromatic oils will help us feel the holiday?

If you have the opportunity to try a variety of oils, do it. The options that you like will be exactly the oils that your body needs at the moment. Fragrances that you do not read should not be chosen – now this oil is blocked for you and the body is not ready to work with them yet. Perhaps they activate some kind of trauma, internal experiences that you don’t have the resources to work through right now. Try to return to such a fragrance later, and after a while, it will respond to you.

Meditation and Aromatherapy

Such practices give an amazing breakthrough in all areas: they improve emotional and physical conditions and increase self-confidence, inner strength, and efficiency. It is important to practice on a regular basis. To do this, you need to choose “your” oils and work with them regularly, several times a day. The usual practice of meditation, when we sit down, close our eyes, and visualize things, states, and emotions, is energy-consuming, our attention is actively working, and this is real work.
But oils also work, only without your conscious efforts. It will be enough for you to simply rub a few drops of essential oil between your palms, bring it to your face and feel and analyze what states you are turning on. “Meditation for the lazy” – you include the states you need, emotions, and emotional and psychological effects.
The oil seems to carry you at the right moment, it helps you achieve this state by pressing certain attention buttons. Your intention works here too, but it is less costly. If you don’t have the time and energy to practice, you can passively get the right state with the help of aromatherapy.

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Aromatization of premises. What aromatic oils will help us feel the holiday?

Someone puts a bowl of water, someone uses cotton pads, or hangs a sachet. Perhaps you have your own secrets for the spiritualization of space. I will tell you more about the various methods and secrets of the “long-term evaporation” method separately. I will only note that for the general effect, aromatherapists advise using aroma lamps, aroma lamps, scented candles, diffusers, ionizers, and spray guns. There are official methods of individual application of oils: baths, aroma medallions, pocket inhalers (you can easily make them yourself), baths, rinses, wraps, combing, washing, and various types of massage.

Safety of aromatic oils

How to check for allergies: take essential oil, and mix 1 drop of ether with a teaspoon of any base (vegetable) oil. We drip the mixture onto the elbow bend as the most sensitive, but also “safe” place on the body, and wait 24 hours. For the accuracy of the experiment, it is recommended to seal the place of application with plaster or apply a waterproof bandage. If there is a reaction (peeling, itching, redness, etc.), it is not recommended to use essential oil.