What is more important for a beautiful figure sports or diet?

What is more important for a beautiful figure sports or diet?

What is more important in the process of losing weight? Sports or diet? Is it possible to lose weight only with the help of changes in nutrition, or is it necessary to connect training? Is it possible to eat as usual and place bets on sports loads? Let’s figure it out! Let’s say right away: sports are great! A lot of arguments for sports and in general for any physical activity: What is more important for a beautiful figure sports or diet.

Genetically, our body is not designed for such a sedentary lifestyle, which leads the majority of modern people in the developed world.
To maintain the rate of metabolism (metabolism), we need muscle mass, and as you know, no diet without sports can not support it.
Fitness helps you get fit. So if the goal is not only in the indicators of the arrow on the scale, then sports should not be neglected.

Cardio load (any: running or hiking, dancing, or cycling) is the best way to keep your cardiovascular system healthy, and at the same time get rid of edema.
The larger the volume of muscle mass, the better the sensitivity of the cells to insulin. This prevents diabetes, polycystic ovaries, infertility, insulin resistance, and many other health problems. Including the accumulation of weight in the waist area.

blender and food
blender and food

Physical activity stimulates blood flow to all organs, and according to research, it improves memory, language skills, attention, and other cognitive functions

If you want to be healthy, to live not only for a long time and in a slim body, but also to be in a sane mind for many years, then without physical education anywhere.

And what about losing weight? The importance of sport? What is more important for a beautiful figure sports or diet.

In the case of weight loss, what you eat and what is the size of your portions are more important. On food, you can safely bet on all 100%.

If you still want to lose weight, tighten up, and get results faster, then you can combine changes in nutrition with training. In this case, the ratio will be 70% in favor of a modified diet and 30% – a bet on sports and physical activity. If you choose a path, change both your diet and activity level. You will be able to afford more food than in the option when you are 100% betting on food.

It is clear that weight is affected not only by the balance of what is eaten and spent. Weight is affected by a combination of different factors that have nothing to do with the number of calories. These factors include problems with the thyroid, gland, lack of sleep, poor sleep quality, slagging of the body, and stress, which causes the entire hormonal system to work differently and also reduces the metabolism.

Therefore, you will definitely not be able to do one sport. If you want to lose weight, then you definitely need to change your diet.

And what about losing weight? The importance of sport?
And what about losing weight? The importance of sport?

Why this injustice? Why can’t one sport help you lose weight? But still, one of the main ones is your eating habits. We, modern people, are not in vain so diligently looking for ways to eat a lot and lose weight. All these keto diets, interval fasting, complete elimination of carbohydrates, counting glycemic indices, and supplements against the absorption of fat are not in vain in getting such popularity.

To eat more! What is more important for a beautiful figure sports or diet.

Fact: food has become cheaper, life is more stressful, and less time for real pleasure: walking, socializing with loved ones, reading just a book, and sleeping.

As a result, the modern person compensates for the lack of real pleasures and high rates, choosing the easiest and most affordable way to return the nervous system to its place: he eats more. Anyone who has tried fasting will realize: we eat a lot more than we need to. We are quite capable of eating less and still feeling great. The culture of snacking “in order to spur the metabolism and eat even more with impunity for the figure” has done its dirty work: we constantly chew. For some, this is a healthy food, and for others-what comes to hand. But both eat a lot.

In general, if you do not go into details, then most of us suffer from excess weight precisely because of a passionate love of food. Therefore, for such people, fitness alone will not work. We tend to eat more as a reward for the sport: “After all, I was so good! I worked so hard in the gym!»

The quality and composition of food, as well as the state of your hormonal, digestive, and even nervous systems, are more important than the calories in your food. But definitely: if you eat a lot, then fitness will not save your figure. So, without changes in nutrition — nowhere!

fitness room
fitness room

The good news is that with a change in nutrition, not only will your weight change, but you will also change with the right approach:

  • the bowel function will improve, and you will begin to better absorb all those healthy vitamins and other trace elements from food
  • your energy level will increase because in order to feel energetic, we need a whole cascade of vitamins and minerals
  • to restore your beautiful microflora, which will save you from such misfortunes as thrush, acne, bloating, colds
  • you will sleep better
  • your brain will start working better

When will the changes start? And what will you choose? Diet or diet+sports?