Tuna and apple sandwich

Tuna and apple sandwich

Tuna and apple sandwich with mustard sauce, canned tuna and fresh apple slices. Sandwich with tuna this is a very tasty dish that is easy and quick it is to prepare. These sandwiches will suit both for breakfast and for snack.

The unique, well-balanced formula of tuna meat makes it an extremely useful food for people of all ages. The presence of dishes from this noble fish in the daily menu generally has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs and systems.

The benefits of canned fish are also provided by the presence of healthy fats used by the body to maintain healthy skin and hair, as well as improve the functioning of the cardiovascular system and brain.

Apples are a unique product used in desserts, second courses, baked goods, salads, and sauces. Apples are stuffed with poultry; they are baked with meat or fish; stewed with vegetables; fried with liver; added to herring in forshmak. Apples are delicious in casseroles, pancakes, cheesecakes, porridge and puddings. Apples are marinated, dried, and harvested for future use.


Tuna canned in its own juice 2 cans
Mayonnaise light to taste
Granular mustard 2 tablespoons
Bunch green onions 1
Sweet red onion 1 clove
Stalk celery 1
Green apples 1 piece
Cucumbers 1 piece
Eggs large 2 pieces
Green salad to taste

Instruction. Tuna and apple sandwich.

Cooking time 20 minutes

Any bread you like: ciabatta, baguette, rye. Preheat the pan. Fry the bread slices with olive oil in a pan on both sides until golden brown and crisp (3-4 minutes). Apple cut into slices with a thickness.

Prepare the sauce. To do this, combine the mustard and yogurt. Stir. Season with salt and pepper. Mix again. Thickly spread the croutons with sauce.

Drain the tuna and cut into small pieces. Put the fish on the bread, smeared with sauce. Top the tuna sandwiches with apple slices.

Wash and slice the salad. Garnish with salad sandwiches. Close with a second piece of bread.
Tuna and Apple sandwiches are ready. Bon Appetit!