11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands

11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands

The decoration of any festive table is undoubtedly considered a beautiful and delicious cake. Modern fashion dictates its own rules even in the pastry craft, so the traditional design is a thing of the past, giving way to non-standard and original desserts and cakes. 11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands.

You can decorate this sweet culinary work in a variety of ways and ingredients. This cream, various fruits, berries and much more. The main thing is that it is beautiful and delicious.

Even if you do not have the abilities of pastry design, but have a creative streak, it will not be difficult to decorate such a dessert with your own hands. You can transform an ordinary cake with mastic, marzipan, icing, waffles, chocolate, icing, cream, cream, meringue, fruit, jelly, candy, marmalade and sprinkles. We will look at each ingredient of the decoration separately, get acquainted with the recipe for making it, and, of course, be inspired by a huge number of ideas. For some cake decorating options, you will need special materials such as: a pastry syringe with attachments, parchment paper, a sharp thin knife, spatulas of different thickness.

Decorating cakes with your own hands
Decorating cakes with your own hands

1. How to decorate a cake with fruit at home. 11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands.

You can decorate the cake with any fruit and berries. The main thing is to know whether these fruits are loved by those who will try your creation

However, there is a set of fruits that are best suited for decorating and will appeal to almost any sweet tooth.

These include: pineapples, fresh or canned. The same mangoes. They are also suitable for tangerines, oranges, pears, apples, kiwis, apricots, peaches.

But those that have a lot of juice (watermelon, melon, persimmon) is better not to use. First of all, the fruits selected for decoration are washed, we remove the leaves, seeds, and rind. Depending on the drawing, cut them in half or into slices. Berries are usually used whole.

If you use an apple, so that it does not darken, sprinkle it with lemon juice.

One of the simple, common ways is to decorate with a fan. Prepared fruits, such as kiwi, orange, mango, strawberry are cut into slices, laid out in circles, starting from the edge of the cake and to the center, placing the slices overlap each other.

The drawing can be very diverse. A cake decorated with whole fruit, not cut, looks very nice. If you use a simple decor, you can cut kiwi slices, put them on the surface of the cake, and put one strawberry in the center.

Fruit slicing can be any, but there are some rules. According to them, apples and pears are cut into slices. First, the fruit is cut in half, after which each half is placed on the Board cut down and cut into thin slices along. Peaches are cut into slices or quarters, apricots-into halves, which are then laid out on the cake. Bananas are cut into circles, and berries are usually left whole. As you can see, it is not difficult to decorate the cake with fruit. Using the same cream requires some artistic qualities.

2. We use marshmallows for decoration

Probably many people are already familiar with marshmallows and know what resembles a traditional marshmallow, only with a lighter texture. It contains gelatin, so the candy is quite elastic and dense.

We use marshmallows for decoration
We use marshmallows for decoration

In coffee shops, marshmallows are put in hot coffee to form a delicious foam. On a picnic, they like to eat it fried on a fire. Modern masters of pastry art have adapted to use it for decorating cakes at home, not only in its original form, but also in the form of mastic, from which various figures and elements of jewelry are obtained.

3. The decor of the chocolate. 11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands.

Perhaps the most popular decoration for cakes at home is a decor made of chocolate. Making chocolate icing is quite simple. To do this, you will need chocolate, cocoa powder and butter.

The decor of the chocolate
The decor of the chocolate

The cooking process is not complicated: melt the purchased chocolate (black or milk) in a steam bath and add butter to make the glaze soft. Without oil, the glaze will cool down and become hard again. You can replace the finished chocolate with ordinary cocoa powder. It is enough to mix it with melted butter, the amount of added cocoa depends on the color saturation of the glaze and the degree of bitterness. But not only chocolate glaze is used for decoration, but also figures, small fragments of chocolate bars, crumbs and other elements.

4. Decorating cakes with marzipan

Marzipan is a nut mass that consists of almond flour and sugar paste. Its advantages are that it holds its shape perfectly, is quite elastic and has a stunning delicate taste. It is convenient to create all the elements of decoration – small figures, cake covering and three-dimensional decorations.

Recipe of marzipan

Ingredients: 7.05oz of sugar, a quarter Cup of water, 1 Cup of lightly roasted almonds, butter.

Cooking process: peel the almonds and finely chop them in a blender or on a grater. Cook the syrup from sugar and water. The consistency of the syrup should be thick. Pour the ground almonds into the syrup, stir and cook for 3 minutes. Take a bowl and brush it well with butter. Pour the marzipan into a bowl. Cool the marzipan and pass it through a meat grinder. Marzipan is ready! If it turns out to be liquid, add powdered sugar. If the marzipan is very thick, add a little boiled water.

Decorating cakes with marzipan
Decorating cakes with marzipan

5. Icing cake decoration

Icing is an ice pattern that looks like a winter pattern on a window and tastes like crunchy ice. The advantages of icing are that it is quite strong, does not spread, and holds perfectly on the surface of the pastry. It can be applied over hard chocolate glaze, mastic, Fudge. It is worth noting that the surface on which you can apply icing should not spread and not be sticky. Icing is applied with a pastry syringe, then the finished product is put in the refrigerator for further solidification. Very beautiful are the laces, inscriptions and patterns.
The recipe for the icing

Ingredients: 3 eggs, 17.64 oz powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon lemon juice, 1 teaspoon glycerin.

Manufacturing process: cool all the ingredients, skim the dishes and wipe them dry. Take the eggs, separate the whites from the yolks. Whisk the whites, add the glycerin, lemon juice and powdered sugar. Beat the mass well with a whisk until it turns white. Cover the mass with cling film and place in the refrigerator for 1 hour to burst air bubbles. Icing is ready, you can safely decorate the cake!

Icing cake decoration
Icing cake decoration

6. Decorating cakes with mastic

Mastic is a special dough for decorating a cake. You can roll it out and cover the top of the cake, you can also create various animal figures, letters, numbers, flowers, leaves, openwork patterns, and whatever your imagination desires.

The main rule of working with mastic is that you will have to work with it very quickly, as it instantly freezes. But there is a way out! When you form the decoration, pinch off the desired piece, and wrap the rest of the mastic in film. Large figures may crack when dry.

Mastic recipe

Ingredients: condensed milk, powdered milk or cream, powdered sugar, food coloring (optional). The number of ingredients directly depends on the size of the cake.

Preparation process: take a deep dish and mix the powdered milk or cream with powdered sugar. Gradually add the condensed milk and knead well. You should get an elastic dough that does not stick to your hands. Add the food dye drop by drop and stir in the dough. After cooking immediately, wrap the fondant in cling film.

Decorating cakes with mastic
Decorating cakes with mastic

7. Decorating cakes with icing

At the moment, there are chocolate, mirror, marmalade, caramel, multi-colored, soft, milk and cream glazes.

Chocolate icing recipe

Ingredients: 1.5 tablespoons of milk, 2 teaspoons of cocoa powder, 1.5 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons of butter.

Cooking process: take a bowl, put cocoa, sugar, pieces of butter, and pour the milk. Put on the fire, melt and boil for 5-7 minutes. Cover the cake with chocolate icing using a wide knife and put it in the refrigerator for further solidification.

Decorating cakes with icing
Decorating cakes with icing

8. Decorating cakes with butter cream

Cream is a universal decoration for cakes. It is very convenient for them to write greetings, make openwork frames, and lush roses. Food coloring agents are often added to the cream.

Butter cream recipe

Ingredients: 3.53 oz of butter, 5 tablespoons of condensed milk, food coloring.

Cooking process: melt the butter in a steam bath or microwave. Whisk it until it is white and fluffy. Add the condensed milk, mix well and divide the cream into portions. Add the desired color dye to each portion of the cream. Place the cream in a pastry syringe and create beauty, then send the cake to the cold to freeze the cream.

Decorating cakes with butter cream
Decorating cakes with butter cream

9. Decorating cakes with whipped cream

Whipped cream is an original airy, voluminous and delicate decoration. Their preparation does not require special products. To beautifully decorate the cake with whipped cream, you will need a pastry syringe. You need to work with cream quickly enough. Make sure that all the ingredients and tools are prepared. The surface of the cake should be smooth and not too sticky.

Whipped cream recipe

Ingredients: half a liter of high-fat cream from 33%, a bag of vanilla, powdered sugar 5.29oz, 1 bag of instant gelatin, food coloring (optional).

Cooking process: put the cream in the refrigerator for 12 hours. Pour the cooled cream into a deep container. Take another deep container and pour ice water into it. Place a container of cream in a container of ice water. Dissolve the gelatin in the way indicated on the package. Beat the cream with a mixer (do not use a blender, as the foam will not work). Beat them until the foam is strong enough. Add the powdered sugar and vanilla, then stir with a whisk. Add the dissolved gelatin in a thin stream. Put the cream in a syringe and decorate the cake.

Decorating cakes with whipped cream
Decorating cakes with whipped cream

10. Decoration of cakes meringue. 11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands.

Meringue is a snow-white, crunchy and very tasty decoration. It is laid out on a layer of chocolate, jam, or cream.

Meringue recipe

Ingredients: a glass of powdered sugar, 5 chilled eggs, a bag of vanilla (optional).

Cooking process: separate the whites from the yolks and pour the whites into a dry, fat-free, deep container. Whisk the whites until fluffy (10-15 minutes). Gradually pour out the powder (1-2 teaspoons) and immediately dissolve it. Add the vanilla and also dissolve it well. Preheat the oven to 212F degrees, cover the baking sheet with parchment paper and transfer the protein foam to a pastry syringe. Squeeze the protein mixture onto a baking sheet, creating beautiful balls or other shapes. Meringue is dried, not baked, the time of stay of the future meringue in the oven depends on the size of the blanks. Approximate drying time is 1.5-2 hours.

Decoration of cakes meringue
Decoration of cakes meringue

11. Decorating jelly cakes. 11 ideas for decorating cakes with your own hands.

Jelly looks very nice and has a positive effect on people’s joints. Jelly filling is perfectly combined with various fruits. However, it can be used to decorate the cake in its pure form, or you can also decorate the top with jelly filling with a sprinkling of coconut shavings or nuts, be original and think about the concept of decoration!

Jelly filling recipe

Ingredients: Two glasses  juice (you can take juice of different colors), 1 pack of rapidly dissolving gelatin, a glass of powdered sugar.

Preparation process: soak the gelatin in 1/3 of the juice and leave to swell. Then melt the gelatin with the juice for a couple of minutes. Mix the powdered sugar and remaining juice, pour into the molds and put in the refrigerator. Pour 1/2 cup of jelly and put it in the refrigerator for a while, so that it has time to harden. Put the cake in the mold that is above it. Put the jelly filling on the cake, and decorate the top with jelly molds. Steam will help you easily get the jelly blanks out of the molds. It is enough to bring the jelly mold over the steam, and then turn it over for dessert.

Put the cake in the refrigerator for 10-12 hours and before serving, do not forget to remove the mold. If you want to make a jelly filling with fruit, then prepare the jelly as described above. Place it briefly in the refrigerator so that it has time to catch. Transfer the jelly to the beautifully laid out fruit, smooth it out with a spatula and put it in the refrigerator overnight. To prevent the jelly from breaking during serving, cut it with a heated knife.

decorating the cake with jelly
decorating the cake with jelly

Choose the most original ways to decorate the cake. Create an incredibly beautiful cake with your own hands and Your guests will appreciate it in the best possible way.



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