5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium

5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium

Create a special interior in an apartment or house will help miniature gardens behind glass. A piece of nature brought into the everyday environment will fill the room with bright natural colors. 5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium.

A way out of this situation can be a mini-garden created by your own hands. It can be arranged in any transparent container. Even a novice gardener can do this. The creative process requires patience, small financial and time costs, but it looks much more spectacular than ordinary flowers in pots.

Compositions of plants in transparent containers live in a closed environment. All kinds of natural processes take place within these walls: photosynthesis, growth cycle, and liquid nutrition.

To create a natural accessory, you can use any glass object – an aquarium, a decanter, or a jar. the main advantage of the bottle garden is its compactness. A mini flower garden will easily fit on the windowsill. The decor will fit perfectly into any interior, but it will look especially harmonious in an eco-style.

The Florarium with orchids
The Florarium with orchids


1. Selection of necessary materials. 5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium.

You can create a beautiful florarium from the simplest and most affordable materials. The choice is influenced by the type of glass container, the complexity and filling capacity of the composition

To create a mini-garden, you will need:
– Capacity of any size
– Small stones (enough to fill the bottom of the jar)
– Soil suitable for selected plants
– Plants-succulents or other low-maintenance plants that don’t require a lot of nutrients and water.
– Small shells
– Poster paints and clear nail polish.
– Decorative elements (plastic houses, ladders, splinters);
Tools: spatula, spray gun, watering can.

The Florarium with composition
The Florarium with composition

2. Preparation of materials

First, you need to wash the container well.
Then you need to pick up small stones to lay them on the bottom. You can paint small stones with poster paints to make them look like miniature mushrooms. After the paint dries, cover it with a layer of transparent nail Polish so that it does not wash off. If you are going to work with soil and plants, you should not forget about hygiene and safety, especially if the greenery and earth were collected in a Park or forest belt. Be sure to wear protective gloves.

Filling the container must be carried out exactly with step-by-step instructions:
At the bottom of the bank, we lay out a drainage layer. This can be wood, activated carbon, or a mixture of both. Then we put small stones or expanded clay. Drainage should be at least 3 centimeters;
Fill the soil with a spatula and level it. It should immediately be sprayed with water from a spray gun, so that it settles well. Soil and drainage should take up one third of the Bank;
We separate the right amount of moss, sort the greenery and prepare decorative elements;

Creating a landscape. We determine the place of each plant, make small notches in the ground with our finger and place seedlings in them. It is necessary to make sure that the leaves do not touch the walls of the aquarium, otherwise they will accumulate moisture and form a fungus;

We put moss, beautiful stones, splinters between the plants, arrange various figures and decorative elements;
Water the florarium with filtered water and spray the leaves with a spray gun.

5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium
5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium

3. A composition

After planting, add colored “mushrooms”, shells and small stones to the composition, spreading them around the plants. Do not pile up too many elements, leave free space around each plant. Plants will look as natural as possible if you plant them at different distances from each other. After planting, we water the composition from a watering can with a divider.

You can decorate the florarium with any materials at hand. It can be stones, glass, figures that match the style. To give the appearance of design, some areas between the plants are sprinkled with colored sand, level it with a brush. You can make depressions and low hills. We decorate the surface, adhering to the planned plan (place moss, colored stones, sand).

4. How to care for florarium?

Miniature gardens resemble greenhouses because of the environment created inside. Any planted plant or a whole composition requires a certain amount of care. You should also monitor the cleanliness of the container itself. It must be wiped with a damp cloth from the outside, trying not to leave streaks, otherwise they can spoil the whole picture.

Care for green spaces is as follows:

Irrigation. Florarium should be watered moderately, not allowing excessive moisture. A closed ecosystem is devoid of drainage holes, excess liquid will remain at the bottom of the container and lead to root rot, the death of the plant. Moisten the soil only if there is no condensation on the inner walls of the glass;

Clipping. As the plants grow, they will take up more and more space. But since it is limited, they will have to be cut and pinched. This will help to preserve the decorativeness. You should also remove leaves with signs of fungal or bacterial diseases.
Fertilizer. Make bait should only be noticeable yellowing, discoloration of the leaves. The dosage should be minimal. Excessive fertilization will lead to accelerated growth and accumulation of salts in the soil.

Florarium with large capacity
Florarium with large capacity

5. Where to place. 5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium.

The most comfortable place for the florarium is the window sill on the shady side. Direct rays of the sun negatively affect it. Inside the container, the temperature rises, which leads to a violation of natural processes. The exception is gardens with succulents. Flowering plants will be comfortable in places with diffused bright light. If there is no such place in the apartment, you need to use artificial lighting, otherwise the flowers will tend to the window and lose their attractiveness.

Florarium is an original decorative element. You can place a modern accessory on the coffee table. In the center of the room, it will take pride of place. A vase with succulents will look organic on a computer table. You can add creativity to the decor if you put it on books or magazines. Several single plants of the same type can be placed symmetrically on the shelves. Hanging jars, lined up in a row, will decorate any wall.

Creating a florarium with your own hands is not just an entertaining hobby, but also a good opportunity to show creativity. The growth of plants is interesting to watch. This is a wonderful gift for both adults and children. Exotic compositions will enliven the interior, make it stylish and original. 5 tips for creating a mini Garden in a florarium.

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