Fitness recipes: Pancakes with persimmon and poppy seeds

Pancakes with persimmon and poppy seeds

Pancakes with persimmon and poppy seeds exceed all expectations. They are soft and airy, but quite juicy. I am sure that you will find this simple recipe very healthy. Treat yourself and your loved ones with such delicious dessert dishes.

Persimmon for cooking pancakes is best used very ripe, the milk should be at room temperature. Persimmon dishes look unusual and exotic on our table. Salad with persimmons will especially appeal to those who watch their figure. Fragrant persimmon jam is used as a filling for pies or just served with tea. And such persimmon recipes as pie or cupcake are reminiscent of oriental sweets. Persimmon dishes are delicious!

Persimmon-use in cooking. Pancakes with persimmon and poppy seeds.

Persimmon is perfectly possible to eat and just as a fruit. But if you want something delicious, you can prepare a salad, pastries, jelly or pudding with her participation. They dry it, make molasses, or make jam and marmalade. Known recipes for cider, beer, wine, and dried seeds make a substitute for coffee.

The chocolate variety is used in milkshakes. And delicious desserts can be prepared with the addition of liqueurs, vanilla, whipped cream. As part of salad dressings, persimmon is combined with honey, cream cheese and orange juice.


Milk 2 cups
Flour 1.5 cups
Persimmon 2 PCs.
Eggs 2 PCs.
Sugar 2 tablespoons
Mac 1 tablespoon
Vegetable oil 4 tablespoons


Cooking time 30 minutes

Prepare all the ingredients. Beat eggs with sugar. Pour in the milk and beat until smooth. Add the poppy seeds. Separately puree the persimmon with a blender.

Add persimmon, flour and vegetable oil to the egg-milk mixture.

Mix until smooth.Fry the pancakes in a dry pan on 2 sides. Ready-made pancakes are not smeared with anything, they are very tender and soft. Ready-made pancakes spread on paper towels to get rid of excess oil.
Serve warm with honey, berries, or maple syrup. Bon Appetit!

. Pancakes with persimmon and poppy seeds.