Even with a beautiful interior design of the house, you want to make changes over time. In order for the interior to give a good mood and comfort upon returning home. 7 effective methods that will help you feel comfortable in the house.

Method 1: Make a rearrangement in the house

When the renovation is finally finished, it seems that the apartment will always cause the same awe and delight as on the first day. However, a few months pass, and the situation becomes boring: the dining group near the window no longer seems so cozy, the sofa in the corner-so comfortable, and the wardrobe in the hallway-so compact. Especially for such cases, there is a permutation. It allows you to look at the familiar interior with a new look, and also has several other advantages:

Allows you to better feel the space and make optimal use of each meter;
Inspires new ideas on how to make an apartment more comfortable and beautiful;
Updates the interior and creates the feeling that you have bought a new home;
Focuses on unnecessary items that you can safely get rid of.

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However, before making a rearrangement, think carefully about whether the new arrangement of furniture and appliances will be convenient for you. For example, if you put the sofa on the opposite wall, you will not have access to sockets, and if you hang the TV closer to the window, it will constantly appear sun glare. Ideally, you need to draw a plan of the room and mark where the item should be located after the rearrangement. If you are satisfied with everything-start updating the interior.

Method 2: New season – new interior decor. 7 effective methods that will help you feel comfortable in the house.

If rearrangement is not an option, but you still want to update the interior, resort to the help of decor. In particular, the perception of the house is largely dependent on textiles, so why not change it every season? For example, in the summer to hang green curtains, and in the fall – yellow. You can also lay a blanket on the sofa that matches the color scheme, replace the pillowcases on the decorative pillows, lay a new carpet, get a bright set of bed linen.

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These solutions work perfectly in apartments decorated in a scandinavian or minimalist style. Base tones are always a great background for any color solutions. For example, if the walls and ceiling are snow-white, the decor can change every season and at the same time any shade will look harmonious, even red, even blue, even green.

Method 3: Change the furniture upholstery

Re-fitting will cost much less than buying a new piece of furniture, besides, so you will definitely get a copy of the desired shade.

Usually, the safety of the fabric depends on how often the household uses the furniture and in which room it stands. For example, the upholstery of the sofa in the living room, in which there are children or pets will have to be changed every three to four years.

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If you carefully monitor the condition of the furniture, the service life of the upholstery can reach up to ten years. Sometimes you may need to re-tie the furniture even when the fabric is all right. For example, you have made repairs, but the color of the sofa is not in harmony with the new finishes and furniture.

Method 4: Update the dishes in the kitchen

The audit should be periodically arranged not only in the closet with clothes, but also in the kitchen. Despite the strong belief of many housewives that the dishes can live forever, this is not the case. Often there are cracks, chips, and although they do not look critical, it is still worth getting rid of such plates and cups in time, otherwise there is a risk of injury. Glasses, shot glasses, salad bowls are also included in the list of dishes that often break, so be prepared for the fact that their range will need to be periodically replenished.

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Experts advise you to buy dishes of the basic shape and color, so that it fits well into the existing set, or to start from the color scheme of the kitchen – in this case, beautiful plates or mugs can be placed on open shelves for emphasis.

Method 5: Throw away the excess. 7 effective methods that will help you feel comfortable in the house.

No less important task than general cleaning or cooking is the clutter of the apartment. Sometimes it seems that there are no extra items in the house and every thing is in its place, but it is only necessary to start studying the range of available products, as the opinion changes dramatically. We are talking not only about clothes, shoes, expired cosmetics and household chemicals, but also about food products that are often lost on the far shelves of the cabinet.

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Set aside one day a month for this procedure and you will have the opportunity to add comfort and space to the apartment. First, there will be no more exhausting general cleaning and attempts to distribute unnecessary things around the rooms that only take up space. And secondly, you will always feel comfortable, because nothing will create visual noise.

Method 6: Change the wall decor

Few people resort to wall decor, but if the idea of the importance of paintings, shelves or posters has already been formed. These items are chosen for a long time, and then left for years. Designers advise not to get attached to such a decor and update it every two to three months. For example, if there are posters of the sea on the bedroom wall, in september they can be replaced with photos of the autumn forest, and in winter-snow-covered cities.

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Just print out the new photos in the printing house and insert them into the existing frames. Another option is to add a shelf for plants or decorate the wall with a beautiful garland. Or, on the contrary, to remove part of the decor to make the room look more spacious. Everything is in your hands, the main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and changes.

Method 7: Do a little cleaning before going to bed

Many people will now think with a sigh that cleaning every weekend is enough for them. However, the reality is quite different. Putting things in order before going to bed has many advantages. First, this way you reduce the duration of cleaning several times, because the mess will be eliminated.

Secondly, such a routine activity will help to distract from thoughts about work and relax mentally. Third, when you look at a clean apartment, your mood will immediately lift. And fourth, in the morning you do not have to spend time washing dishes, putting things in the closet and other small things – this is especially true when you wake up hard and go to work in ten minutes.

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