7 ideas of how plants become an amazing decoration

7 ideas on how plants become an amazing home decoration

How nice it is to return to the house after a hard day, where a corner of wildlife is waiting for you. Even the very color of the plants is green, it has the ability to calm, relax. Indoor plants are more often grown in apartments for lack of “their” piece of wildlife. And not everyone can take a walk in the park after work. Even domestic plants are often identified with the desire to take care. Every room looks better surrounded by plants. 7 ideas on how plants become an amazing home decoration.

A green oasis in the house

Plants bring life and a sense of peace and will perfectly fit into any interior. If you place them in interesting pots or in unusual places, you will certainly give your space a new look and make it much more interesting.

It does not matter for what reason you are breeding house plants, but there are rules for choosing plants. What should be guided when buying them? First, their preferences and capabilities. More or less fastidious, blooming, not blooming. How much time are you ready to devote to your plants?

Decorative deciduous plants are considered less fastidious in care. But they can also be divided into those that need watering once a week and transplanting once a year. And there are also those who like regular watering, a certain temperature, partial shade and a positive atmosphere in the house.



If you have decided on a plant, you should think about its placement. Where you like it, it will not always suit your flower. For example, orchids do not like sharp odors and direct sunlight, that is, the kitchen is contraindicated for them. Since most plants are still fans of sunlight, they need window stands for flowers.

1. Use a coffee table, bench or jardinieres. 7 ideas on how plants become an amazing home decoration.

This is an easy way to decorate your home. If you have at least a little free space in the corner of the room or in the corridor, reserve a place for a bench where you will place plants. Let it be your green oasis.
2. Pots in one color

With the help of a drop of imagination and creativity, you can decorate your home in an original way. Many plant pots in one place make the space more interesting. Let them be of different sizes, but in the same color – it looks very stylish.

3. Miniature pots

In addition to being cute, they are very practical, since they are small in size and do not take up much space. They are a great choice for a desk or as a main decoration on the dining table.

4. Choose hanging pots for plants

Flowers do not always have to stand where we are used to, on a shelf or on a window. In small apartments, flowers in hanging planters are a great solution if you have nowhere to place plants. Even if you have enough space, this method of growing flowers can look very impressive.


5. Use twigs

You can also refresh your apartment or house with a single sprig of greenery. This somewhat bohemian style is the perfect way to decorate an apartment for people who are free in spirit.
6. Long ampelny plants

If you want your space to be special, choose ampel plants. They will give the room a luxurious look and can even serve as a curtain.

7. Various shapes and sizes of pots

And different plant pots together can look stylish. But do not overdo it in this way of decorating. Choose only one place in the house that you will decorate in this way.
Next to the sofa is a standard place to place a pot of plants, it is certainly a good way to decorate your home. Choose a large plant and put it next to your favorite chair or sofa.

The type and number of plants. 7 ideas on how plants become an amazing home decoration.

The type and number of plants also depends on the placement area. In the bedroom, you should not put a lot of plants, because at night they produce carbon dioxide, which is bad for a person’s well-being. Experts recommend placing succulents in the workplace near the computer. They are resistant to dry climate and dust.


Plants with thin and delicate leaves and stems should not be placed in the kitchen, as they require frequent cleaning. But the living room gives you complete freedom of choice. A large, bright and clean room. For a harmonious placement of plants in the living room, you will need a large selection of stands . But here you can place both flowering and deciduous and smelling.

In addition, the plant becomes part of the interior of the room, so you also need to be creative about the choice of pots. If everything is done with love, the result will be on the face.

When the place on the windowsill ends, the question arises about finding other options for placing pots. You can buy a planter with a suspension or make it yourself. The second option is suitable for those who like to make with their own hands and want to give free rein to their imagination.

Choose a suitable pot according to the capacity and plant flowers in it. They will respond with lush flowering and dense greenery. Do not forget that it is important to install a strong hook in the wall or ceiling for fixing the suspension, so that the plant does not fall from a height.