8 ideas for updating the interior decor
8 ideas for updating the interior decor

Any interior gets boring over time. Those elements of decor that seemed to be loved, now even begin to irritate. If you have such thoughts, then something definitely needs to change. We have selected 8 effective ideas that will help you upgrade your home and save you almost money. 8 ideas for updating the interior decor.

1. Destroy the style framework

Thanks to a large number of specialized magazines and blogs, people have become well versed in design styles and trends. On the one hand, this is good, but on the other, having this information, people are trying their best to put their space in a certain framework. As a result, the premises completely lose their individuality and quickly get bored with their owners. Most often this happens with interiors in the style of minimalism, which look very attractive in photos in magazines, but cold and uncomfortable in life.

To avoid mistakes, competent designers recommend not to be tied to one style, but to mix several, choosing your own formula for the ideal housing. For example, you can use white and gray colors and a minimal set of furniture as a basis, and add paintings on the walls, bright bed linen and a variety of accessories.

Destroy the style framework

2. Focus on the ceiling

Not only the walls affect the visual perception of the room, but also the ceiling. But over time, when you are already quite used to the situation in the room, and the freshness of the repair is completely eroded, you can shift the focus to the ceiling. It can be painted in an unusual color, decorated with paintings, decorative modeling or fabric. Such work will not take much time and will require a lot of money, but the end result will refresh the slightly bored interior.

8 ideas for updating the interior decor

3. New life of old things

Despite the abundance of beautiful modern furniture, designers do not recommend completely getting rid of the old one. They claim that every home has treasures that preserve history and make jelly cozy and unique. Think about and save those things that cause you warm memories, and to make them fit well into a modern interior, you should work a little on their appearance. A new color, upholstery, or even a new purpose will help you get stylish furniture that no one else will have.

New life of old things

4. Bright accents.8 ideas for updating the interior decor.

Bright accents are exactly what will allow you to easily change the “mood” of your space. As an accent, you can use painting some elements: one wall, door, battery, ceiling or headboard. Or use an alternative method: accessories or textiles. You can immediately buy several bright tablecloths, curtains of different shades, blankets, and carpets and change them depending on the season or mood.

8 ideas for updating the interior decor

5. Personality

To make the room look new and cozy, add personality to the interior. The easiest and most logical way is to decorate the walls and shelves with your favorite photos. You can experiment with their number and placement on the wall. If photos don’t appeal to you, think of a different way to implement your idea in space. Perhaps you draw pictures, collect records, love flowers, handbags, or dolls. Whatever you are interested in, find a place where you can beautifully arrange items that give you joy. This technique will not only refresh the interior, but also make it special.

8 ideas for updating the interior decor

6. Original lighting.8 ideas for updating the interior decor.

Previously, no one paid much attention to the lighting of the apartment: a ceiling chandelier and a table lamp were all that was needed. Modern designers have demonstrated how to use proper lighting to update and improve the living space. So when you think that something is missing at home, try to work with the light. A new designer floor lamp, sconce or string of industrial-style light bulbs will help you see some areas of your apartment from a completely new angle.

Original lighting

7. Interior decor

Accessories and home decor – these are the things that will allow you to constantly change and improve your space. Sofa cushions in different colors, photo frames, paintings, figurines, various holders, decorative candles – this is not a complete list of accessories that you can use to update your living space. In addition, designers claim that you can use decor not only to update the interior, but also to harmonize objects of different styles.

Interior decor

8. Comfortable home.8 ideas for updating the interior decor.

When people think about style and appearance, they forget about comfort. But this is one of the main factors of home improvement. Think about what kind of bed you need in the bedroom, which table will be convenient for work, how much light you need. Even if something doesn’t fit in the picture, but is familiar to you, buy it and put it on. Otherwise, you will become a hostage to a beautiful, but completely uninhabitable image.

Comfortable home

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