Beautiful orchids in the interior
Beautiful orchids in the interior

Beautiful and delicate orchids can serve as a wonderful home decoration. This exotic flower, like no other, emphasizes the refined atmosphere, gives a sense of tenderness and peace. In addition, the design with orchids perfectly fits into almost any interior, except for deliberately rough, like rustic.

Beautiful orchids in the interior

Let’s consider what advantages and specific nuances there are when using orchids in the interior of the house:

Choosing a suitable color and size of the flower or its image, you can decorate the interior, give it a modern, stylish touch and, at the same time, make the design of the room more cozy and elegant.

The Orchid can perfectly contrast with deliberately rough surfaces that are often used in industrial and loft styles. For example, against an untreated brick wall, a delicate flower will look especially tender. This design is suitable for decorating a bedroom or living room, even the kitchen will look more modern and fashionable.

Especially suitable for home decoration white flower. This instance will fit perfectly into any interior. Use the contrast technique by placing white flowers against dark surfaces and Vice versa. This interesting technique makes the interior lively and dynamic. There are paintings and tiles with this design on sale, please pay attention to them.

Beautiful orchids in the interior

Using orchids in the design of the room, it should be understood that the flower will be the main “actor” of the composition, the semantic center of the interior of the bedroom or living room. Therefore, the entire environment should be reduced to setting off the beauty of this flower.

You should not place the orchid next to chic, pompous interior details: paintings, large gilded vases, etc.the Presence of such elegant and too decorative items nearby will not allow you to enjoy the refined and stylish simplicity of the flower. To make the orchid look as harmonious as possible, it is better to place it next to simple lines and shapes, low-key colors. Concise paintings, simple tiles and Wallpaper will be useful.

Orchids placed in large floor vases look great. Vases should not have too decorative design, so as not to distract attention from the flower.

Beautiful orchids in the interior

Let’s look at exactly how you can use these flowers in an apartment:

For the bedroom, orchids are useful because they bring a romantic note and tenderness to the interior. But there is a theory that live orchids at night can take energy from the surrounding space. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep real flowers in the bedroom.

But artificial analogues are just what you need. For the bedroom, photo Wallpapers or paintings with pink or snow-white plants are suitable. This technique will perfectly decorate the interior, give it tenderness.
The kitchen, where the design with orchids is applied, always looks luxurious and fashionable. This kitchen will become a favorite gathering place for the whole family in the morning and evening.

Where, if not in the living room, can you place live specimens in elegant pots? If you put such a composition or a single flower, it will decorate the interior, make it a festive touch. Also suitable and elegant Wallpaper with these colors.
Exotic flowers will fit well even in the interior of the bathroom. They can give this slightly cold room an atmosphere of comfort and warmth. In addition, the combination of glossy cold tiles and a live warm flower looks very unusual and interesting. It is better to put the orchid in a prominent place, so that it is immediately noticeable when entering the room — so the bathroom will get a stylish and elegant look.

Beautiful orchids in the interior

In which interior these flowers will look as harmonious as possible, consider:

The classic style is very suitable for the design of orchids. Although this flower can not be called a classic and common, it nevertheless fits well into the traditional environment, giving it a bit of modern dynamics.

In the case of minimalism, orchids in the interior perform the same functions as in Japanese — they give the room dynamics, bring a fresh stream. In addition, in contrast to the laconic and strict minimalism, the delicate orchid flower looks especially elegant. A little unexpected, bold, but this is the modern approach to interior design.

The room in the high-tech style of the orchid makes it more cozy and homely.

If the interior has elements of oriental style, then you can not do without orchids. In the rich and decorative oriental setting of a bedroom or living room, orchids give it airiness and grace. oriental styles include Chinese and Asian styles. In Japanese interiors, the orchid is a very popular decoration theme. In this case, the orchid brings vivacity and freshness to the interior.

In ultra-modern loft and industrial styles, orchids can look very interesting, making the room more lively and warm. To decorate a bedroom or living room, you can even use avant-garde paintings with bright orchids or put up-to-date concise vases with artificial or live flowers.

Where it is undesirable to use orchids, so it is in the design of the room in the country style, rustic or rustic. Rough design is not combined with a delicate and refined flower.

Beautiful orchids in the interior

Care for an Orchid in the house. Beautiful orchids in the interior.

Depending on the variety, the requirements for creating optimal growing conditions may differ. But there are several general ones that are suitable for most species:

  • for plants it is necessary to provide constant heat and light;
  • water most of them should not be more than once a week, sometimes to water, you just need to lower the pot into the water for a short time;
  • it is necessary to exclude the possibility of drafts in the room with orchids;
  • do not place them near heating systems, so that there are no problems with drying out the roots;
  • fertilizing is carried out once a month or less, for this purpose, when watering, a special fertilizer is added to the water;
  • it is considered acceptable if the roots protrude outwards.

Exotic Orchid-beautiful and delicate. It is a symbol of rebirth and family unity. The flower inspires creative individuals and strengthens the desire to achieve the goal.

Beautiful orchids in the interior

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