Eco decor made of wooden cuts with your own hands for home
Eco decor made of wooden cuts with your own hands for home

Wooden cuts are used for the decoration of rooms, for the construction of paths, for the creation of furniture, lamps – in a word, everywhere and everywhere they will be in place.Eco decor made of wooden cuts with your own hands for home.

Wall decor made of wooden cuts

Wooden saws are used not only outside, but also inside the house. Wall decoration with wooden cuts is one of the most common ways to create an interior in an eco-style. The round wooden cuts is glued to the wall surface and varnished. If you want to change the color of the wood and make it a more noble shade, first soak the cuts with a coloring solution.

Wall decor made of wooden cuts

Panels made of wooden cuts. Eco decor made of wooden cuts with your own hands for home.

Paintings and panels created with the use of wooden cuts will become a wonderful decor of the room, decorated in the styles of provence, rustic, country. It is possible to perform such compositions both from some round logs, and with the addition of other natural materials: cones, branches, dried herbs.

Table made of wooden cuts

Wooden cuts are also used to create furniture, most often tables and chairs. A massive wooden table made of a huge old tree will certainly not fit into any environment. However, in the right environment, it will certainly become the dominant of the interior.

Tempered glass is often used as a countertop. It will add lightness, lightness, and the table, despite the foot of the wooden cuts, will not seem so massive.

Panels made of wooden cuts

Small tea tables are the easiest way to use roundels. For such a table made of wooden cuts, only metal legs and impregnation for wood are needed. Such tables can also be used as bedside tables or as flower stands.

Wooden cuts chairs. Eco decor made of wooden cuts with your own hands for home.

A stool made of wooden cuts filled with epoxy resin immediately turns from a dull piece of furniture into a bright and original interior detail.

Chaise longue made of wooden cuts

It’s hard to believe, but even a chaise longue can be made with your own hands from wooden cuts. To make it, cut the tree into round pieces. The curved shape of the back of the chaise longue.

Starting from the middle, place the roundels along the drawn line. Connect each element to the other with screws . When the chaise longue is ready, additionally strengthen the connection with steel brackets that are attached from the bottom side.

Chaise longue made of wooden cuts

Stands made of wooden cuts

To protect the surface of furniture from scratches, stains, etc., stands made of wooden cuts will help. They can be done in two ways:

Cut the tree into round pieces of the same thickness and glue them together.
Take any material (fabric, leather, thin plywood, etc.) and stick wooden cuts on it, starting from the center.

Coasters for hot. Eco decor made of wooden cuts with your own hands for home.

The process of creating square stands for hot from wooden cuts consists of the following stages:

1.Take the trunk of any tree of arbitrary diameter . Cut it into thin circles.
2. On a sheet of plywood, starting from the edge, start gluing the cuts with any glue for wood. In the process of work, use both large and small parts.
3. Fill the plywood to the width you need. After completely drying, spray it on strips of the desired size.
4. Carefully sand the workpiece. They must be absolutely flat. After that, cut the strips into squares.
5. Soak the stands with wood oil.
6. If desired, to protect the table, you can stick silicone legs on the bottom. Your coasters are ready.

Coasters for hot

The stands can simultaneously serve as a board for cutting food. To save space, they can be made two-tiered.

The tray

A wooden cuts can also be used to create a tray. To do this, you need to screw the handles to it and, if desired, decorate the surface in any way (paint, decorate, etc.).

The decor of the room with wooden cuts

Wooden cuts are often used to create decorative elements.


Take apart the details of a traditional and unremarkable watch. From there you will need the clockwork and the hands. In the center of the wooden cuts, make a hole equal to the size of the clockwork.

Draw the numbers on the outside of the watch using a stencil. Attach the arrows and insert the battery. Agree, wooden clocks look much more interesting than plastic ones.


Mirror frame

With the help of wooden cuts, you can also trim the frame for the mirror. Cut a circle out of plywood. Attach a mirror to it and outline its contours with a simple pencil. With white acrylic paint, paint the part of the plywood that will be covered with wooden cuts.

When the paint dries, glue the roundels onto the plywood without going over the line. Try to make the cuts that go along the outside cover the edge of the plywood. Finish the frame with varnish and fix the mirror on the plywood.

A wreath on the door

Mirror frame

You can also make an interior wreath with your own hands from wooden cuts. Cut the tree into thin circles . Find a round base, for example, a bowl of a suitable diameter and arrange the blanks around it. Carefully, trying not to move the circles, remove the base.

Take a new roundel and apply hot glue to both edges of it. Glue this wooden cuts in such a way that one of its edges is on one round piece, and the second is on the other. So repeat until the end. The upper row should connect all the elements of the lower one. You will only have to decorate the wreath.


Lamps made of wooden cuts? And why not! This is also possible. Cut the log into narrow round pieces and make a hole in the center. Connect all the elements with a bar, as the details are strung in a children’s pyramid.


Also attach an  led strip to it – an absolutely unique piece of interior is ready.

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