How to create your own beautiful garden of emotions?

How to create your own beautiful garden of emotions?

In the modern world, the garden is becoming a place where we can replenish our resources, both moral and physical. The more comfortable we are in our garden, the faster the recovery process will go. A cozy garden will help you recharge with positive emotions for a long time. How to create your own beautiful garden of emotions?

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It is while relaxing or working in the garden that we realize that we are part of a huge interesting world, it is here that our rapprochement with nature takes place. Watching a large plant grow from a small seed, which then bears fruit, most of us get a lot of positive emotions.

But each person has their own needs. Someone will have a great rest during simple work in the garden, the aesthetic component is no less important to someone, and in some cases, you can even adjust the mood by selecting plants of a certain color scheme.

If a person is very active, these will be some solutions, if there are notes of melancholy, others. Some require a garden for privacy, while others will always have a lot of guests. A garden can evoke different emotions, but only positive ones.

How can I convey or emphasize the emotions of the garden? How to create your own beautiful garden of emotions?

The color scheme plays a big role. Color is a key factor in many areas of our life. By the way a person dresses, you can already understand a lot about him, the same applies to the colors of the interior, the garden will not be an exception.

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With the help of plants of different colors, we can create gardens with different emotional loads. If we use bright color accents, bold colors, and give preference to red and burgundy, then we will fill the garden with a strong energy charge, and life-affirming emotions.

Even if a person gets into such a garden in a sad mood, then you can quickly replenish your strength.

The plot in white tones: plants, accents, and features

A white garden or flower garden is best laid out on the shady side of the plot, where the ideal background for white flowers will be light green, yellow-green, and emerald-green foliage. At dusk, when all the colors fade, he will especially attract attention to himself.

On a sunny lawn, plants should be placed on a silver, gray, or blue background. Otherwise, it will just turn out to be an indistinct illuminated place. To create a warmer composition, add several colors of a different colors to it.

And there are people who have a riot of colors and sensations enough in everyday life, they usually feel more comfortable in gardens, where calm shades prevail. Very interesting gardens are obtained in white tones. In fact, there are a lot of shades of white, so the garden will not be monotonous and boring. Lilac color perfectly sets off white. The garden in lilac tones will give a feeling of peace.

There are quite a lot of plants with white buds or patterns on the leaves. But they all differ in shades, because perennials and annuals with cream, milk, porcelain, grayish, yellowish, and even pinkish flowers belong to white. And they don’t always fit together.

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Therefore, when creating a monochrome flower garden, use plants of the same color type, choosing from warm or cold shades. The first includes crops with white or beige inflorescences and orange or yellow elements. All blue-white and pink-white flowers, as well as plants with foliage and needles of a silvery, bluish, or gray shade, are considered cold.

Small architectural forms: gazebos, pergolas, benches, arches, and screens, as well as planters and garden sculptures, painted white, will greatly simplify the selection of plants for the lunar garden. In this case, you can plant flowers of several shades.

To keep the flower garden white all season, plant plants with different flowering periods. Snowdrops and crocuses, hyacinths and lilies of the valley, daffodils and tulips, alpine aster and dissenter, saxifrage, and kupuna are popular among those blooming in spring.

What, besides color, can create a mood in the garden? How to create your own beautiful garden of emotions?

And again, plants will come to our aid. But this time we will use their fragrance. People are arranged in such a way that unobtrusive smells, which are associated with the happy moments of our life, can immerse us in this mood again and again. When is a person happiest? Of course, as a child! Phlox, peonies, and even spicy herbs will bring back a sense of security and cause a lot of pleasant memories.

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If you use the flower beds that are fashionable today, where herbs and cereals predominate, you can get the smell of the field. If such a fragrance is associated with happy moments in your life, then use it to cheer up. In the same way – thanks to a combination of different plants – you can “create” any smell that evokes pleasant associations.

Flowers with a pleasant aroma and charming blooming are a real find for gardeners. In order for the garden to delight with a wonderful aroma throughout the season, it is best to plant plants that bloom and smell at different times.

Plants are indispensable helpers for creating mood, and what other means can be used for this purpose?

The noise of the wind, the flow of water, watching the burning fire – all this helps to relax and unwind, and all this can be created on your site. Fortunately, you can find a huge number of options. Wind noise can be simulated using various windmills, and kinetic art objects. They will create the effect of serenity, lightness, and infinity. In addition to a pleasant sound, they will decorate your site.

If there is an opportunity to add water elements to the design, be sure to use it. It does not have to be large structures with fountains and cascades, a sense of calm and tranquility will bring small murmuring streams, and cascading bowls. There are a lot of options for including water in the garden design, here everyone can choose for themselves.

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Reservoirs with rocky shores. How to create your own beautiful garden of emotions?

Stones and boulders in the landscape design of your garden. And one of the most effective solutions is to decorate the shores of the reservoir with them. Thanks to the stones, you will give the pond more picturesqueness and extend its service life. They will also prevent debris from entering the water. Stones can be taken in different sizes to create the effect of naturalness.

Reservoirs made of the same type of stones, for example, limestone, granite, and tuff, look beautiful. You can “dilute” the composition with pebbles or crushed stone. But be careful with sand, it can make the water muddy.

If the size of the garden and the characteristics of the soil allow, then you should not limit yourself to a small pond. Dig a large pond. Of course, when creating it, you will need to take into account a lot of nuances, but look what a beauty it will turn out!

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If desired, you can decorate the pond with a small fountain. It will become not only a decorative element, but also a natural humidifier in hot weather.

A pond with a waterfall, such a composition is fantastic. But it is important to correctly fit a pond with a waterfall into the environment. Additionally, LED lights or underwater lights can be installed at the bottom of the reservoir.

The best rest is a change of activity. The same can be said about the change of situation. Fill your garden with what you lack in everyday life. Let it not only make you happy but also help you recover, replenish energy.

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