Master class: How to make a wall panel from living plants?

Master class: How to make a wall panel from living plants?

People so want to decorate their homes with compositions of living plants, because they help to find peace of mind, and fill the room with life-giving energy.

Recently, live paintings are popular, because they do not require much space. Some craftsmen create entire gardens on the walls. It is best to use succulents for this purpose. They are unpretentious in care, do not require abundant watering, and amaze with a variety of shapes and colors. For a panel on the wall, all these features are of paramount importance.

Live pictures of succulents
Live pictures of succulents Photos from pixabay

A living picture of succulents is an easy way to decorate a monotonous wall. They are suitable for lighted areas and will perfectly complement courtyards and balconies. It is best to use succulents — they look picturesque and almost do not require watering, they have miniature roots.

A spectacular tableau of succulents will add variety to any interior. And from spring to autumn, she can live on a balcony or terrace — such an original mini-garden.

Tools and materials

Any creative business begins with the purchase of the necessary materials. you also need to have at hand the tools with which the work will be performed. For a live picture, you will need:

 Wooden frame. its size, style, and shape can be any. a vintage version is also suitable. consider only that the picture will be heavy. If you buy a large frame, it will have to provide a complex mount so that it does not fall off the wall.

 Frame. Its length and width must exactly match the parameters of the frame. The depth of the frame is from 5 to 8 cm. You can make it yourself from wooden blocks.

 Metal mesh cells. Some masters advise you to buy it with small cells. others – with large ones.

A sheet of plywood. From it, you can pre-cut a rectangle with a jigsaw, the parameters of which exactly correspond to the size of the frame.

 Succulents. Sphagnum moss.  The ground.  Nails (you can also use self-tapping screws).  Hammer or screwdriver. Scoop. It is convenient for them to work on the ground.  Pruning shears or scissors.

 Wand.  Jigsaw.  Staples.  Plastic film.  Stapler.

the composition of floral panels
the composition of floral panels Photos from pixabay

If you wish to paint your frame, then you will need brushes and paints or varnish.

Succulents are plants that can accumulate moisture in the leaves or stems and then use it sparingly. They are medium-sized (in the form of shrubs), short and dwarf. You need to purchase several different species that do not grow large. Otherwise, they will ruin your picture.

Step-by-step instructions

We start creating a picture with a frame for it. if you plan to paint or varnish it, you need to do it at the very first stage of work. After waiting for the paint to dry completely, we begin to create a place where succulents will live. in this case, it is a box according to the size of the frame, which you fill with soil. Follow these steps:

Nail plywood to the frame. If there are protruding parts, remove them with a jigsaw.

Attach secure fasteners to the back side.

Cover the bottom and sides of the resulting box with plastic wrap. You can glue it carefully.

Attach to the frame of the net. you can do this with brackets. the mesh should not sag.

Attach the frame on top of the resulting structure.

Fill the box with soil. It should fill all the space between the plywood and the grid.

Start planting succulents. This work is best done with a stick. Push the moss with it, make small depressions in the ground, place the roots of plants in these holes and cover them with earth.

Fantasize. The appearance of the picture will depend only on your ability to create beauty. fill the space between the plants with moss.

Water the succulents and hang the picture on the wall.

Master class: How to make a wall panel from living plants?
Master class: How to make a wall panel from living plants? Photos from pixabay

Tips and Tricks

Every professional has his own secrets for creating such an original element of decor. Here are the tips of the masters that you can follow in your work:

Instead of plastic film, it is better to use sphagnum. it will absorb excess moisture and perform the function of drainage.

Do not forget that there are features of care for different types of succulents. Some plants like shade, while others need sun. Some feel good in high humidity, and for others it is disastrous. When selecting seedlings, buy types of succulents that require the same care conditions.

Be sure to attach the fasteners immediately after attaching them to the plywood frame. After planting succulents, it will be very difficult to do this.

creating an original composition
Creating an original composition. Photos from pixabay

Do not overdo it with the watering of plants. First, it makes the picture heavier. Secondly, waterlogging of the soil can cause root rot. For irrigation, it is recommended to remove the picture from the wall and turn it horizontally. Then the water will be distributed more evenly.

If you have the opportunity, buy a frame from IKEA. It is a ready-made box with a side height of 5 cm. Then you will not need a frame and plywood.

After planting, the picture should be in a horizontal position for about 7-10 days. During this time, the plants will take root well in the ground. To create a more original composition, you can use artificial elements, such as butterflies, bugs, and birds.

Master class: How to make a wall panel from living plants?
Master class: How to make a wall panel from living plants? Photos from pixabay