10 steps to a pleasant and healthy weight loss

10 steps to a pleasant and healthy weight loss

Many people tend to lose weight for the sake of improving their health or to feel more attractive. There are a huge number of diets, courses, and fitness clubs that help them do this. But there is a way to avoid these problems. Let’s reveal the secret point by point. 10 steps to a pleasant and healthy weight loss.

#1. Ignoring your needs

Many do not even notice how they ignore their needs.
Not noticing their needs, a person ignores himself. This leads to reliance on someone else’s opinion. It’s far from self-confidence. Therefore, the first step in developing self–confidence is understanding yourself and your needs.

#2. Do not start losing weight in winter or autumn, unless excess weight poses a serious threat to your health. 10 steps to a pleasant and healthy weight loss.

The body is preparing in advance for the onset of cold weather and gaining a protective layer. More effort is required, and efforts are rarely crowned with success, there is a high probability of failure. It is better to lose weight in the spring when the body naturally gets rid of all the excess accumulated over the winter. Or in summer, when it’s warm, sunny and there are a lot of fresh, delicious vegetables and fruits available.

#3. Any changes, even positive ones, are stressful for the body

Only a small level of stress is useful for a person to develop. Therefore, it is not recommended to drastically change the lifestyle. This means going on a strict diet or starting to train every day for 2 hours if you haven’t had any physical activity before.

Otherwise, a breakdown is inevitable, which will lead to dissatisfaction with oneself and a decrease in the emotional background. Also, with rapid weight loss, there is a high probability of eating disorders, and this is much worse than being overweight. You need to lose weight smoothly, and slowly — in this case, the body and psyche will have time to adapt to the new state.

Go barefoot
Go barefoot. Photo from pixabay

#4. Formulate the goal in a negative way. 10 steps to a pleasant and healthy weight loss.

Are the numbers important to you? Or do you want some changes in life, in business, in health, in self-perception? A psychologist will help to deal with this and formulate the goal correctly.

#5. Excess weight is actually not superfluous

He appeared not just like that but realizes some important need of yours, which for some reason you cannot satisfy in any other way. Perhaps there is some kind of internal conflict, a ban. If you do not work with them, the weight will definitely return after losing weight, or another psychosomatic will arise. It is necessary to work with a psychologist on the topics of relationships, self-esteem, personal boundaries, trauma, etc.

#6. It is important to approach the problem comprehensively: nutrition, exercise, psychology, and external factors.

#7. Changes in nutrition should be pleasant

You need to change your diet gradually. It is better not to focus on restrictions at all and not to divide food into useful and harmful, but to approach the question with the curiosity of a researcher.

Try to eat the usual food in an unusual way: chewing slowly, directing all attention to the sensations during and after eating. This way you will learn to recognize the needs of your body, to distinguish how certain foods affect the body. There will be more pleasure and satiety from eating.
Then you can connect work with a nutritionist. But there is a high probability that by this point your body itself will begin to tell you what it lacks. In any case, it won’t hurt anyone to get tested. There is a saying that a full body is the hungriest. It lacks some nutrients, and it tries to make up for the deficit due to the amount of food it eats. If you balance the diet, the need to overeat will go away.

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#8. Physical exercise should also be enjoyable

We learn to feel our body, notice breathing, distinguish the nuances of movement — and then it begins to give pleasure. You can gradually increase the load, adding strength and cardio training if necessary. Doing this way, you will love the movement! It is also important to take into account personal interests: someone likes swimming, and someone enjoys walking in the woods, dancing, or yoga. Choose the type of activity that brings you joy!

#9. Removing risk factors. 10 steps to a pleasant and healthy weight loss.

We reduce stress so that there is no need to jam it. We learn to regulate our emotional state. We pay great attention to resources and focus on positive changes. And here again, psychology and somatic practices come to our aid.

#10. A supportive environment is needed

A good option is to participate in group programs. The collective energy, and a common plan help to achieve goals. But the format of individual support is more suitable for someone – here you can count on 100% of your mentor’s attention and support. The choice is yours!

With such a comprehensive approach, excess weight will have no chance. The risk of negative consequences will be reduced to zero. And the process of change itself will be pleasant and will positively affect your personal life, relationships, health, energy level, and performance.