4 Steps to Get out of Seasonal Depression

4 Steps to Get out of Seasonal Depression

Some people in certain seasons (in particular, in the fall,winter) develop a whole set of symptoms: reduced mood, increased drowsiness, energy exhaustion, decreased libido, impaired concentration, cravings for carbohydrate and high-calorie foods, and associated weight gain. 4 Steps to Get out of Seasonal Depression.

This is called seasonal affective disorder, simply put-seasonal depression.
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This condition has a clear relationship with the length of daylight and the lack of sufficient sunlight. This causes a number of biological changes. For example: there may be problems with regulating the level of the main neurotransmitter responsible for mood – serotonin. Also, people with seasonal depression have increased production of melatonin, which is produced in the dark in the epiphysis. This hormone is responsible for regulating sleep. When daylight hours are shortened, melatonin production increases. As a result, a person feels constant drowsiness, the daily rhythm is disturbed. Also, people who are prone to depression, found a decrease in the production of vitamin D.

All together, this explains the symptoms.

Is it possible to ignore this condition?4 Steps to Get out of Seasonal Depression.

Seasonal depression causes pronounced signs of discomfort. Is it worth putting up with? Since the discomfort of our body tells us that something is wrong with us, it is worth listening to the body. If you do not start the right treatment in time, the condition may be delayed. Apathy will increase, the degree of depression will deepen. It can become difficult to do even mundane things. Plus, cravings for carbohydrate-rich foods can lead to a lot of weight gain and metabolic disorders. Then somatic symptoms can already join in.


Psychologically, all types of depression are dangerous. they bring significant restrictions to human life: concentration of attention, memory deteriorates, thinking slows down, motivation disappears, vital energy disappears.

As for physical health: in a depressive mood, motor activity decreases, a high-carbohydrate diet increases drowsiness, so a person becomes less dynamic, stops playing sports. A vicious circle is formed.

What to do?

There are several ways to solve this problem. In some cases, the best choice is to master mindfulness practices that perfectly cope with the task of getting out of depression, without additional funds.

It is also important to create a solid ground for getting out of the depression: adjust sleep, nutrition, stop communicating with “toxic” people, and add inspiring activities to your daily schedule. Here are a few steps that can help you deal with the seasonal melancholy.

Ster 1. Adjust the power process

This is very important! Understanding the specifics of the neurobiology of seasonal depression, you can build a diet so that the body begins to receive the necessary nutrients. It is especially important to maintain a balance in the percentage of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Adjust the power process

Adjust the power processIn addition, you should increase the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the diet. Pay attention to whether your diet is varied or you repeat the same food patterns from day to day. Expand your diet, introduce new light and healthy dishes with bright flavors. By the way, it is important to add soups to the diet.

I recommend switching from tea to healthy drinks: for example, ivan tea or sea buckthorn juice. And do not forget about the principles of conscious nutrition: listen to your body and focus on physiological hunger and satiety.

Step 2. Engage in physical activity

Even if you don’t feel like it at all, start doing physical activity anyway.
Create a “sneaker rule” and start the morning with exercise. This is important because physical activity is directly related to the production of serotonin and dopamine during exercise, which greatly affects the mood and condition.

engage in physical activity
engage in physical activity

If you do not like dynamic types of physical activity, start walking 10 thousand steps, but not “as usual”, but according to a special method: imagine that you are walking in a narrow pencil skirt. Then your steps will become small, and the work of the leg muscles will increase. At the same time, it is important to inhale through the nose, and exhale through the mouth.
According to research, this type of walking increases awareness and includes a state of “here and now”, which in turn leads to stimulation of the brain areas responsible for joy and happiness. And this type of walking has an obvious advantage over the usual step: with constant practice, it activates the exchange, which allows you to soon say goodbye to the extra pounds.

Step 3. Adjust sleep

Seasonal depression is characterized by apathy, increased sleepiness, and energy exhaustion, all of which together create a constant need to lie down and fall asleep. If you go to bed no later than 22 and sleep at least 8.5 hours. And accompany the morning rise with a bright light, soon you will notice how the situation improves.

Adjust sleep
Adjust sleep

Sleep quality and morning lighting are very important. For the entire autumn-winter period, use bright lamps of the cold spectrum.

Step 4. Enter mindfulness practice into your schedule: start performing everyday activities consciously

For example, to take a shower consciously: that is, to feel how a stream of water comes into contact with the skin, to feel the temperature and texture of the water, sensations in different parts of the body. For example, walk down the street consciously, feeling how the feet touch the ground in the shoes, how the muscles in the body come to life, how the breath changes. These practices help you get into the “here and now” mode and increase your interest in your own life. If you are interested in your life, then the symptoms go away.

everyday actions consciously
everyday actions consciously

The strongest motivation always lies within unmet needs. In order to deal with this, analyze all your negative emotions. I do not mean the mood as a whole, but individual negative emotions: irritation, envy, anger. After all, all our negative emotions tell us only one thing – about our unmet needs.
When you discover a number of your most frequent negative emotions, ask yourself: What causes this emotion? What do I really want?
The answer comes to us not only by thoughts, but also by a bodily response – pay attention to this. There’s a lot of energy there.

You can do a little exercise
Write a list of “I Want ” on one sheet for yourself. Feel how much energy is on this list. And on the other is the same list with the wording, as if you already have it. Pay attention to the emotions at the same time.

your wishes
your wishes

How’s it going?”

Now, go back to the “I want “list, select the simplest items, for example “” I want to go to the theater with a friend” and start implementing this. Start meeting your needs.

For the prevention of seasonal depression. 4 Steps to Get out of Seasonal Depression.

#1.Engage in formal mindfulness practices: in particular, a conscious shower, a conscious breakfast, and conscious contact with loved ones. By the way, catch a simple mindfulness practice that will help you be in perfect contact with yourself throughout the day: “Practice 5-4-3-2-1” Sit comfortably, straighten your shoulders and back. Carefully inspect the space in which you are, and mentally name the 5 objects that you will see there. Listen to the space in our mind what are the 4 sound that you hear. Look at the space again and mentally name the 3 colors that are present there. Now focus your attention on your body: name the two sensations you have found in your body. Now catch and name 1 your emotion that you are feeling right now.

#2. Use the “Sneaker Rule”. This is a set of strength exercises every morning (for someone it can be running, Pilates, yoga, etc.).

#3.Every morning you determine “The need of the day”” To release more psychic energy in the morning by asking yourself “ ” What do I want most today?”and “ How can I get this today?”. It is important to set a joyful tone every morning. Then positive changes will not be long in coming.

In case of health problems, do not self-medicate, consult your doctor. 4 Steps to Get out of Seasonal Depression.