5 criteria of healthy minimalism or how to learn to control your life?

5 criteria of healthy minimalism or how to learn to control your life?

Constant thoughts about work, stress, financial accounting, planning, focusing on problems, personal life. Why do we forget about the value of our time? Why, even with so much, do we feel unhappy? 5 criteria of healthy minimalism or how to learn to control your life?

Minimalism is the ability to focus on the five values and not focus on anything else. Five values: health, hobbies, relationships, self-development and socialization.

Our relationship. 5 criteria of healthy minimalism or how to learn to control your life?

Every day we communicate with a lot of people. We have family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Every day we spend a lot of time coming into contact with the people around us. But the main question is: do we properly distribute our time and attention between them? Due to the endless help to colleagues who ask for advice in their free time, do we “cut down” time with the family?

Write in a column all the people with whom you communicate in everyday life. All the people with whom you come into any contact. Next to each name, write what you can call the relationship that binds you.

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The primary ones may be family members or a best friend — those with whom you spend the most time.
Secondary – people who are close to you, but do not play such an important role in your life.

Peripheral relationships are people who play almost no role in your life.

And now the most important thing: Most likely, you spend the most time with people from the column called “peripheral relationships”. People who play almost no role in your life. You can contact each of them for only 5-10 minutes a day, but there are so many of them that minutes add up to hours, and people who are really important to you are ignored. Therefore, carefully analyze this list.

Do you want some of the people from it to play a big role in your life?

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Communication with the rest is best kept to a minimum in order to have time to devote time to people from the first two columns. They also need to be analyzed.

What relationships have a positive impact on your life? Negative? Or have no influence at all? Maybe some names will move from one column to another and that’s fine. It’s up to you to decide with whom to communicate and how much time to devote to this or that person.

It’s just that sometimes we lose control, and everything goes into a “lump”. Thanks to these exercises, there is more strength to strengthen those relationships that make us better and happier.

Hobbies and career. 5 criteria of healthy minimalism or how to learn to control your life?

Have you ever wondered if your work is your vocation? Enthusiastic people know why they live. In order to find a vocation, we need to get rid of anchors — labels that fill our consciousness and lead us along an already known road, regardless of whether this path brings happiness and satisfaction. There are four of these labels.

1. Personality. You are much more than your job. Determine who you really are, without forgetting about any part that makes up your personality.

2.The second label is the status. We make the mistake of associating status only with our work. A director, a general manager, or an official standing at the very bottom of the career ladder. And it seems to us that the higher the status, the closer happiness is.

Forget about it! We can always move up the career ladder, but we will never get to the top. Status is something more. A generous person is also a status. Or a good friend who will always come to the rescue.

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3.The third label is confidence and stability. Imagine: you are not very happy with how your life is going at the moment. You don’t like what you do, and you would like to realize yourself in a completely different industry. But your situation is quite stable, and you are sure that tomorrow everything will be the same as yesterday, and not worse. So you don’t change anything.

Why is there more grief associated with changes than joy? Ask yourself what is scarier for you: to lose confidence in today. Or lose the daily satisfaction of the fact that every week of life brings you closer to the fulfillment of your dreams?

4.The fourth label is money. They really change our lives. They force us to go to an unloved job. We save up for something that can make us happier in the future, and therefore we don’t live in the moment. We do not please ourselves, we do not invest in self-education.

And we can change that too. If you get rid of these labels, the probability that you will find your destination will increase a hundredfold. The path to happiness lies through awareness. And under this beautiful word hides such a simple concept as control.

Happiness is not an end point, it is a meaningful life. Instead of looking for happiness, you need to look for meaning. And if the little steps we take every day echo our core values, then everything we do makes sense. That’s when we feel happy. I wish you happiness!

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