There is a sense of comfort inside us

There is a sense of comfort inside us

Everyone’s comfort recipes may differ and even be passed on to another generation. For some, this is a delicious cake for a tea party with friends, for someone a book with a blanket or a favorite warm robe, and a movie. There is a sense of comfort inside us.

Once you learn to connect with what helps you gain confidence, a sense of support, and peace of mind, living in this world will become much easier.

The feeling of comfort inside us is inextricably linked with individuality. That is why everyone can learn to achieve this feeling at any time.

The search for your true self is at the heart of finding inner comfort. What motivates you to move forward? What brings true satisfaction? What path have you taken? What did you learn? What do you like? It’s funny, but some people eventually find comfort in things that previously upset them. Sweaters, backpacks, dishes, anything!

There is a sense of comfort inside us
There is a sense of comfort inside us pixabay

Know yourself

Constantly explore your own inner world. Find anchors that keep you firmly on the ground. Such an anchor, for example, can be a bright blanket, similar to the one you had as a child, or a large shell, similar to the one that your father found.

Just make a choice

If you find it particularly difficult to understand what you like, or the very idea of looking for incentives to move forward makes you irritated or afraid, just come up with it. Choose something. Close your eyes and imagine: “what animal (color, musician, flower, etc.) would I like to focus on, what do I like and what do I identify with? What do I want people to associate with?”

Sometimes the feeling of comfort is caused by special circumstances, and even when they change, this feeling remains with us. Someone begins to feel connected to the city as soon as the train pulls up to the station they need. From the outside, it may seem that people who are able to use this special feeling in everyday life are particularly advanced or flexible. The point is, however, that everyone has their own point of view on things and their own preferences. Each of us can be special.

photos in the interior
photos in the interior pixabay


“Thanks to the eraser, forgiveness is possible.” A simple pencil is indispensable for making lists and tables, drawing doodles, thin, medium, and thick lines, and solving mathematical problems.

Also for making notes in the margins of books and calendars, correcting recipes, planning budgets, and playing games — or it can just lie on the table: one type of pencil can be associated with comfort. Pencils are usually made of wood-a warm material that is pleasant to the touch or even to the tooth. Have you ever chewed on pencils or held back?

Many people put a pencil behind their ears or inserted it in their hair. many people, even in our computer age, associate them with their distant childhood and school years.

Where are you from?

The most obvious way to get to know yourself better is to study your history, the history of your people, and your family. This is not the easiest task, because, in the past, each of us has secrets, pain, and losses that we do not want to return to. Sometimes this web is so tangled that we can’t say for sure where we belong in it. So it is with any thing-recognizing the origin, you increase both its value and the value of what you do using this thing. A clear awareness of where this or that thing comes from inspires a sense of comfort.

comfortable living room
comfortable living room pixabay

House decoration. There is a sense of comfort inside us.

The lucky ones are those who have freedom. And it is also an absolute success when you have a house where you can collect collections, pin postcards and paint the walls in any color. The space we live in is a blank canvas on which we can Express our own experience and character. Some people have an innate sense of where an object should stand or a picture should hang. Try to make sure that people in your home, wherever they sit, sleep, and eat, everything you need is always at hand.

Add a touch of personality to the interior. There is a sense of comfort inside us.

Straw can take a variety of forms and, despite its simplicity, is a powerful generator of comfort. Straw accessories will help you neutralize even the most pompous interior and give you a feeling of freshness and warmth. Let it be a simple basket of logs, a straw hat, a trash can, pencil stands, etc.
Trays are extremely important. They are also indispensable in the bathroom and in the kitchen — you can store different bottles and cans in them.
Lamps are another key to comfort.
Bars — instant comfort. Set up a table with drinks in your living room, put a tray, a bucket of ice, a bottle of liquor, and a small cutting Board-and in this place you will immediately want to stay for a long time.

comfortable interior
comfortable interior pixabay

House favorite

No wonder they say that a dog is a person’s best friend. If you choose a few favorite animals among the amazing variety, they will become your anchor for life. Finding comfort through nature is the shortest way to it.

Postcards. There is a sense of comfort inside us.

In their boundless variety, postcards are the simplest and most original way to remind you of yourself and pay attention. Of course, now there are social networks, you can send a photo in a chat, but you will not be able to see the person’s handwriting or use this card as a bookmark. If someone forgot a sweater at your home, then return it with a postcard.

Send a card to thank you for a delicious dinner, put it in your child’s backpack before the exam, or send a funny picture to apologize for not being able to attend the meeting. You may not remember a friend’s gift, but a card is something that will make you smile.

House favourite
House favorite pixabay


Radio is the most intimate source of information. Two voices, no distractions like makeup, appearance, cameras, or anything else that makes it difficult to focus on the main thing. Nothing beats the sound of a voice in your ears.

When you put an earpiece in your ear, you can feel the person. Such close communication is incredibly calming. The voice of someone’s true self is the highest expression of sincerity. In this situation, you have to be yourself and not pretend. In addition, the radio is part of your personal space, whether it’s the kitchen, car, or shower.


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It’s cozy. You can devote time to hobbies at home, or you can gather with friends anywhere, and create over a cup of coffee and conversations. Hobbies give us a sense of incredible peace and comfort. And the result of your work is filled with warm energy and happiness.