Baking & Dessert

Baking is a common name for baked goods and confectionery products made by baking, as well as the process itself. Dessert is the final dish of the table, designed to get a pleasant taste at the end of lunch or dinner, usually sweet delicacies.

Brownie cappuccino

Brownie cappuccino

Brownies are traditional pastries that can be found not only in restaurants, but also during home-made tea. And all because the brownie recipe is simple,and there are many variations of this dessert. The only thing that remains unchanged is the rich chocolate taste. Brownies according to this recipe are prepared with nuts, which makes the …

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Carrot dessert with raisins

Carrot dessert with raisins

Carrot dessert is perfect for breakfast and dinner. Delicious and healthy sweetness. Carrot dishes are not only delicious, healthy, but also easy to digest. Therefore, carrots are always present even in children’s food. And dishes for adults using carrots are simply difficult to count: salads, soups, side dishes, treats, sauces, seasonings, marinades, flour products. Many …

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3 holiday chocolate mousse recipes

3 chocolate mousse recipes

The most delicious and airy desserts are chocolate mousses. There are many recipes that include nuts and cottage cheese, cream and butter, eggs and sugar. But the main component of this light dessert is chocolate. It can be tender white, milky, dark or black bitter. Light airy cream served in a sundae dish and decorated …

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Chocolate brownies with meringue

Chocolate brownies with meringue “Ghosts”

Original dessert for Halloween-delicate chocolate brownies, which are located on the cute meringue in the form of ghosts. Chocolate brownies with meringue “Ghosts”. Ingredients 12 servings are calculated For brownies: Flour 7.76oz Butter 8.11oz Sugar 11.64oz Eggs 5 PCs. Dark chocolate 10.58oz Cocoa powder 2 tablespoons Vanilla to taste Salt to taste for “ghosts”: egg …

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