A smoothie is a very tasty, most often a diet drink made from berries and fruits, which requires a mixer or blender to prepare. Drinks made from fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs are very healthy. 10 recipes for healthy and vitamin smoothies with herbs.

In herbal smoothies, use fresh organic herbs of course, it is better to give preference to fresh herbs grown in environmentally friendly conditions without the use of chemicals. It is in fresh herbs, as well as in vegetables and fruits, that the maximum amount of nutrients and useful substances is contained.

#1.Invigorating pineapple, kiwi, banana and spinach smoothie. 10 recipes for healthy and vitamin smoothies with herbs.

A healthy, invigorating smoothie with pineapple, kiwi, banana and spinach will charge you with energy and good mood.

Ingredients for 3 servings:
Baby spinach leaves 2 cups
Kiwi (sliced) 1 cup
Banana (cut into circles) 1 pc.
Fresh pineapple (diced) 1/2 cup
Orange juice 1/2 cup
Natural yogurt without additives 1/2 cup
Flaxseed (ground) 2 tablespoons
Fresh berries (optional)

Invigorating pineapple kiwi banana and spinach smoothie


Cooking time 10 minutes

How to make a smoothie with pineapple, kiwi, banana and spinach:

Put spinach, kiwi, banana, pineapple and flaxseed in a blender bowl, pour yogurt and orange juice. Pulse until a homogeneous mass is formed. Serve smoothies immediately or chilled, garnished with berries (optional).

#2.Smoothie “Refreshing”

Prepare this refreshing drink full of vitamins.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Banana 1 pc.
Orange or grapefruit 2 pcs.
Apple 1 pc.
Kiwi 3 pcs.
Fresh ginger 1 teaspoon
Green tea 1 teaspoon
Sugar 3 tsp.
Water 1 cup
Microgreen parsley 2 tablespoons


Cooking time 15 minutes

For the recipe, you can use grapefruit instead of an orange, or you can do everything at once. Peel the banana, cut into large circles.

Place the banana slices in a plastic wrap or bag and put them in the freezer for 30 minutes.So you will not need to add ice to the drink.

Smoothie “Refreshing”

Squeeze the juice out of the citrus fruits. Peel the kiwi and apple and cut into pieces.
Boil the water. Pour boiling water over the tea, add sugar and a slice of fresh ginger or a pinch of dry. Strain the tea, cool it.

Add banana and citrus juice to the tea. Grind with a blender. Add apples and kiwi to the resulting mass and grind everything again with a blender until smooth. Bon Appetit!

#3.Vitamin smoothie with lemon 10 recipes for healthy and vitamin smoothies with herbs.

Delicious and very healthy smoothie made of avocado, banana, apple, celery and fresh herbs. It’s always nice to start the morning with a vitamin-rich smoothie, which will give the body extra lightness.

And if you decide to lose weight, then you can’t think of a better dish for dinner – a delicious, light, appetizing and healthy green smoothie that you will prepare in a matter of minutes.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Romaine lettuce 3.53 oz
Fresh spinach 3 tablespoons
Cilantro 1 teaspoon
Fresh microgreen parsley 1 tablespoon
Celery petiole 2 stalks
Apple 1 pc.
Banana 1 pc.
Avocado 1 pc.
Lemon (lemon juice) 1 pc.
Water 1 cup


Cooking time 15 minutes

How to make a green smoothie:

Pour drinking water into a blender, add spinach and lettuce leaves. Grind. Add sliced celery stalks, apple and banana slices, avocado and lemon juice. Add cilantro and micro-green parsley. Beat everything up. The green smoothie is ready. Bon Appetit!

Vitamin smoothie

#4.Smoothies of persimmon, orange, banana and mint microgreens

A smoothie made of persimmon, orange, banana and micro-greens has a refreshing and very bright taste. An interesting combination of products for this drink will make it taste perfect. Try it!

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Persimmon 2 pc.
Orange 2 pcs.
Banana 1 pc.
Ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon
Mint fresh microgreens 2 tablespoons
Water 1/2 cup


Cooking time 10 minutes

Prepare the ingredients. Wash the fruit in warm water. For the convenience of processing in a blender, we will cut the peeled banana into small pieces.

Remove the skin from the persimmon, remove the seeds. Cut the pulp into cubes. Squeeze the juice out of the oranges.Put the chopped banana and persimmon in the blender bowl. Pour the ingredients with orange juice. We fall asleep with cinnamon, mint microgreens.

Turn on the blender for 30 seconds. Pour the finished smoothie into a glass (any other convenient dish). When serving, you can decorate a refreshing drink with a sprig of mint. Bon Appetit!

#5.Strawberry smoothie with flax, mint and basil. 10 recipes for healthy and vitamin smoothies with herbs.

Strawberry smoothie is one of the options to get a taste pleasure and nourish your body with vitamins. This strawberry smoothie with baby basil and mint uses apples, as well as flax seeds, which make the drink more satisfying. The greens give the strawberry smoothie a piquant flavor.

Strawberry smoothie with flax, mint and basil

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Strawberry 5.29 oz
Apple 2 pc.
Flax (seeds) 1 tablespoon.
Fresh mint 1 tablespoon
Fresh basil (baby) 2 tablespoons
Flax seeds can be replaced with sesame seeds or oat flakes.


Cooking time 10 minutes

Prepare the ingredients for an apple-strawberry smoothie with mint, basil and flax seeds.

Chop the apples into small pieces and place them in a blender bowl. We use sweet fruits together with the skin.

Add the peeled strawberries to the bowl (after washing them under cold water). I wash mint and basil leaves, add them to the preparation for smoothies. Pour flax seeds into the blender container. If we prefer a more liquid drink, add 1/2 of water to the billet.

Mix the components to a puree state. Pour the apple-strawberry smoothie with flax, mint and basil into glasses, serve immediately. We prepare the drink just before use, this will help to preserve the bright color and all the healing components.

#6. Healthy smoothie of apples, pears and microgreens

This is a green cocktail for health and beauty. It is not only very useful, but also incredibly delicious. If you follow a healthy lifestyle. If you are doing sports or just want to boost your immune system, then this vitamin smoothie made of apples and greens is just for you. It is prepared very easily and quickly.

Ingredients for 2 servings:

Green apple 12.35oz
Lemon juice 2 tablespoons
Fresh basil micro-greens 2 tablespoons
Fresh parsley 1 tablespoon
Curly parsley fresh micro-greens 1 tablespoon
Pears 3 pcs

Healthy smoothie of apples, pears and microgreens


Cooking time 10 minutes

We prepare the ingredients for a green smoothie. To begin with, using a juicer, we will make freshly squeezed juice from an apple (apple fresh) and pears.

Then pour all the greens and half of the finished fresh into the blender bowl and mix until smooth. Add the remaining apple and pear juice and mix. The green smoothie is ready.

A smoothie with microgreens is enriched with vitamins, minerals, fiber and has a low calorie content.
A green smoothie made of apples, pears and greens, with lemon juice, is an extremely healthy drink. Therefore, be sure to try to cook it. Bon appetit! To everyone and be always healthy!

#7.Smoothies with pomegranate juice, mint and tofu. 10 recipes for healthy and vitamin smoothies with herbs. 

A cool, refreshing smoothie drink is easy to prepare. The main ingredients of the smoothie are berries and juice. Tofu, mint added during mixing will give a special taste.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Tofu cheese (crumbled) 1/2 cup
Any berries (fresh or frozen) 1 cup
Pomegranate juice 1/2 cup
Honey 2 tsp
Ice cubes 1/3 cup
Mint microgreens 1 tablespoon


Cooking time 10 minutes

Mix tofu, berries, mint microgreens, juice and honey with a blender. Add ice, chop with blender knives at high speed.

Smoothies with pomegranate juice, mint and tofu

#8.Smoothies made of kiwi, avocado, basil microgreens and yogurt

Green smoothie made of natural yogurt with kiwi and avocado is a healthy drink with an extraordinary taste for a healthy diet. Why, it’s a real source of energy and vitamins!

The neutral taste of yogurt, the sourness of kiwi and the nutty-buttery note of avocado together work wonders. In addition, the taste of basil. If you do not know what is included in the smoothie, it is almost impossible to guess from the first time. Try it!

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Kiwi 4 pcs.
Ripe avocado 2 pcs.
Natural yogurt 1 cup
Microgreen basil 1 tablespoon


Cooking time 10 minutes

Prepare all the necessary ingredients for making smoothies.

Cut the avocado in half lengthwise, then turn the halves in different directions and disconnect.
For one serving of smoothies, we will need one avocado.
Remove the bone. With a teaspoon, separate the pulp from the peel – if the avocado is ripe, it will not be difficult to do this!

Peel the kiwi and cut into small pieces. Transfer the kiwi and avocado pulp to the blender bowl. Pour in natural yogurt, which can be replaced with kefir. Whisk the combined ingredients into a homogeneous mixture. Pour the finished green smoothie into glasses. The smoothie is ready, you can enjoy it! Bon appetit and be always healthy!

#9.Green smoothie with grapes and cucumber. 10 recipes for healthy and vitamin smoothies with herbs.

An unusual combination of ingredients gives an amazing result! A bright green smoothie with grapes, spinach and cucumber is obtained with a very original, fresh, moderately sweet taste. A simple option for a light and nutritious breakfast or snack.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Grapes 5.29 oz
Cucumbers 5.29 oz
Fresh spinach 3.53 oz
Flax seeds to taste


Cooking time 10 minutes

Prepare the products according to the list. From the specified amount, 2 servings of smoothies were obtained.
Grapes are best used seedless. Spinach is suitable both fresh and frozen. Rinse the grapes, remove the twigs and spoiled berries. If desired, a few grapes can be set aside for serving.

Green smoothie with grapes and cucumber

Wash the cucumbers and trim the ends on both sides. If desired, you can also remove the peel, if it is hard. Combine grapes and cucumbers in a blender bowl. Add spinach. Beat at high speed until smooth.
The smoothie turns out to be quite thick, so if you want a slightly more liquid drink, add a little purified drinking water and whisk again at high power.

Pour the finished smoothie into glasses and serve to the table. We serve a ready-made smoothie to the table, optionally garnished with cucumber slices and grapes. And sprinkle with a small amount of flax seeds. Bon Appetit!

#10.Vegetable smoothie of sweet pepper, cucumber and herbs

A healthy, bright and appetizing breakfast of vegetables and herbs will fill your body with vitamins and a good mood.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
Sweet red pepper 2 pcs.
Cucumber 2 pcs.
Micro-green parsley 4 tablespoons
Water 1/2 cup
Sunflower seeds 2 tablespoons


Cooking time 10 minutes

Prepare the ingredients for a smoothie. Wash the vegetables and parsley.

Release sweet peppers from seeds and partitions. Cut arbitrarily. Peel fresh cucumbers from the skin and cut into pieces. Wash the micro-greens from the parsley.In a blender, chop the cucumber with parsley, adding 3 tablespoons of water.

Wash the blender bowl. Grind the sweet pepper in a blender, adding the second half of the water.
The mass should not be too liquid, so less water may be needed. It depends on the juiciness of the vegetables. Smoothies are poured into a glass in layers. First, a layer of crushed red pepper.

Then carefully pour in a layer of cucumber puree, trying not to mix the layers. When serving, sprinkle with seeds and garnish with a sprig of parsley. Vegetable smoothie of sweet pepper and cucumber is ready. Bon Appetit!


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